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Our Brand, Our Relationship!

A successful brand needs support and so does a successful relationship. What happens when the support stops?

By Fringe MellowPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read
I am being open about being broken.

If you have been in a relatively long-term relationship the chances, are you have experienced some highs and lows. Although it's nice to think that you have someone with you who is on the same wavelength and is somewhat in sync with your values, the reality is we all change. The person you found yourself to be the most compatible with once upon a time is now the person whom you wish to understand better. We can't make life easier and we're not responsible for each other's happiness. We do however need to respect each other and honor our devotion and commitment. If you're not coping your partner deserves to hear that. When we don't communicate, we tend to jump to conclusions and look elsewhere for an explanation. The last thing you want your partner to do is to blame themselves simply because they have no other explanation.

I am a father in a 12-year relationship with my wife. We often are smothered in responsibilities, commitments, and challenges that stem from putting ourselves second for the good of the household. If you work a normal job and manage a family, it's easy to see where the energy goes. In the beginning, the energy was aimed towards each other. Our Brand is a poetic expression of the feelings I had at a time when I wanted to take ownership of them and say 'it's my bad I'm just not coping at the moment.' It's because of this, our relationship is lacking the energy it deserves. When we commit, we do it with ideas in our minds about how we are going to honour it. The truth is we're not perfect and no one can deliver what it is a relationship deserves 100% of the time

Our Brand doesn't seek out to solve the problem and it does represent my side of a picture. Many friends and family have since come up to me and expressed that this has been quite relatable with their situation. Let's take a look at the lyrics.

Our Brand - Fringe Mellow

Verse 1 - I work hard I got a tired face. Used up my drive in the car today. And I know I don’t look happy, I’m not saying don’t look at me. Some nights my lights not on and a spark is missing. In the dark, I’m sitting reminiscing of a time When I was last emitting a glow. I haven’t been the man you know lately, I attest to that. Showing it greatly, I’m not the best at that. What I’m saying about where I’m at I might not make it apparent or wear the hat. I’ll find my way back looking even where it's black. Wait for me no matter how lost I am I still love ya back. I got the plan. Some post it daily on Instagram. Who’s the man? How’s the house? Beautiful fam. So much gratefulness in large amounts. An I give a damn, I been about. I've become rather bland as I’m thinning out! And I don’t do this act like I’m all in bliss, bounce back like a contortionist. Forge forward caution less. But, I know what fortune is.

Chorus - I know what fortune is and I'm fortunate, I Love our brand Just lately I haven't been endorsing it.

Verse 2 - People like us need a date night. But we’re in each other's way in the daylight. I got nothing to say like - it's not you it's me. I can't paint the picture you choose to see. When you blame yourself you’re confusing me. Then I don’t see your point - you're accusing me. Now I’m lying in bed wondering why I said the wrong thing my face is red. I never meant to make this bed a place to dread. When I lay my head the only thing that’s on my mind is hopes that we can rewind. I wanna shake it off. I’m a ghost I take the blanket off. This costume has come at a cost. I’ve lost you through being lost. When you don’t need a hand you don’t cut one off. In the middle so I cant be cropped. It's a riddle and I search for the solution, a murky mixture a quirky elixir. Our chemistry a fixer. Leave it out and it can be the host to corrosion. When you no longer need an encrypter you need an explosion. I’m being open about being broken.

Fringe Mellow presents music that highlights the rawness of the human condition. Our Brand was our first release and later came out with a remix. Henry Glover is the producer however we are both present when we make the music and write the lyrics. Many of the lyrics of fringe mellow are influenced by the discussions we have together. Henry Glover is also a professional photographer. When we began the Fringe Mellow project, we decided to incorporate the art of photography to express our art. This image depicts me coming forward despite how I am feeling and being open about being broken. It's an interesting expression on my face. Henry selected this image as he felt it best represents the song and gives people a glimpse into where it is coming from.

Here's the remix -


About the Creator

Fringe Mellow

Fringe Mellow music is down to earth lyricism presented in a rhythmic spoken word delivery over house inspired beats and production. Fringe Mellow represents the experience of being human.

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