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Nothing is meaningless, you know

by mariyli 4 months ago in humanity
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Remember, nothing is meaningless, it's just that you may be so blinded by utility that you haven't found its true meaning.

When young people do things, they are often lectured by others: "What's the point of doing that?" Or, "What are you doing with that?" Some things, in the eyes of most people are often meaningless, is to do useless work, is a waste of time waste of life. In fact, sometimes, it is those seemingly "meaningless", "no purpose" and "nothing" things, constitute the purest, the most beautiful, the happiest and the most cherished part of our life.

Painter Huang Yongyu has created many classic works, and his paintings have long attracted great attention from critics. When commenting on Huang Yongyu's paintings, some critics give Huang Yongyu's paintings a high evaluation, that Huang Yongyu in the creation of the time, the heart has a very noble creation motivation, his paintings "interpret the connotation of life", "convey the unyielding meaning of life". A reporter once asked Huang Yongyu if he "wanted to express the highest state of life" in his creation, as critics said. However, Huang's reply was disappointing. "I paint for fun," he said. "I don't have that much meaning to say."

When the news spread that Mo Yan had won the Nobel Prize in Literature, he became the center of attention. Many critics have interpreted Mo Yan's writing and speak highly of his motives, saying that his writing aims to "speak for the disadvantaged" and "cry out for human injustice". However, when a reporter interviewed Mo Yan on this issue, Mo Yan said: "The original motivation of my writing, probably very low, is to change my own fate, to change my social status, to put it more vulgar, is to eat dumplings every day..."

The great psychologist Owen Aron once defined life's four ultimate problems: the inevitability of death; The loneliness we feel deep within ourselves; The freedom we need; Another point is that maybe life doesn't have an obvious meaning. He believes that all the pain in our lives comes basically from these four areas of distress. Life does not have an obvious meaning is not meaningless, but tells us that we do not need to be too persistent. We have always been obsessed with the pursuit of meaning in the eyes of others, so we always feel unhappy. Perhaps for us, occasionally do meaningless things, but can make us happier, such "nothing" is also a kind of meaning.

"Our life is too dry," Bai said. What is dry, I think this is a reflection of people's unhappy life today. Dry life lack of moisture, no moisture moist life is not interesting. The so-called water is the "seasoning" of life. When you are scrambling for survival, slow down your hurried pace. Don't forget that survival is to live a better life, and life itself is the meaning of living. "Aren't there parts of your life that should be wasted in ways that make you feel comfortable?" Bai added. This waste is actually a part of life itself, but we waste so little that our life becomes dry.

Everything we do is too straight to the goal, business is business, tourism is tourism, the process is often ignored, our mind is concerned about business and travel arrangements. We are always ready to meet many unexpected things, we are tied, the heart is tied, most of the time we don't care to enjoy the scenery. The scenery along the way again beautiful, we travel is often straight to the destination, to a scenic spot, put a few poses, take a few photos, turned away, like to go to the next scenic spot.

Remember, nothing is meaningless, it's just that you may be so blinded by utility that you haven't found its true meaning.


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