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No One Can Kill Your Dream

No one can kill your dream

By Elora HaysPublished about a year ago 3 min read

A group of American psychologists has done a genius experiment, they go to a primary school to find a genius, and ask students to inform parents to come to school in advance, to test whether the child is a genius.

On the day of the experiment, the psychologists handed out the test papers, collected them half an hour later, and went together to the next teachers' lounge to correct them. Instead of sitting down and carefully correcting the papers, the professors just sat there smoking and drinking tea and chatting as if they had forgotten the papers existed.

Half an hour later, they randomly selected five papers from a large stack of papers, then went to the very nervous parents and students to declare who was the genius.

When the fifth was announced, the parents who had not been declared genius looked at their children as if they had made a terrible mistake.

Twenty years later, the psychologists tracked down all the students who had taken the genius test. Surprisingly, the five students who had been labeled "gifted" for no reason did significantly better 20 years later than those who had been declared nongifted. It was a compliment that had no basis.

It was a sentence that changed the fate of these five people, and the fate of others!

Also annotating the experiment was a girl who had been practicing ballet since childhood. She wanted to go to a regular school for training and wanted to find out if she had the talent.

So when a ballet company came to the city where the girl lived, she went to see the director.

"Show me a dance." The colonel said. Five minutes later, the colonel interrupted the girl shook his head, and said: "No, you don't have this condition."

The girl went home sadly, threw her dancing shoes to the bottom of the box, and never put them on again. Later, she got married, had a child, and worked as a supermarket waitress.

A few years later, she went to see a ballet performance and ran into the director again at the door of the theatre.

I remembered the conversation then and talked about my life now. "One thing I never understood," she said, "was how you knew so quickly that I didn't have the talent to be a dancer."

"Oh, I hardly watched you when you danced. I just said to you what I would say to everyone else."

"This is unforgivable! "You have ruined my life," she cried. "I could have been the best dancer!"

"I don't think so," retorted the colonel. "If you want to be a dancer, you won't care what I tell you."

Everyone's birth is the result of fierce struggle and standout from hundreds of millions of competitors. In this sense, everyone is a leader, everyone has a broad road and unlimited possibilities. But why do some people walk wider and wider, dream bigger and bigger, and some people are gradually cornered, and disillusioned?

There are indeed all kinds of limitations, in reality, countless reasons such as blows, setbacks, and tests, but when you blame it all on the external environment and complain about the injustice of heaven, do you ever think: about what you have done to stick to your dream? And how much effort does it take?

Zhou Guoping said: "The pursuit that can be stopped by failure is a weak pursuit, which reveals the limits of strength; A pursuit that can be successfully stopped is a shallow pursuit that proves the limits of the goal."

Yes, no one can kill your dreams, and no force can stop you from moving forward unless you give up and give in.


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