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Short Stories


The Forgotten Wife

She was waiting. She had grown her hair out, she even styled it for this moment. The children were at school and had no idea that he was coming home. She waited, her arms aching to be around him. Dying for their lips to meet for the first time in what seemed like decades. She was jittery, couldn’t hold still to save her life.

Finally the plane had landed. She stood up trying to see over the dozens of people gathered for their loved ones. Glances at faces waiting for the one that meant everything to her. Soldier after soldier passed but none of them seemed to be her husband.

When hope seemed to be vanishing he appeared. She tried to push past the people between them, her heart racing, screaming at her to go faster. Tears welling up in her eyes as she struggled to reach her love. With her eyes locked on him she saw him smiling, but not at her.

Emptiness filled her as she watched a short blond girl leap into his arms and planted a long kiss on his lips. Her her heart sank in her chest. She got lost in the crowd. They’d been married three years now. Gone for one. She went home to find them there. Her husband, Xay, and her best friend, Raven.

“Tamara! We’re so glad you’re home we have exciting news!”

Tamara’s eyebrows pulled together.


“We’re getting married!” she said. Tamara pushed past Raven to get to Xay.

“YOU CAN’T GET MARRIED TO HER! WE’RE MARRIED!” Tamara screamed as she held up her ring.

“WE’RE MARRIED ME AND YOU NOT HER!” tears were rolling down her cheeks her curled hair flowing around her head, frizzy from her rising temperature.

“But I love her too. Can’t we ALL be married?” Xay asked putting his hands on her shoulders to calm her down.

“What about Thomas?” Tamara whispered to him.

“Well if Thomas comes back then we have nothing to worry about, until then let’s all be married.” Tamara was in shock but couldn’t convince the two out of it. She watched as she was forced to be the bridesmaid. Watched as they kissed. Was ridiculed for not taking part in the bed room. She sat in the other room and cried.

“We’re married…” she whispered over and over. “...He’s mine.” she sobbed.

Then she woke up. She was in a car. A nice car. A man sitting next to her. He didn’t look physically like her husband. But there was something about him.

“Are you feeling okay?” He asked, “You were squirming quite a bit.”

“A-are we married?” she asked grogginess overwhelming her voice. He chuckled.

“Not yet,” he said clasping her hand.

She looked in the back seat to find it empty.

“Where are the kids?” Her brows furrowed in worry.

“We don’t have kids yet either…” he sighed

And she woke up again.

The Possession

There was a lot of water around us. Like some sort of lake or swamp. But it was beautiful. It was peaceful. Then stuff started happening in town. People were melting. Melting but not like hot and steamy just slowly becoming zombie like beings, but instead of eating people they were just begging for help. No one knew the cause.

One day Raven and I were at the supermarket and we found this new chocolate. We heard people talk about it and we decided to buy some. We ate some on the way home and we noticed it. Our hands began to melt and faces began to sag. We had finally made it home and Raven’s sister Jade was waiting for us. Suddenly we were racing to safety. The melting people that were far worse than us were coming at us. We were running at fast as our sagging skin could carry us. But I tripped, one of the melting people grabbed my ankle and I had to kick it off.

After bashing its fragile face in we finally made it to safety. The garage. Raven and I were scared.

“How do we stop this?!” we were screaming staring at our hand. Jade called our attention.

She pulled a curtain to reveal the chocolate, but it was different. Something was wrong and there were several piles of goo in cages.

“I haven’t been Jade for months” she said, “and no one even noticed, I guess I chose the perfect host if she really was that much of a bitch”

“Raven and i looked at her puzzled.

“This is my concoction, stupid goodie two shoes keep preventing and hiding the apocalypse well now they can’t my chocolate is distributed around the world and nothing can stop it.” she laughed a menacing laugh and her body flickered exposing the demon underneath. There was a loud bang and then my husband Xay was next to me.

“I’m going to give the three of you a choice. You can either eat this chocolate egg, and live and help me or keep melting.” she held up an egg, “well except you Xay, but then I could kill your oh-so-dear wife” He rushed over to the egg and brought it to me. Raven dug in, crying the entire time under the chocolate coating was a giant yolk, like an ostrich egg.

I looked at my husband,

“I-I cant.” I said

“You have to.” panic over ridden his face “I will save you” he said as he shoved the brown mess in his mouth

“I am a child of God” I said, “I will save a spot for you in heaven, I love you, Xavier” Burning surged through my body and a voice boomed in my head. It was loud, yet soft. Aggressive but gentle.

“You have shown true. You must protect.” then I was standing next to my husband. Wings on my back, my hand reaching out to him. I heard a scream and my head jerked to look at it. Jade was screaming.

“NO! How dare you! You may have saved yourself but you will not save your husband” she snapped her fingers and he fell.his eyes staring at me as he whispered to me.

“I see your wings…” he said, “You look beautiful with them”

“No” I said tears rolling down my face, “please no”

“I hear him…” he said, “ He said it’s okay, I was just trying to save you” he coughed and blood came out his mouth covering his teeth.

“I don’t want to be without you” I sobbed

“I love you” he said and he faded. The light faded from his skin and eyes. Emptiness filled me.

“You have to replace your husband now.” Jades voice echoed in my head.

I was numb, but screaming inside. I remember filing to replace my husband in the reserves. I remember them saying how brave I was for standing in his place. I remember winning. Jade constantly trying to kill me. But I wouldn’t die.

I mocked her for trying, I even saved the world through ruining her and my service in place of my husband. All I wanted was my husband back. And I couldn’t get him back no matter how hard I tried.

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