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Natural Methods of Perfuming the Room

by Conner Bowen 6 months ago in advice
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Do you perfume your room?

Natural Methods of Perfuming the Room
Photo by Vero Photoart on Unsplash

Room perfumes contain toxic substances, some of which are even carcinogenic, so it would be ideal to replace them with natural perfumes that do not endanger our health.

No matter how clean the house is, if you don't smell good once you walk in the door, it's like something is missing - Here are natural alternatives to commercial perfumes!

Oranges and cinnamon on the stove

You can use a mixture of oranges and cinnamon to perfume your home. Fill a kettle with water and, after it starts to boil, add a few slices of orange and a few sprigs of cinnamon. Stop the fire as soon as the water boils again. The strong smell will envelop your whole house.

Interior fragrance based on essential oil

Fill a spray container with water and add 1 teaspoon of essential oil with whatever flavor you prefer, whether it's a citrus flavor, a floral flavor, or a very sweet one. Spray the room scent twice a day, immediately after ventilating the room, and the smell will persist throughout the day.

In addition to the pleasant smell of the room, you will also benefit from the positive effects that certain essential oils have on your condition.

Fir cones soaked in essential oils

If you want to make yourself a beautiful fragrant decorative object you need fir cones and essential oil. Thoroughly clean the fir cones, let them dry in the sun until they are completely dry, and then put a few drops of essential oil on the surface of the cones. Reapply essential oil once a day, and the pungent odor will persist in the room where the decoration is placed.

DIY scented candle with olive oil

To make a scented candle based on olive oil you need: a wide-mouthed jar, olive oil, office paper clip, essential oil, and wicker.

Attach the wick to the bottom of the jar with a paper clip, which you will untie and then wrap around the wick. Then hang the paper clip on the edge of the jar so that the fit stays straight.

Fill the jar with olive oil, in which you will dissolve 1 tablespoon of scented essential oil. Then burn the wick and enjoy the aroma spread throughout the room. You can turn off the candle at any time and you can turn it back on every time you need it. When necessary, replace the wick.

DIY scented oil diffuser

Fill a small vase or even a tall glass with baby massage oil in which you can dissolve scented essential oil. Then put a few bamboo sticks in the container, which will spread the pleasant aroma in the room.

Cup with natural flavors

Fill a cup with water, add a few slices of orange, a cinnamon stick, a few stars of anise, nutmeg, and 5 drops of cinnamon essential oil. Use the microwave to heat the cup, then keep it in the room you want to perfume. You can reheat the cup as many times as you want, to perfume more rooms.

Make your room deodorant

One of the most enjoyable ways to perfume your home naturally is to prepare your room deodorant. For this, you need some dried herbs at home or that you find as such on the ceiling and some fruits appreciated for their special smell.

You can prepare the recipe yourself:


  • a lemon;
  • lavender (how much you want, according to your preferences);
  • mint (how much you want, according to your preferences).

Preparation: Cut the lemon into slices (round and not very thick). Put a bowl of water on the stove and when it boils, put the lemon, lavender, and mint slices.

Take the pot off the heat and put a lid on it. Leave everything to soak for a few minutes. Then pour the composition into several containers and place them in various places in the house.

You can do the same with mixtures of pine branches, rosemary, and orange or dried apples, cinnamon sticks, and currants. Then you have the opportunity to do something interesting.

Put such compositions in jars, pour boiled water over them (don't forget to preheat the jars beforehand), tie them with a beautiful bow, and give them as a gift to your friends, to perfume their house naturally as well. you do too.


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