Myths About LGBT People

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Myths About LGBT People

We've all heard myths about the LGBT community and I'm here to debunk the most common ones.

First myth is that being gay is a choice. We all know that you can't help who you love and who are attracted to. There's another myth that LGBT people can be cured. That's not true, the only things that can be cured are illnesses. Technically gender dysphoria is a medical condition but the only way to cure tht is if the person lives as the gender they identify as. People think that being LGBT is unnatural. Ok so this is wrong and let me break down some facts. Hormones are natural, hormones are the things that determine your sexual attraction and gender so there for LGBT is natural.

Some people believe that LGBT people are not accepted by religious groups and societies. Although some religious people and groups may not be tolerant some groups and people are very accepting. There are churches that accept LGBT people.

So people assume that in a same sex couples one is the guy and the other is the woman. Both partners are the same gender that's the point of the couple. If you ask them which is the guy and which is the woman it will hurt or offend them.

Parents believe did they did something wrong for their child to be LGBT. You did nothing wrong, if anything you probably did something right if they feel like they can live as their true selves.

Speaking of parents some believe that the LGBT community don't make good parents. There are LGBT parents that make better parents than non LGBT parents, yes there are some LGBT parents who are awful.

A popular myth is that everybody that's LGBT is a child molester, pervert or predator. There may be some in the community but the majority of people in the community aren't that way. Some people pretend to be in the LGBT to hide the fact that they are predator, child molester, or pervert. This myth is one of the biggest ones for trans people but there is no truth to that. There are others that will Speaking of molestation people think that people are LGBT were molested as children and that's why they are LGBT, in some cases that is true but it's not true for everyone.

There's some fake studies and misinformed people that believe that LGBT people don't live as long as others. There are some risk factors that can cut your life short, we all know this but being LGBT isn't one of them. Now I will say if someone is trans and going through their surgeries they do have a risk of something going wrong. We know that surgeries bring the risk of death, being botched, or bringing infections.

Some people believe gay men controlled the Nazi Party and helped to plan the Holocaust. We all know that this isn't true. While there are some people in the LGBT+ community that do bad things and are just terrible people but they didn't cause the Holocaust.

People believe hate crime laws will lead to the jailing of pastors who criticize homosexuality. They will also lead to the legalization of practices like bestiality and necrophilia. Just because you criticize a lifestyle that doesn't mean you will be arrested for a hate crime. Also the hate crime laws prevent something bad from happening so the law makers won't legalize disgusting practices like necrophilia.

So another myth is that allowing gay people to serve openly will damage the armed forces. The only way any bad will happen is if people discriminate against the gay people or beat them up. During the years if don't ask don't tell service members were being harassed and beaten up, this may only get worse during the "openly gay" days.

People think that gay people are more likely to be mentally ill or use drugs and alcohol. It is true that LGBT people commit suicide at a high rate but that's because they're not accepted or out and are sacred of coming out. Suicide of the LGBT community isn't normally linked to depression but it can be. With drugs and alcohol they can use it instead of self harm or suicide. LGBT people my use drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of rejection of family and friends.

There's some older and religious people who believe that no one is born into the LGBT community. They have proven that Trans people are actually born that way. The "not born this way" statement about being gay is a little weird because if no one is born attracted to the same sex, why wouldn't the argument be used with straight people?

There will be a part 2 so stay tuned.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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