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My life as a Muse of the New Earth

by Luna Lee Bear 3 months ago in humanity
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I hope you'll join me

My life as a Muse of the New Earth
Photo by George Nifakos on Unsplash

(Aragorn) “'What do you fear my lady?'

(Eowyn) "A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire.'”

J.R.R Tolkien, Lord of the Rings

Shamans and Astrologers have been predicting what happened in 2020 for years. They didn't know it would be a pandemic, but they knew that something around this time would change the world as we knew it and begin the fall of the system to birth a new reality. The Age of Aquarius.

You may not believe this, and that is perfectly fine with this, but if you have always felt intimately that life couldn't be all in the few pieces of information you got in school and in the repetitive patterns of work, home and work again...maybe you'd like to stick around anyway.

Personally, I have always felt a bit of an alien before my spiritual awakening. Being neurodivergent explains some of it, but not all.

Over the years, as I got to know myself better, I understood that there was more to the world as well. As I loved myself better, I found more love around me. As I stood up for what I believed in, I found deep wells of justice in a world that seems so terribly sick.

My experience as a female-bodied human changed once I realized I was meant for the new world, and that the passage in the old one was just that...a temporary gate.

I called myself a Muse because I believe that my embodiment of new values can and will inspire many, but please understand that I am not putting myself in a position of superiority. This is simply my calling, every person has one.

Here are a few things that change for me as I healed, shattering the lies that I was told about what it means to be a woman.

I love my bleed. During the menstrual phase, low hormone levels allow the best communication between the two hemispheres of the brain, making it a wonderful time to review our intentions and to be creative and find insight, But that's pretty hard to do when cramps and mood swing are the main characters.

In the last 5 years, I have followed the work of Alisa Vitti and Christiane Northup to eliminate my PMS completely, and now I enjoy my period and I look forward to it every month.

While this may look different for everyone, I believe that increasing awareness around reproductive health and creating a relationship with our reproductive system would allow us to feel incredibly liberated and at peace. Even if some pain does come up sometimes, we can face it with our bodies as a team.

I no longer feel the need to bash men. Look, I get it, most of us have trauma around sex and relationship. But it is simply more layered than women vs men, the patriarchy, and all these blanket statements we have been channelling our rage into.

Men as just as lost and just as scared. And they aren't allowed to talk about it, because their peers are often the first ones to tell them to toughen up.

Compassion and curiosity for the dynamics between genders are all it takes, and yet to make it happen I had to develop a decent amount of self-awareness around the things that I projected on men just because the males that were currently in my life weren't emotionally intelligent. Once I did that, I started attracting a whole other quality of men, as friends and partners, and it seemed like the world was populated by them all along. And in turn, they helped me understand the struggles on their side.

In the new paradigm, love is all. Separation is an old concept and I refuse to entertain it any longer.

Gossip does not touch me. I know for a fact that there are people talking about me in an unpleasant way, but it does not affect me in the slightest. Why? Because when I am presented with gossip I clearly state that I will be leaving the conversation - and in turn, my focus has shifted from that type of energy entirely.

The things that we don't entertain do not touch us. I hope all humanity reclaims this superpower very soon.

I am no longer defensive about being different. I used to wear my crazy clothes and make an unpopular statement from a "fuck you" energy. Daring anyone who was witnessing me to say something, to challenge me.

Now I don't have time for that. I wear what I want to wear and I say what I want to say and leave it up to the audience to welcome it or not, but I do not need their reaction to prove to myself that I am something or someone.

I believe that, in the New Earth, we will all be able to behave freely and be welcomed for our diversity, but for that to happen we need to find that sense of normalcy in ourselves.

My family is chosen, not inherited. I do not believe that blood counts for anything when it comes to relationships. If an individual is regularly unsupportive, manipulative, or simply not matching my love and effort in the relationship I do not have to entertain them, and I don't.

If someone loves me beautifully, cares about me and makes a consistent effort to meet me where I am, they are family. I was told so many things about family values and etiquette, and where did that bring the world? Well, here. To its knees.

Vanity and adornment are for me, never for a trend or someone's gaze. I have always loved playing with makeup and clothes, and from a very early age I have been told that it was "too much". I am now reclaiming the right to adorn myself as if I was the goddess of beauty herself and to admire myself with no shame.

I fight for the things and relationships where my passion is wanted, needed, and matched. My blood stays cold for pointless skirmishes and for arguing with whom, historically, won't listen. A silent revolt is sometimes wiser.

I could say more. I am very excited about the changes that are to come, but I will pause here for now. Maybe you have questions. I'd love it if you did.


About the author

Luna Lee Bear

Eclectic healer and all-around weird person, guiding people through big life changes, dark nights of the Soul and spiritual awakenings. I draw connections, highlight patterns, and write about life from unusual points of view.

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  • Dawn Salois30 days ago

    I found this highly relatable. Many of these ideas are incredibly freeing. You got a heart and subscribe from me. Well done!

  • Mariann Carrollabout a month ago

    Healing moment poem ♥️

  • A wonderful prose poem

  • Omg this was amazing! It was so inspirational and eye opening. I'm always being defensive about being different. And as a person with low esteem, it affects me alot in a bad way whenever people say anything. I'm trying my best to learn to not let it bother me

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