My First Day Back

by Ada Zuba 2 months ago in humanity

What I will do once the pandemic is over

My First Day Back
True Story

This is a difficult challenge to write about. I would want to do many things once this pandemic is over, there are movies I want to see in the theaters, there are parks I want to have picnics in, there are clothes I want to shop for, there are restaurants I want to eat at with good company. But I do not know when this pandemic will be lifted and over chances are I will probably make my day look something like this.

I would wake up in the morning and the sky would be blue with no clouds, but a bright beaming sun and it would be around 9 in the morning and everything would be perfect. I would shower and do the daily routine of shaving legs, brushing teeth and putting on deodorant. I would eat my usual cereal, which would be shreddies or some other healthy cereal that my dad bought in Costco. I would brush my teeth again because no one likes milk breath. My fiance would text me that he is awake. I would get ready, put on some make-up and curl my hair to look extra pretty and he would drive his Kia to my house and pick me up, we would then drive down to our favorite diner known as Denny's. The server would be there and take us to our seats, we would sit down and remove our coats and get settled, she would come back and ask "Can I get you anything to drink?" and I would say something like the cake batter milk shake or orange juice, my fiance would either order a pepsi or a peanut butter milkshake, so I would would not be able to sneak a taste from him. I'm not allergic, but I have a disliking to peanut butter. She would go and get our drink order prepared and we would order our mozzarella cheese sticks because that's what we love. I would spend about twenty minutes deciding between two orders and then finally settling down for the cheaper option, my fiance would get one of his usual orders claiming he was starving and not finish his whole meal. I would probably finish for him, if I was not full from the food.

Afterwards, we would drive to the mall and do some shopping, this is of course if I already have a job and can afford to go shopping. We would stop by our favorite stores, I would go to Old Navy and see the different sales that they had going on in the jewelry section or the actual sale section of shirts and see if there was anything worth buying. Old Navy would have a scary sign about a sale about to end, but we all know that they ALWAYS have a sale for something in there. I mean even right now, they have a sale 25$ and under online only, so I could score a pretty good deal.

We would then go to Hot Topic and look at the unique clothes they have there and we would either both buy something or only my fiance would buy something like cool pants or a band shirt which he has yet to own, such as these red pants:

After making that stop we would stop by a shoe store and buy him some new black converse shoes, because his current ones are lacking color and starting to come apart. He would try on the first ones in the store and buy them right away without dragging me to ten different stores to find the best deal. After buying him the shoes he wants, we would go and head into Bath and Body works because we would sniff candles and not buy anything even if they have a sale, but their sales are usually something like buy the whole store and get two free candles! but it would be fun to look at. Then, we would both head over to a jewelry store to find our perfect wedding bands and then we would buy them and we would head over to his house and spend the rest of day playing our video games such as Mario party or Mario kart of some sort and he would beat me, but it would be all good fun.

We would then have dinner with his parents in the basement and watch a reality television show as we eat such as survivor or big brother or some other ridiculous show about dancing. After eating a pizza or some other kind of easy dinner, we would retire to his room once again and continue playing until he would have to drive me home. I would get home and get ready for bed, he would text me that he made it safe and I'd be snuggled up in bed and fall asleep, thinking about the day that we had. That's what I would do on my first day out of quarantine.

Ada Zuba
Ada Zuba
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