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My Fairy Tale

by Dominique Thon 2 years ago in fact or fiction
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Happily ever...maybe?

Once upon a time in a faraway land there lived a Princess named Lysette who ran away with a prince named Cayde that she thought she loved. The King and Queen that ruled the land Lysette lived in didn't approve of Cayde for they thought he wasn't good for Lysette. Once Cayde and Lysette arrived in the distant land they ran away to, Lysette started to see that her King and Queen were right but through blind faith and stubbornness, Lysette stayed, she believed that when she got a castle of her own then Cayde would be happy and treat her better but sadly she was wrong. Cayde yelled at her and called her nasty names. They didn't have any servants, Lysette didn't want any. They lived in a small cottage surrounded in a valley of mountains and Lysette wanted herself and Cayde to work together in the stables or in the kitchens where knights and people from all over come to rest and eat. For Lysette wanted to move out of the small cottage, she liked it but it was owned by an Old Crone and Lysette wanted for herself and Cayde to work and build a home of their own but Cayde never looked for work and gave Lysette excuses for why he wouldn't even be bothered to look. Cayde became horrid and nasty very quickly to Lysette when he didn't get what he wanted right away and poor Lysette was forced to be the only one to work for the home she longed for and when she came home to Cayde he would scold her, yelling and calling her nasty names, accusing her of giving her virtue away to others while at work. This made Lysette very sad. Then Cayde started hitting walls as he drank poison all day that would distort his vision and one day Cayde had even hit Lysette. Cayde didn't feel bad about hitting his princess Lysette and when she tried to tell the Old Crone she only told Lysette "well you had hit him back, you both hit each other." as if Lysette's pain didn't matter. This angered Lysette very much.

She then spent years working hard to keep her and Cayde in a home but they couldn't afford it so they lost home after home. Lysette began to see Cayde, her once beloved prince as a nasty toad man now. Lysette began to long for a knight she had once met when she was young but the knight was no longer available to her. So she only dreamed that he would one day come to her aid with no avail. Some time goes by and Lysette finds out from a magician that she and Cayde, the nasty toad man will have a baby very soon. Cayde and Lysette travel back to where they had come from. land near a beautiful ocean. They moved back in with the King and Queen of Princess Lysette's but quickly had to move out and into a rental cottage because no one wanted to live with Cayde since he had turned into a nasty, mean toad man this made him very rude and disrespectful by his nature and he always smelled of poison. Lysette went with Cayde as she feared what he would do if she didn't and sadly felt stuck with him.

One night Lysette felt sharp pains and fairies of the forest and ocean came and helped her deliver her baby. A beautiful baby boy was now cradled in Lysette's arms and tears of joy filled her eyes and Cayde was even happy and became nicer to Lysette. This was short-lived though and Cayde became mean and nasty to Lysette once more and he ordered that they travel back to the cottage to live with the Old Crone again. Lysette obliged and left with Cayde since she had no more money for the rental cottage and wasn't able to go back to work after having her new baby boy. After a few days of travel, they made it back to the Old Crone's cottage. The next day Lysette went to ask for her job back in the kitchens serving food and drink to the travelers. The owner of the kitchens agreed and Lysette was happy to have her job back. Upon leaving she met a young squire that was to be working with her named Luka as he was training to be a knight. Lysette introduced herself to Luka and felt a strange, very strong connection drawing her to him. She was excited to be working with him and dreamed he would one day be the knight to save her from Cayde and become her prince.

When Lysette came back to the cottage she arrived to see Cayde fighting with his Toad man uncle and the Old Crone yelling at Lysette and Cayde to take their baby and leave her cottage. Lysette had no choice so she found a rental cottage and went to live there with her beautiful baby boy and Cayde. She hated leaving her baby with Cayde every day so she could work, but they needed the money and she loved seeing Luka and working with him. His smile is the highlight of her day. After a few months passed Lysette was told by the magician that she and Cayde were to have another baby. Lysette was in shock and started working two jobs in the hopes that she could save money. Her hopes were dashed though because Cayde demanded poison to drink on a daily basis. One night Lysette felt the sharp pains again and had to drive the carriage herself whilst in pain because Cayde had too much poison to drink that night. Lysette finally made it to the three caring maidens that helped deliver her baby and once again she had another beautiful baby boy. Lysette spent three days cradling him in her arms while she worried for her first child since he was being taken care of by Cayde at the Old Crones cottage.

A month passed and Lysette had gone back to work while Cayde watched the babies and drank poison all day. One day Lysette came home from work, tired and stressed as she was she gave in and decided to drink some poison to mentally deal with the stress that Cayde was causing her. She argued with Cayde and things went bleak and sour. Others nearby the rental cottage heard and called in knights to protect the babies they heard crying. The knights took Lysette and Cayde to spend a night in the dungeon. When they left the dungeon they were informed that wizards had taken their babies and Lysette and Cayde had to complete a quest in order to get them back. After months of hard work and dedication, Lysette completed each quest and got the babies back. After losing her babies Lysette vowed to be better and to not let it happen again. She worked constantly to try to maintain their home. Exhausted as she was she still craved love and attention. Lysette had become friends with Luka who had now become a knight. One day she had expressed her need for her virtue to be tended to, Luka confessed he had an interest in Lysettes virtue and would like to tend to it. So one-night Lysette called upon Luka and traveled to him and they spent an exciting time tending to their virtue in love. Afterward, Lysette felt full and very happy that Luka had expressed interest in her. Her heart had filled with love for Luka but she still felt stuck with Cayde and needed to protect her babies but she dreamed of one day sharing a life of happiness with Luka. They spent a few evenings together and he made Lysette so happy. The last night she saw him was the happiest time spent yet. He filled Lysette with such joy and made her feel invigorated and never ignored as he filled her with the happiness that was him. As Lysette drove her carriage back to her home she was happy and energized, even knowing that by the morning they would all be living in the carriage because she could no longer afford the rental cottage that was their home. The sun rose the next day and Lysette left with Cayde and their babies with what items they could bring.

They didn't quite know where to go so they drove to a stable where they also served food and drink to travelers in need. They stayed there, living in the carriage with their babies. After a day or two, Lysette got another job serving to travelers but she couldn't keep up with the rush of travelers coming in and out so the soon let her go. Lysette described her situation to the king and cried her eyes dry of all tears. The king felt compassion towards his princess and sent off a carrier pigeon with a note and gold coins to bring her, their babies, and Cayde to live with the Queen once more and start over. Lysette, ever so grateful embraces her Queen with thanks and joyous hugs. Cayde gives his lazy thanks and they all go to bed. Days go by and Cayde continues to treat the babies and Lysette, along with everyone else in the castle with disrespect, malice, and blame for anything he deems "bad treatment to him." One day Cayde drank all of his poison and Lysette suggested taking the babies to look out at the ocean for a bit. They begin their short travel and stop by at a market, Cayde wanted more poison to drink. Whilst before entering the market Cayde argues with Lysette. He leaves and quickly returns, no poison in hand, he blames Lysette for the market's lack of poison. They argue and Cayde yells for Lysette to get out of the carriage but she refuses to get out. Cayde then angrily shoves Lysette out of the carriage and runs off with princess Lysette screaming in pain. An old maiden sees this and calls for the knights. They find Cayde and take him to the dungeons.

Lysette and the babies go to an oceanside cottage with a wise old woman for a while. When Cayde left the dungeons he demanded Lysette stay by his side so they all started living in the carriage again. One day the carriage broke down and Lysette was relieved and worried. They all got to go back to the oceanside cottage with the wise old woman for a few nights but Lysette worried if she stayed with Cayde she knew their stays would be short-lived and they would all eventually have to live in the forest becoming beggars, but if she left Cayde she and the babies could live at the Queen's castle. Did Lysette have the strength to rid herself of Cayde and his evil toad man ways? This was the question she often pondered to herself on restless nights. One morning Lysette was filled with joy and excitement. Her sister had been released from the dungeons! Her name was Desiree but we called her Desi. Lysette was very close to her sister and in her early years and even as Lysette grew older her sister had been her best friend and the closest person to her. Lysette was very happy to spend some time with Desi again finally, it had been a long time and Lysette had happily told Cayde that she would not allow the babies and herself to become beggars just to stay with him. So Cayde traveled several times to different lands and then back to the Old Crones cottage. Unfortunately for Lysette and her family, Desi was also dealing with a mean toad man herself and this made her sister drink poison and eat from the poison fruit. This led to Desi making bad decisions and Desi fought with her toad man in a constant battle. She then fought with their brother, Dalton, because of her toad man. So Dalton, Lysette, and the babies all left to a rental cottage that Dalton rented. Lysette watched her nephew and her babies while Dalton went to work as a carrier and magician of medicine. This was short-lived as when Cayde arrived back from the Old Crones cottage Lysette made the horrible mistake of letting Cayde in from time to time. Dalton did not like this and sent Lysette away but hurrah! That same day she received some gold coins from her old broken down carriage that a carrier pigeon had delivered and they spent it on another rental cottage for herself, Cayde, and their babies.

While renting there, Lysette got a letter with terrible news. Desi had eaten too much of the poisonous fruit and was now locked away in a healing tower with medicine magicians and healing wizards and helping fairies. She visited Desi, holding her hand and asking her to please hold on. Lysette went to the Oracles and begged and pleaded for them to save her sister but they just couldn't, they didn't have enough power and the higher power was calling upon her sister to come with them. While Desi was in the healing tower Lysette had thought she had already seen the ugliest side of Cayde, wow, she was severely wrong. Lysette was in so much pain, agony, and fear of losing her sister but Cayde still only cared about himself, still calling her names and her sister nasty names while she lay on her death bed. This made Lysette absolutely hate Cayde. He was the ugliest toad man she had ever seen in her whole life. Lysette was heartbroken and now seething with rage living with this petrifying toad man that she started indulging in the poisoned drink herself at a loss of what to do or how to feel. One day the looming presence of death came and Desi was gone. Lysette was completely broken, she was consumed in sadness and raging with anger that Cayde still didn't care about Lysette losing her sister and still only thought of himself. At a loss, Lysette felt unable to put down the poisonous bottle for it numbed all pain...almost all pain and brought on dreamless sleep.

Thankfully one day the Queen made Cayde leave her castle and he went to live as a beggar. He was too spoiled for a beggar's life so he convinced the Old Crone to let him come back to her cottage. Once gone Lysette allowed Cayde to believe that she would one day come to him but she grew tired of this and stopped drinking the poison. When she awoke the next morning she sent a carrier pigeon to Cayde informing him that she no longer had any intention of coming back to him with their babies but in fact, Lysette wanted true love, friendship, and to do right by her babies. Cayde was angry but Lysette stays strong. She sent a carrier pigeon to Luka expressing her love and hopes to see him again one day. Until then she now lives in her Queens castle scribing her story with magical ink, she hopes that young maidens across the land will heed her warnings in this story of her life. If you want a happy ending you create it yourself and don't allow toad people to hurt or control you. EVER.

The End.

fact or fiction

About the author

Dominique Thon

Hi my name is Dominique, I'm 27 years old and i have always loved to write. Writing has always given me a sense of escape to my imagination and now i want to put a voice to that imagination and allow people to read inside my thoughts.

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