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My Christmas Happiness Is Not The Gifts I Recieve.

Christmas isn't just about the money.

By Carol TownendPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
My Christmas Happiness Is Not The Gifts I Recieve.
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Christmas is a mixture of happiness and sadness for me. It is a time when I think dearly about times gone by and those I have lost. This year is no better. I am not just dealing with sadness for those people who should still be with me, I'm sad for those who lost their lives to Covid-19, for those suffering from the virus over Christmas, and for those who have had the virus and now have complications.

My husband is amongst those who caught Covid-19 last year. He lost his job as a nurse due to the worsening of his disabilities because of the illness and, to top that off, he has to deal with chronic pain.

It is a sad reflection, even though my husband survived; that I wake up every day to see him in so much pain. I feel sadder for those who died when I think about my husband, and it makes me feel grateful that although he has suffered the consequences, he is still alive. I lost friends to Covid-19 this year, and I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

If there is any other time of year when I have ever thought seriously about what Christmas is, it is now.

I, like everybody else, love wrapping presents, putting up the tree and unwrapping my own presents. I have in the past, enjoyed seeing my own children throw their wrapping paper all over the floor and be delighted with what they find.

However, I am also a parent who lived a hard life of struggle in my past Christmas's before I got married, and a person who sadly due to a major and severe event ended up spending my Christmas in a 'safe hostel' struggling with my own trauma and my children's trauma, and on top of that, many money issues.

There was a time before I met my husband when my children weren't with me, in which I spent my nights sleeping and living on the street with no money, food, drink or shelter.

How All This Has Changed My Views On Christmas

When you go through so much pain, scrimping and scraping to make ends meet for the children, then sleeping rough and ending up with nothing, then seeing your loved ones suffer and, then just when you think your world is secure again

It is turned upside down by a pandemic. You see the suffering in your partner's eyes, and you see his strength permanently deteriorate, then you see people dying, and you see families, the elderly, the vulnerable struggling hard and alone.

You open your eyes to a lonely world full of people really struggling. That makes you grateful for the life you have and the people in it.

You reflect on all this, and you realise that:

Christmas is not about the gifts that you receive or the money that you make. It is truly about giving love to the world and the people living in it.

So many people lavishly spend their money on Christmas, buying expensive things and throwing big parties on which they have spent an absolute fortune, often pushing themselves to breaking point, to a point where Christmas becomes so stressful, that they are too stressed to think about quality time with their loved ones. This in return, leaves people with so much debt and so little money, that they can't look forward to embracing the new year or look forward to it.

My Christmases past have never been about the spend. My family, friends and children never received expensive gifts and I have never done massive parties.

Call me selfish as much as you please, but bear this in mind.

Christmas is also about love. Your friends, children and family will appreciate the smallest of gifts. My children had bags of small gifts under the tree with one big present each. They loved every single one of them, and my friends and family were always grateful no matter how small a gift they received. There are many families and people out there who don't get gifts or even as much as Christmas dinner in some cases, so every little thing counts. Even a small meal with someone at Christmas will be more appreciated than a gift. A meal is a gift in itself.

This Christmas after a bad year, all I really want to do is buy small things and enjoy time with my loved ones, especially my husband. I never overdo the Christmas Decorations, and though I cook and bake, I never contend with the stress of large parties. I like to keep Christmas calm and relaxing. I like to watch a good movie with my husband or family members I see. I enjoy sharing food with them, playing games, listening to music, and maybe a small drink.

However, above everything else;

I like to show my family how much I really love them, and I like to show my friends how much I appreciate them. I like to think of times past and think of good times with those no longer with us.

And I like quiet time; where I can show a little love to myself and shed a few tears of sadness for those I have loved and lost.

This Christmas, I have a wish.

That wish is for everyone to understand that we live a short life, and we have all had a very difficult time that may continue for some time. So show some love, keep Christmas stress free and enjoy your family and friends.

If you know someone self-isolating because of Covid-19, leave a little something on their doorstep, they will appreciate that.

Also, don't forget those in hospital. It can be difficult, but a very short quick Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, and an I love you can make the world of difference. If you can't do that, hang a decoration on your tree to symbolise that you love and are thinking about them. I hang a decoration on my tree every year in memory of those I have loved and lost because it helps me to remember them and happier times.

Above all, enjoy A stress-free Christmas, because the world is stressed enough.


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