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Millennials accuse Baby Boomers of ruining the economy

by Mohamed EL DEIB 12 months ago in humanity

Lazy, financially irresponsible, never happy ... stereotypes of Millennials are tough

Millennials accuse Baby Boomers

Lazy, financially irresponsible, never happy ... stereotypes of Millennials are tough. But for young people, the real generation to blame is the Baby Boomers, due to their negative impact on today's economy.

A poll conducted by the media Axios collected the opinions of Americans on baby boomers. The post-war generation, which enjoyed full employment and growth, is far from having a positive record. 40% of those questioned declare that the actions of 51-69-year-olds have made the political, economic, and social situation in their country worse. Just over a third of respondents think they haven't had a real impact and 22% view this generation's decisions positively.

Do you think the actions of the baby boomers have made things better or worse for your generation?

The millennials American who, like the French, experienced the financial crisis of 2008 and a much higher unemployment rate of 5%, are the most bitter toward their elders. For 51% of them, the post-war generation has led to the deterioration of the current situation. More surprisingly, 30% of baby boomers share this opinion and hold their own generation responsible. Even within the Silent Generation - those born during the interwar period - 1/3 of respondents share the same opinion.

And those who show more kindness to 51-69-year-olds are the baby boomers themselves. They are 32% to view the actions of their generation favorably, almost as many as those who think otherwise.

Boomers point fingers at millennials, millennials blame boomers for all evil and it seems like these two generations are at odds. And yet, they have the same interests. At the top of the priority subjects: employment and the economy. “Young” and “old” alike, a quarter of them believe that these are the most important sectors. Quite logically, 18-34-year-olds are more interested in education (18%) while the attention of 51-69-year-olds (25%) is focused on the health system. Millennials, far from their selfie-obsessed narcissistic generation, place the environment in third place among the causes that matter to them. While their elders are only 6% interested in the future of our planet.

It's all well and good to criticize, but how do you improve the situation? This is the question Axios asked the younger generation. And they have no shortage of ideas. Among their responses: "Imposing a limit on the renewal of political mandates", "Fire all members of the administration who are too old", "Sleep more to be less sensitive to negative emotions", "Remove Trump " or even "Vote ". The study shows, however, that the rate of millennials registered on the electoral roll is only 70% when that of baby boomers reaches 90%.


The study was conducted via a self-administered SurveyMonkey questionnaire among 4,638 Americans. The full survey results, here.

Young people and porn

They are distinguished with letters. Z for those under 24 years old, Y for those 25 - 34 years old but it is the letter X that brings them together. According to a YouGov study, nearly two-thirds of 18-34-year-olds have watched porn movies. Gen Z (67%) are even slightly more fond of adult videos than Gen Y (61%).

Differences between men and women

We observe almost uniform results according to geography, socio-professional category, or level of studies. So, all equal when it comes to porn? Hey no, the difference is always between men and women. Among young people, 79% say they watch dirty movies, while only 48% say they are consumers of porn videos. In terms of quantity, men are also larger consumers. Among amateurs, 80% watch porn movies at least once a week. In comparison, only 30% of women say they have the same rate of viewing.

It must be said that the mainstream pornographic industry cares little about female pleasure. Dominated by the major video platforms, the porn world is mainly interested in male desire and offers a representation of sexuality based on penetration in which the woman is necessarily passive.


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