Millennial's Revive Love & Hardships

by Kara Kanai 6 months ago in humanity

The "Lost Generation"

Millennial's Revive Love & Hardships

Millennial's Revive Love & Hardships

Millennial have faced such a hard generation of upbringing. Not only were we born into the booming technology but, our interaction with humans has pitted in a black hole of understanding humanity. We specialize in distraction and selfish desires that only are available through a button of a screen. We don't take time to appreciate real life of nature, family and friends and what loved ones really mean to us. We take charge of being to busy for that type of interaction, we rather have a computers take on our business and jobs of hard work. We turned to the machine of a robot to dictate our lives into making them better without minimum effort. The video games, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat) were so focused on what the world thinks of our skills, personalities that it takes a toll on us. The competition of whose the best human. Turning against each other instead of coming together like a unit and making rational decisions. Making way for the new world to bring better things is just creating the future of disaster and self-pity of ourselves that were learning to not love ourselves anymore. Therefore nobody else for that matter. Slowly craving in and being sucked slowly threw a black hole of which we call society. In new ways of living and the normal way of doing things. Taking the time out to spend time and be present with other people such as yourself and interact is what were here to do. Instead of destroy what makes our nation strong we will weaken and so the end of time will we near. There is so much hatred in the world today toward each other it's scary to know your life may be taken by another with no reason at all. Just to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Don't get me wrong were all going to die some day but letting the negativity that we brought onto ourselves for the exchange of manipulating computers and robots is all too foolish for a nation like this. Considering everyone is falling for the actual distractions of what phones, computers, tablets and video games may offer today..they make sure there is always a new updates somewhere to draw your interest even further away from your peers.

In today's world there are to many epidemics going on that are in huge crisis. The opiate epidemic is hitting the nation hard with it's fetynal flooding the cities and killing tons of innocent people that already have an addiction problems. The fetnyal is so strong its little amount can re-do the job on a horse 3 times over again. The strength of the actual drug is so deadly to a human beings which man-kind made but why? Why was such a potent drug made? How was it supplied into the states with nobody's reelection? Is it population control? Was it specifically made to give addicts a way to use a little amount to do the job over again made on purpose?

What about the crisis with the domestic violence between intimate couples or just domestic violence between people in general? It's the highest it's ever been in history when it comes to reports of domestic deputes. Majority of them are between intimate couples getting physical with one another. Like hitting and beating your children is still so highly used when it comes to discipline or just because that person is being abused by somebody with a substance abuse problem to drugs or alcohol that could be it. There are so many addicts that are mentally not there that situations and certain events like this occur due to the state of mind. The person not being physically & mentally present. Being a recovering addict myself I have to say using drugs and being an addict is disease when you ' in it ' when you become clean I believe it's a 'choice' to use again! Relapse is a part of recovery though. Domestic Violence can either be settled by the police or you seek help whether your the abuser or the victim. You can get treated for and discover a new way of living if you no longer want to be in that situation. It's so unhealthy and unstable environment especially for children to endure as well. It disgusts me not seeing these woman get help or telling somebody that they are a victim and so are their children. Those children growing up knowing it bad and understanding its wrong but later down the road end up repeating those same patterns as well. That was their upbringing 'monkey see, monkey do' type of shit. So please if you are a victim of domestic violence I beg you to please seek help there's to many shelters out there and organizations that are made for that specific reason and Turning Point is one of them, they offer 24/7 shelter, clothes, counseling I went there myself back in 2009 of being a rape victim.

Next epidemic is so many people committing suicide or wanting to hurt themselves due to psychological reason, maybe abuse, sexual abuse, drug abuse. The main reason is suicide is a person with depression and that is a mental illness but it can be treatable by a psychiatrist that you need to seek immediately. If you have any thoughts of self-harm or wanting to harm others you need to call the toll free like for suicide. To many good people are taken to soon due to many issues or concerns that can be addresses or if somebody just listened they would know somebody asking for help. They might give clues of how gloomy and sad they might be, their mood can change drastically. Please look for signs especially in teens with bullying! Many of the suicides have to do with bullying online or in person. Anti-bullying has become a huge phenomenon that it was never so huge when I was growing up but many of the bullying is happening over social media. Where the people just make the one person feel like shit, name-calling so on and so forth. They go to school with these people its their classmates and such I understand being a teenager is probably the most difficult time in a persons life having all those raging hormones that they don't know what to do..besides being liked by everybody. Being popular and the cool one that everyone wants to be friends with. Has all the house parties gets invited to all sorts of parties by the cool kids..were all unique and being called a freak or just plain made up rumors is never how to treat somebody especially when you don't even know them. Half of the time the person would end up being great friends and have a lot in common. Either way high school is not easy but, making it more easy to have kids get bullied over the internet because they can say whatever over the screen but when it comes to face to face interaction once again a huge problem us people face today. Whatever will be said! So if you know of somebody that is being picked on not only in school but by other people either you can one do something about it and tell any adult. Or you could possibly do both and stick up for the person as well as check on them just to make sure they are really okay. You will get their vibe through their body language if it really did bother them or if something is bothering them. Don't just think your best friend is having a bad day when you know there may be a lot of stress he/she maybe facing at home. Let them tell you whatever it is they need to get off their chest. Make sure you know the signs of somebody want to hurt themselves or others. The mass shootings in high schools have been to documented all ready just because somebody "doesn't listen" When somebody is not heard whether it be at home or in school/life they will snap. They may have psychological issues as well as Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Schizophrenia etc... that person really needs to seek help immediately.

These are just some of the crazy things my generation has encounter since the technology has taken off along with social media, video games, cell phones were just a thing that rich people could afford back when I was going up. There is no more 'house phones' which you had to take turns using knowing there was only 1 landline at the time. If somebody wanted to reach you they either called the house phone or they went to your house to find you. Those efforts are not even close in what we put into now. People get anxiety just from being around people because their not use to that interaction with the generation after me. These kids have no sense of imagination because they now have google to tell them what to do or how to have fun instead of just making it up on your own. We played outside because we were not allowed in the house until the street lights came on. You went outside and played, not stay on a computer or watch TV. TV and computers rot your brain I was always toward and strain your eyes. Which it is a fact, to bad the internet now can make you smarter and there is everything under the sun you can Google. So technically that isn't as true anymore. You can advertise your business because everything is basically electric now and their going paperless on everything which yes that help trees but, does it help humanity, society that we are so evolved with being too busy for others. Others just like us that all these epidemics are the root cause of it. Could this technology have done more harm then good (medically is the only good) I believe they have discovered ways more when it comes to medically and finding out new research and scientists have discovered new research and information us humans should know but for recreational use of the internet I believe it's the worst addiction of all when it comes to how much we abuse what is accessible. That of course just goes hand in hand of become a selfish human being over all. Whether you believe it or not. The internet is the strongest addiction in history right now! The strongest addiction for a human being is another human being. Did you know that? Now you do but, no longer that fact exists. Sex is the second basic instinct after survival but, Millennial's have beaten a new record of being the most sexless generation so far! Millennial's have shown that their a more career driven generation more focused on their profession than making babies that the birth rate percentage has dropped 3% and many school are closing due to nobody having children as much. People have more time over for their phones than another human being would you agree?

If this doesn't make the best sense ever!

The less interaction we have with one another the more hate builds. The more the gaps builds on being aware of how strong love is, how beautiful creating a family can really be. I mean that's the only reason we are here is to reproduce. But were doing the opposite of that. Sexless, miserable humans. Were doing it to ourselves. There's nobody else to blame but, yourself and others. Seeking assistance to get that love back between couples and infatuation with one another is what needs to happen. What draws you to somebody..I believe it can insist of their ideal qualities, sexual energy they carries and uniqueness each people carries. That being said lets just say the more maybe we do together of activities that make you happy. The more quality time of making time for others she be a law. It would be sweet even though it would never happen that the internet would shut down certain times of certain days. Just so people can actually make time for one another and it would be focused. I believe that way there is so much chaos in today's world. Were not associating ourselves with each other...that's our survival modes is each other. Instead of communicating over the internet, have a cup of coffee in person. Take time to cherish and BE PRESENT!. Make time for people show you appreciate them this life is so short when were here. Don't have any regrets when you get older wishing you could 'go back'. Most of all be kind to one another.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this if you did.

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Kara Kanai
Kara Kanai
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