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Meringue Dessert And Blaugrana Colors

The story behind naming the teams with these titles

By Mohamed AliPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

We always hear nicknames and names given to European teams, some of which are convincing and understandable to us, and others cause us many exclamation marks, either due to difficulty understanding the word being spoken due to the difference in language, or not knowing the reason for naming the team by this name, and here the question arises itself: What The reason for that name?

Why Real Madrid called Merengue ?

Real Madrid Club is a Spanish club that was founded in 1902 AD. It enjoys wide fans around the world and has won many titles in its football career. Its fans called it Merengue after a famous dessert in Spain that is delicious. The fans enjoyed playing for the club as much as they enjoyed eating it. Dessert.

The first person to use this title (merengue) was the late broadcaster Matthias Prats Canetti, a pioneer of Spanish radio.

Barcelona The Blaugrana:

The club's official name is Barcelona Football Club, and it is known among its fans as Barça. It is also called "Blaugrana" in reference to the colors of the team's shirt (red and blue). It is also known as the Catalan team in reference to the Spanish region of Catalonia from which the team hails, and which has repeatedly demanded secession from Spain.

The club's first logo (1899) included a number of symbols, including the bat, which symbolizes freedom, and the crown, which symbolizes greatness, and underneath it is a rhombus that includes a group of red, yellow, and white lines. In the year 1910, the club's logo was changed to its current form, to which "formal" modifications were made and Basically "cosmetic".

The current logo includes a group of yellow and red lines on the right side (from the top) symbolizing the Catalonia region to which the club belongs, and on the left side of the top is a red cross surrounded by white, while the bottom of the logo is colored with the club’s lines and colors (red and blue).

The Roji Blancos Atletico Madrid:

A Spanish club belonging to the Spanish capital, Madrid. It was founded on April 26, 1903. It is considered the third most popular club in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. It is nicknamed the “Roji Blancos,” “The Pillow Makers,” or “The Indians.”

Atletico Madrid is considered one of the best clubs in the world, as in the last years it qualified for the Champions League final but did not get it due to its exit from the final. Atletico Madrid has won the Spanish League and the King's Cup 10 times each

Valencia The Bat:

Valencia Club was founded in 1919 AD, and played at its home stadium in the Spanish Mestalla Stadium, which can accommodate approximately 53,000 seats for fans, media, and VIPs.

The Bat Club was able to win its first title in the Spanish League in the 1941-1942 season, and Valencia was able to win the same title again in the 1943-1944 season.

This is a small overview of some Spanish club titles. There are also many titles for many European and Latin teams as well, and we will talk about them in future articles.


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