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by Abbi Lucas about a month ago in advice
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An essay I wrote for school

Has someone ever manipulated you with their words? Answering this question is no use because almost every time you are manipulated, you don't catch it. Manipulation is when you are clever with your words, body language, or things you do in general to get what you want. Using speech, you can manipulate people through any emotion. In The Giver novel, many people used manipulative language to make people do and believe what the manipulator wanted. People use wording, timing, and tone to shape someone's mind into doing or believing what they want. Wording is one of the easiest ways to manipulate someone through language.

Wording can very easily be used to manipulate people. Look at it this way, If you try to show something to somebody and they say “It's really good, you just need to work on this and then it will be perfect” you will be happier then if they say “It's really bad, you need to change this”. This is because of the wording. Wording could be something as simple as using a kinder word to make something seem less bad like in The Giver novel, people used the word “release” instead of the word killed so it didn't seem like a bad thing. Wording could also be something as complex as changing a sentence entirely, like making an idea seem like someone elses just because of the wording. Wording is a powerful form of manipulation because it can very easily change someone's emotions. For example, making them think they're smart because you made them think your great idea was theirs, making them feel guilty, making someone feel bad, and much more. Using manipulative language by wording is a very easy thing to do if what you're trying to achieve with the manipulation is simple, sometimes it's so simple that people will manipulate using wording without knowing it or trying to do it. Have you ever said something like or along the lines of “Stop overreacting” or “I'd do the same for you” or etc.? This is a form of manipulation by using wording; it may not have been intentional, but it still could've been manipulation. Wording is a very important part of manipulative language, and so is timing.

Timing is something that is harder to be used to control someone by using speech. Timing can be used depending on the actual timeline, timing based on the attacker, or timing based on the victim. The timeline would be used to manipulate someone through language by how old the attacker or manipulator is, if you are young then people won't believe you as much as they would if you were older, and it is easier to manipulate people who are younger. You need to clearly explain what you mean by timing - you mean age of the person? Another way time is used manipulatively in language is when it is used by seeing when someone is vulnerable and easy to manipulate. Say you want to manipulate somebody while they are sad or in a rough position, that would be easier than if they were happy and in their right mind. Similarly to this, the timing based on the attacker is also used. Say you want to manipulate someone, would you do this when you're not thinking or when your mind is clear and you're more happy? It would be better to do this when you're in your right mind because you can manipulate better when you are thinking clearly. If Jonas lived in the community longer then he would be more used to the community rules and it would be easier for the community leaders to manipulate him using language because he's more used to things so he's more likely to believe the manipulator. Use direct evidence from the novel as support for your opinions. This is another way to use the timeline in manipulative language. If somebody gets used to someone then it is easier to manipulate them about that thing they are used to. Using timing to manipulate people using speech is not used very much but it can be very effective, just like tone.

Your tone can be used at any time you're manipulating but it can be very difficult to figure out. You can use your tone to make someone believe you’re mad, happy, or anything else you want. You can also straight out use a threatening tone to get what you want instead of just changing someone's emotions. The tone of your voice makes people believe certain things or feel certain things. Sometimes getting the right toning is hard. This is why text messages can be misconstrued! If you try to use tone to manipulate people then you better make sure you're good at it because otherwise it may end in disaster, the person that is getting manipulated could either figure out what you're doing or you could be using a tone other then the one you want which can manipulate them poorly and you'd have to fix it. Say this concisely. This is like when the father from The Giver used baby talk when talking to the babys, even though they're young they were still manipulated because the father used a tone that made the babys think he was happy. Not only can it be difficult to use tone to manipulate but it can also be difficult to tell when someone is manipulating you by using tone if they're good at it.

Manipulation isn't always used for bad, but it's not always used for good either. It isn't easy for everyone but some people are very good at it, and if you're good at it then it is very useful. Manipulative speech is dangerous so if you use it then be careful, the consequences can be very good or very bad depending on how it turns out.


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