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Love Story

by Eliza Vargas 2 years ago in humanity

For Better or Worse

“I can’t believe you would keep something like that from me. It changes everything!”

“What are you talking about? And did you ever think freaking out like the way you are doing right now is maybe why I didn’t mention it?”

“Oh so what, you were just never going to bring it up and one day you would just be gone, just disappear into thin air!?”

“You know what, there is no talking to you right now. I’ve had a long day and I’m tired, so I’m going to sleep. You can join me when you calm down.”

“Screw you, Brian! I’d rather sleep on the street then fucking sleep in the same room as you let alone the same bed.” Kate quickly puts on her shoes and rushes to grab her phone and jacket.

“Where the hell are you going!?”

“Out! And don’t you dare try to follow me.” As she opens the door he shouts behind her,

“Sweetheart I wouldn’t dream of it!” Kate slams the door. She wants to run out of the building and just go for a walk but she can’t. She just stands there and begins to cry. She’s careful not to make too much noise, sure that Brian wouldn’t even care, but doesn’t want him to think in any way that he had won the argument. She leans against the door and just weeps for a while. After about an hour or two she quietly re-enters the apartment, puts her jacket and phone down. She turns on the television at a low volume and gets comfortable with the throw pillows and blanket on the couch. She begins to cry some more as she sits there by herself. She looks to the window out on the fire escape wanting to get some fresh air, but at the moment she didn’t have it in her to stand. After a couple more hours she eventually drifts off to sleep.

Brian restless has been tossing and turning for hours. He opens his eyes to see that Kate still isn’t lying in the bed next to him. He looks at the clock on the side of his dresser to see that it is past three in the morning. He sits up and checks his phone to see if there were any texts or calls from Kate. Nothing. He begins to get worried so he starts typing out a text to her. No, I should go find her. He puts on his nearest pair of pants and shirt and grabs his phone. As he makes his way to the kitchen he is about to grab his jacket and car keys when he notices Kate’s jacket and phone on the counter. Then he looks to see that the television is on. He puts down his things and goes to check to see if she is awake. She isn’t but he can tell that she had been crying for a while. He sits on the ground turning off the tv and brushes the hair out of her face, then lightly places a kiss on her forehead. She stirs awake and at first, just looks sleepy, but then her expression grows hard.

“What do you want...forget it please just leave me alone and go back to bed.” She angrily turns over to face away from him. He gets on the couch behind her and goes to wrap his arms around her waist.

“Get off of me. What are you doing?”

“I can’t sleep…”

“What do you mean you ca-”

“I can’t sleep without you.” For a moment they stay silent, Kate processing what Brian had just said and Brian trying to think of what to say next. “Look I’m just really sorry, okay...between just feeling plain guilty that you had to find out like that and the idea of sleeping without you, which I’m now realizing is one of the most depressing things in the world, I couldn’t sleep at all. So if you’re not going to come to sleep with me in our bed then we’ll just have to get cozy here on the couch.” After a moment Kate begins to cry again, still upset, but happy with what she had just heard. She then turns hesitantly so she can face Brian.

“No, come on don’t cry, why are you crying again...I’m such an idiot.”

“No you aren’t, at least not for what you just said...but I’m still mad at you.”

“I know. Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not right now I’m tired. Want to go to bed?”

“Oh thank God, I thought you’d never ask.”

He jumps up off the couch, picks up Kate and throws her over his shoulder. He kisses her on her butt.

“Brian!” He walks over to their bedroom ignoring all Kate’s fussing. Cautiously, he sits on the bed and places Kate down next to him. She gives him a look of disapproval which makes him chuckle. He pulls on Kate’s feet, forcing her to lay down so he can take off her pants.

“Excuse me but if you think at all that we are having sex right now you are out of your damn mind.”

“Oh, so you plan on sleeping in jeans and that blouse?” Brian leans over her smirking to himself as Kate looks down at her clothes then back at him. She keeps her mouth shut, a little annoyed at him for being right when she is still trying to be mad at him. “That’s what I thought, now come here.” He helps her sit up so that he can take her blouse off for her. He then follows by taking off his own shirt and putting it on her. I always love seeing her in my t-shirts. He takes off his own jeans leaving on just a pair of boxer shorts and tosses all of the other clothes in a corner. The whole time Kate just watches his every move admiring how sweet he was being. At that moment alone despite what happened earlier she felt herself falling even more in love with him. Brian gets into bed and grabs both of Kate’s hands to pull her toward him. She places her head on his chest along with her hand as he pulls her even closer to his body. One hand of his begins to play with her hair as the other finds its way to her thigh and caresses her soft skin. Now it’s Brian watching Kate, thinking to himself that now he was falling even more in love with her at that moment.

He kisses her on the forehead again, she leans into it. Then he continues to kiss her on her nose, she smiles. Picking up his head he looks at her face and kisses her on her exposed cheek. He pulls away and as he does she just stares back at him into his eyes. He then proceeds to kiss her on the side of her neck that is closest to the bed as his hand reaches further up her thigh. Kate lets out a sigh. This time Brian pulls away again, but only slightly so that his nose can trace up to her neck, to her ear, past her chin, and to her nose. At this point, they are both holding their breath as they stare into each other. His hand is gently placed on her hip, wanting to pull her closer but waiting for a sign that it’s okay. He finally decides to go for it and slowly moves towards her for their lips to meet. Her hand moves up to his cheek to pull him in as he does the same with his hand moving to her back. It didn’t change anything, but with each kiss, they shared all their anger, love, and passion. Every kiss becomes even deeper with their bodies wanting to be even closer than was even possible. Brian then gets on top of Kate as she begins to take her shirt off and he helps by throwing it to the side. They grow even hungrier for the others touch as though they hadn’t already been feeling every inch of the other’s body. Brian then leaves Kate’s lips and begins to kiss her again, moving down to her collar bone, then down to her chest, leading a trail to her stomach.

“No.” Kate gasps and grabs Brian’s face pulling it up back to hers, “I need you right here.” And they kiss again even more feverishly than before. Kate takes off her bra and underwear and for a moment Brian stops.

“Are you sure you want to?” Kate simply smiles and then kisses him again. Brian takes off his boxers and they finally begin to experience the other’s body for the first time in a while. As they made love they just stared into each other, more loving than anyone could ever have thought possible. It felt like that moment would go on forever and before they knew it they were fast asleep.

. . .

The next morning Kate woke up to the rays of the sun beaming in her face through the curtains. She blinks her eyes open to find a note on the dresser next to her. She sits up to read it when she notices there is also a single, long-stemmed red rose on Brian’s pillow next to her. Of course, it makes her blush. Kate puts the flower to her nose as she reads the letter:

To the Most Amazing Person in the World,

I know we still have to talk about what happened yesterday,

I don’t dare try to avoid it,

But can I just say between last night and waking up next to you this morning,

I couldn't help but watch you sleep and think about how beautiful you are,

And how much I want to make things up to you,

Especially if that means repeating how we made up last night.

Several more times….

I Love You

Leave it to Brian to be ridiculously sweet and immature all at the same time. Kate decides to get up and make some pancakes. She takes the clothes thrown on the floor from the previous night and puts back on Brian’s shirt, taking in the smell of his cologne that she loves so much. She also puts on a pair of underwear, just because she didn’t want to feel completely naked walking around the apartment. As she begins making breakfast she feels someone watching her. She looks over to find Brian standing by the door, staring at her with his arms loosely crossed and bags on the floor.

“How long have you been standing there, I didn’t even hear you come in.” She says this as she continues to mix her ingredients in a bowl by the stove.

“Well I saw a gorgeous sight that I wanted to take in; so I made sure to be quiet so I wouldn’t ruin the moment.” They both smile shyly at the other. Kate looks away and Brian responds with walking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her kissing her on her shoulder and then cheek.

“I’m going to put some things away and then we can talk.” As he lets go Kate’s heart sinks a little, his words sort of ripping her away from the bliss she had been in since the night before. A few minutes later Brian returns as Kate is flipping the first pancake on the stove.

“Okay, I’m ready.”

“Okay, talk.”

“I didn’t want to apply for the job, my boss recommended me. He thought it would be a nice surprise to show me how much he thought I was going to be a success. He told me it was like I was going to get a promotion. I never said anything because I never actually thought I would even get the job. But a small part of me was curious, a small part of me hoped that I would, as a sort of validation that I’m actually good at what I do. I never thought though that he would call me at home to leave a message about it”

“But it’s your dream to go to Venice and make a life there helping the people and exploring the culture for your job…”

“Part of the reason why I never said anything, because you are one of the most selfless people that I know. And instead of saying ‘Stay with me, I will do whatever it takes for you to stay here’, or just refusing to let me go, you say, ‘It’s your dream, I don’t want you to give up on your dream for me’. I also know you would give up everything to come with me if you could but your life is here, your career, your family, and with your dad being sick I would never ask you to leave them and you know that. That’s why you automatically thought me being offered the position meant we were going to have to break up.” Kate has turned to face Brian leaving the bowl and pans on the counter. She looks down, ashamed to look at him.

“But Brian-” He gets up from his chair at the bar and steps in front of her his forefinger on her lips to keep her quiet and his middle finger under her chin, anchoring it up for her to look at him.

“No, see what you didn’t think about is the fact that maybe my dreams have changed. You want to know what my dream is now?” Brian whisks her up, sitting her on the counter aside all the mess with each of her legs on either side of his waist, his hands on her hips. Kate blushes and tries to keep from making eye contact. “You are. Kate, you don’t realize that you mean the world to me. Yes, I can have the job and the money and the big house and the life. And all those tropical women…” Kate glares at Brian as she punches him in the shoulder. “I knew that would get you to look at me. None of it would mean anything if I didn’t have you.” He kisses her. It was like in the movies, one of those kisses one could only dream of. He pulls away and smiles at her. “I love you, baby.” Kate is rendered speechless and Brian just kisses her again. Once again leaving trails of them all over her body making every part of her melt.

“See if I didn’t know better I would think you only said all that stuff to get me into bed, again.” Brian raises his head again so that his face is only an inch away from Kate’s.

“Hey my mother raised a gentleman, and I’m sorry that my girlfriend is the most mesmerizing thing on the planet, is it a crime to enjoy the fact that there are some things I can do to you that no other man can?” He says this as a whisper leaving more trails of kisses and pressing himself against her between her legs.

“So what I’m just going to be your sex toy now, and instead of having food for breakfast we are just going to have sex.”

“First off who says it has to be just for breakfast?” They both make faces, Brian’s mischievous and Kate’s shocked. “Second if you are a toy then I never want to be too old to play with you. And third, we don’t have sex, we make love because as I may have just mentioned you mean so much more to me then something so emotionless.” And that was it, they were at it all over again with the same passion and excitement. They were out of their clothes in a hurry and under the covers even faster. Once their urges became satisfied they laid there, breath in sync with Kate once again with her head on Brian’s chest.

“How much do you love me?”

“What?” Kate was a bit confused by the question given what had just happened.

“Well I mean you didn’t say anything earlier so I was just curious. I mean I know you do I just wanted like a rough measurement of how much.” Kate grabs her pillow and hits him with it as they begin to laugh. He then grabs it from her making her fall on top of him.

“So?” There is a brief pause.

“I don’t think there are any words to describe how much I love you. I would do anything for you and...I can’t imagine my life without you in it like we are right now.” Now she is brushing the hair out of his face as she hovers over him. Before she can say anything he ambushes her with another kiss and rolls her on her side while covering her.

“In that case, because I couldn’t possibly imagine my life without you either, especially after last night; will you do me the great honor of being my wife?” Brian shows Kate a ring now in his hand. Simple yet elegant, just like her. Kate is now stunned.

“Where did that come from?” It was like he had just pulled the ring out of a magician’s hat.

“If I told you I would have to kill you babe, and I really don’t want to do that.” Kate still hasn’t responded, still looking a bit confused. Brian sits up now, a little uneasy.

“Babe, you do realize I’m asking you to marry me here, usually you give someone a response to that big a question.” There is another pause, this one even longer.


“Kate?!” You can see disappointment begin to set in Brian’s face.

“Yes! I had to mess with you a little, I couldn’t let you get away with yesterday that easily, plus you did catch me off guard. But of course, I will marry you, babe, I do, I love you so much!” She throws herself on him and hugs him.

“See that’s not fair, that was mean, I feel like I just saw a new side to you.” He wraps his arms around her and returns her hug. “But I love you too.” She pulls away from him and he gently puts the ring on her finger. He looks at it for a moment and smiles, kisses her knuckles, then smiles at her.

“Wow. My fiance, soon enough to be my wife. I couldn’t be any happier right now.” They embrace each other again this time with their faces in front of the other nose to nose.

“Oh, I can’t wait to tell my parents!”

“They already know, I asked them about a month ago for their blessing because I knew I was never going to find anyone like you ever again. And yesterday really made me realize that, but it also told me it was the right time to ask.”

“You asked my parents for their blessing a month ago.” Kate looks surprised.

“I told you I was a gentleman, I don’t understand why you don’t believe me.” They both laugh, knowing exactly why. Brian casually looks at the clock to see that it is just past noon.

“Hmm, to stay in bed with you all day or go out and celebrate? That’s a tough call.”

“Well I’m sorry as much as I love you, we are not going to “make love” all day and you may not need food in your stomach but I do.” Kate tries to get up off of Brian but he grabs her waist so she stays put.

“No, not yet.” He kisses her again, “Man you are just so addicting, I’m never going to get tired of kissing you. But fine I guess I can take my “fiance” out to dinner. In the meantime you go take a shower I’ll make lunch and after that, I have to stop by the office for a couple of hours and I will pick you up at...7?”

“Wait so it’s either spend the day with you in bed or not see you for half the day until dinner, I might have to change my answer.”

“Don’t worry you’ll barely notice I’m gone, you’ll be too busy calling people about the big news. But if it makes you feel any better I wouldn’t mind saving some water and sharing the shower with you.” Brian winks at Kate. They both smile, not saying anything, Kate gets up looking at Brian as she walks to the shower. “So is that a yes or no?” For a moment Kate doesn’t answer once again. The shower turns on and she shouts, “Are you coming?” Just like that Brian jumps out of bed and into the shower with her.

. . .

It is now six o’clock, just an hour before their dinner date and Kate is sitting on the edge of the bed going through a whole whirlwind of emotions. Of course, she is overwhelmed with joy and excited to start this new chapter in her life, but there is a small part of her that can’t help but feel like maybe she’s holding Brian back. I mean yeah he said his dreams have changed but is anyone ever really happy when they make a person their dream. Well, he did ask mom and dad a month ago for their blessing and didn’t change his mind with this new opportunity. Ugh, am I just overthinking this? The phone rings, it’s Brian.

“Hey baby, I hope you’re ready for our dinner date, I’ll actually be getting home around six-thirty, so we can start celebrating a little early.” Kate smiles playing with her ring, then looks down remembering she is still in her pajamas.

“Of course I am, and by celebrating early, I hope you mean with food because I’m starving.” They finish their conversation and Kate rushes to start getting ready. “I don’t know what to wear. Ugh, what to wear, what to wear?” She decides to do some basic makeup first and a little something with her hair, hopefully by then she’ll figure it out. As she scrambles, after a while she hears the front door open followed by Brian’s voice. No, no, no I’m not ready yet! Her hair is half done and her makeup isn’t quite right and is still only in underwear. “Hi baby, just give me a sec, don’t come in here!”

“I thought you said you’d be ready. Why can’t I come in?” She quickly puts on her favorite red dress and pulls some of her hair back as Brian walks through the door.

“Hey I told you not to come in, I’m not ready yet!”

“Wow, you”


“Yes, and I have the perfect final touch, wait right here.” Kate looks in the mirror not fully convinced she looks that good, fixing some things here and there but waits nonetheless. When Brian comes back there is a jewelry box in his hand. “Baby, okay first the ring now this…”

“Hey I wanted to and plus when I saw these I immediately thought of you; so in a way, I had to.” She simply kisses his cheek, and when she opens the box and almost wants to cry. “Seeing as how tonight is just about you and me, your mom still wanted me to give these to you, she told me you always wanted a pair just like hers and we both figured tonight was the perfect night for you to wear them.” It was true, her mother had worn these same dangling silver earrings when she first met her dad and always wanted the same exact pair. Now her mom giving them to Brian to give to her was just the icing on the cake for the perfect evening. As Kate puts them on Brian just takes all of her in, the earrings adding just the right amount of sparkle to the sides of her face, her bright eyes and red lips beautifully accompanied by her hair partially pulled back and curled with a few evading strands here and there. Her dress perfectly accentuated every curve of her body, with its strapless v-neck exposing some of her chest and shoulders, fitted around her waist but elegantly flowing down her legs and her silver stilettos tying in the whole thing. She really is a work of art. After a moment Kate notices how hard her fiance is staring at her, probably mentally undressing her for the fifth time today, and at that, she turns around to look at him and smiles.

“Let’s go before you skip to ‘dessert’ again.”

. . .

At the restaurant, the pair are drinking champagne, laughing, seemingly cozy in a corner of the room with fairy lights so elegantly surrounding them within the nearby foliage. Another one of those moments that was like a scene from a movie, but unfortunately this was real life.

“Brian? What a coincidence bumping into you here!” The voice came from a tall older gentleman now approaching the table. His hair was greying all around, his face looked tired, but looked very well-groomed in his navy blue suit, although that too looked rather worn.

“Mr. Hoffman, hello, you remember my girlfriend Kate.” Kate shook the man’s hand, her smile looks a bit forced but neither of the two men seems to notice.

“Of course, how could I forget such a beautiful young woman, especially in that dress, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” There is an awkward silence. “Of course you don’t look half bad either Brian. No doubt you two are celebrating, that move to Venice is an opportunity of a lifetime, although I’ll say Kate good luck keeping him once he’s out there in the exotic territory, if you need someone I’m sure I’ll be available.” Now there is an array of emotions going on among the three of them. Mr. Hoffman is oblivious and chuckling to himself not seeing any issue with his comments toward Kate. Kate is still uncomfortable, more so by how pleased with himself he seems to be. On the other hand, she’s worried as to why he doesn’t know yet that Brian is turning down the position, especially if he had stopped by the office earlier that day. Brian is completely silent. He looks nervous as his eyes dart back and forth between the two of them. After a moment they both catch on and giving him questioning looks, but he avoids making any eye contact with Kate. At this, she begins to get flustered, face turning red, her hands starting to fidget.

“We are actually celebrating our engagement, Brian proposed this morning.” It can be heard in her voice that she is annoyed but tries to brush it off by showing the man her ring. Brian is still silent but once the man finishes examining the ring he turns to Brian again still waiting for a response.

“Uh, yes we are celebrating my engagement to the most amazing woman in the world, I’m a very lucky guy.”

“So is this a dual celebration or is the celebration for the big move another night?” Once again Brian is hesitant with a response and Kate is just in awe. Without saying anything she grabs her purse and cautiously walks to the restroom. She feels hot and her eyes begin to burn. She wants to cry and scream and throw something all at once, but all she can manage is to stare blankly at herself in the mirror. I was right, this is all wrong. It feels like she has been standing there for hours, motionless, numb, completely silent. Someone walks in the restroom, but Kate doesn’t seem to notice or care until she realizes it’s Brian. When their eyes meet in the reflection of the mirror Kate’s eyes begin to water and a tear sheds down her face. As Brian tries to reach for her she moves out of the way and tries to make it to the door. Before she can leave he grabs her by her arm and pulls her against the wall, not hard enough to scare Kate into thinking he would get violent, but just enough to infuriate her even more.

“Don’t you dare touch me! Don’t you dare. You lied to me, you lied straight to my face with all this bullshit and-” She begins choking on sobs.


“No, I don’t want to hear it! And you know the worst part is, after you lied to me, you had the nerve to look me in the eye and ask me to marry you. And I knew in my gut something was wrong, I knew and I ignored it.” Now Brian tries to take her by both arms, but she shoves them away, still not moving from the wall. Brian starts to choke up himself and gets red in the face.


“I said no. Your time to talk was out there, so I don’t want to hear anything you’ve only now decided you want to say. Your silence said it all back there. If you meant what you told me this morning, when you claimed you went to work you would have gone and told your boss you weren’t going, but that’s not what happened. And it’s pretty obvious why.” Now they are both silent and motionless. Red in the face, tears streaming down their cheeks, fists clenched. However while Kate can’t bear to look at Brian, Brian can’t look away from her. All he wants to do right now is get down on his knees, grab her by the waist and beg for forgiveness. He messed up, that he knew, and he knew very well that there was no going back. Kate was a forgiving person, but with this, it would take a miracle. Then, just like that, she walked out of the restroom and all he could do was watch her leave. He simply backed up against the opposite wall from where Kate was and sunk down to the ground. He just looks down at the ground, head in his hands until he feels a hand on his shoulder. It was Mr. Hoffman. He had been waiting outside the door hoping things would smooth over.

“I tried to stop her, to apologize-”

“She’s gone.”

. . .

It’s now been about three hours since the fight and Brian walks into the apartment drunk and ashamed, surprised to see that Kate hadn’t trashed the place. The weight of everything just hangs over him, now even more so in the apartment they had lived in together for the past two and a half years. He starts heading to the bedroom door but before he can open it Kate and her brother burst out of the room carrying some of Kate’s things. She stays directly behind him as her brother pulls her out of the room and heads straight for the door.

“We were just leaving asshole.” The brother snaps as Kate stays quiet. For a moment Brian hesitates to say or do anything, knowing full and well that he deserves the treatment he was getting, but he couldn’t let things end like this.

“Kate please wait-”

“No she isn’t speaking to you, you had your chance now it's over. Deal with it.” Kate and Brian lock eyes and all he could pay attention to was how it seemed as though all the light had left her eyes, they were just pools of nothing but an abyss. If there was ever a moment in his life that truly broke him that was it, the moment he saw nothing but darkness in the eyes of the woman he loved more then anything in the world. The worst part is, that he knew he was the sole cause of it and there was nothing to be done about it now.

. . .

The next few days Brian just found himself staring out the window as it poured outside almost to no end. The rain perfectly matched how he felt inside like there was nothing to be felt but doom and gloom. No more rays of sunshine, just dark clouds covering the sky with no sign of it letting up anytime soon. His mom had come by to check on him but he couldn’t even speak to her, she just sat across from him, at one point in silence, Brian too depressed to say a single word. She urged him to at least move even if it was from the window sill to the fridge simply so he would eat and even that did nothing, he continued to stay there almost as still as a statue. It wasn’t until she had brought up that she had spoken to Kate that Brian even seemed conscious or alive. His eyes brightened snapping his neck to look in her direction, finally acknowledging that she was there.

“Wait you spoke to Kate? When, what did she say-?” In asking he almost becomes frantic in desperation to hear something, anything worth hearing.

“Well her father passed away this morning...and she told me that after she heard the news the first person she wanted to talk to was you… Of course, her brother didn’t approve so that’s why she didn’t, but if you truly care about her I think you should go there and be by her side, as a FRIEND in the least, she needs you.” It takes Brian a moment to process everything but after a moments thought he runs to put on some clothes and is out the door. He gets in his car and slams his breaks on his way to the hospital where Kate’s father was getting treatment. Every moment of the way he replays all of what happened in his head, trying to figure out what if anything he could possibly say to try and make her at least forgive him. Even if he had to get down on his knees and beg for a chance to make things right. He gets to the parking lot and once he stops the car tries his hardest to take a deep breath. Here goes nothing.

After getting past the information desk and to what was supposed to be Kate’s father’s hospital room up until about an hour ago he finds Kate sitting alone on a bench in an empty hallway just staring at the open door of the room. After a moment she turns her head to face him and they lock eyes, no words, no movement, just silence. But looking into each other’s eyes they said it all, back to all the pain and passion they were filled with just a few days before. In an instant, Kate gets up and they run towards each other embracing and crying, squeezing each other as hard as they possibly could and just stayed that way, never wanting to let go of the other ever again.


Eliza Vargas

LA, aspiring singer, actress, and writer

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Eliza Vargas
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