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Love is not all imagination

by liqiang 4 months ago in marriage
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Marriage may be a choice, and self-determination is the leader of both

In our life, our thought of love has always stayed in the film and television drama, love in the film and television drama is perfect, what kind of life experience, what kind of feelings, always let people indulge. But when we really come into contact with love, those feelings all disappear, we have seen some love in our own world, their parents or their friends, feel that their love is so sweet, which contains a variety of sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, Most of the time we can clearly feel that this kind of taste as if never can be reflected in their own body, but I still believe that love, those perfect love happy life, sooner or later will happen in their own life, will be accompanied by themselves and the "other" side.

However, imagine just imagine, this is always just their own wishful thinking, they face the reality and ideal has a big difference, sometimes the difference is so big that they can not bear, many people's thoughts are not willing to accept this fact, always like to love in their own ideal and desire.

In many relationships, both sides will fall in love, in fact, the woman is the most prominent in both sides, often thinking I love him, I want to love him forever, he loves me, he will not leave me. Because of this, once the other party has an abnormal behavior, she will become very disappointed and start to think in random ways. At this time, once the other party wants to break up, the woman will think that the other party has been cheating on her, so she will bear the psychological betrayal, and then begin to have the psychological revenge. Therefore, we should understand that love does not rely on simple imagination, so that every failure will not become their biggest pain, but also can have an optimistic attitude in the next relationship to face.

In our lives, a huge number of people in the struggling to find belongs to own love, or there are countless people are tasting the feeling of love, but also a huge number of love is on the verge of dispersing, even some love is only sorrow and pain, the two sides have no longer love each other, but both sides still in live together, cause after marriage only trouble and pain, So when faced with such a problem, there will be such a question, what is it that makes our relationship so bad?

Understand love this elusive thing, or urgent or slow its development, early end the end of the night, is the norm, in everyone's life, has experienced the feelings of failure, or experienced a failure marriage, most of these problems are the factor is that some people will love to keep in your imagination stage, Is the so-called love is not only by imagination and maintain.

If the love and marriage is a comparison, the two are different, need to understand that love is a game between two people, but marriage is a contract of body and mind thought, must have rules, the rules of marriage than the strict many of love, for marriage, will have a lot of problems, such as; Whether the other person loves him or not, or whether he loves the other person or not, or whether he would be happier without his own existence, although this kind of question is common, but these are the crucial factors that determine a marriage. If you fail to deal with the problem before, the future marriage life is not too happy is inevitable.

Choose marriage candidate is also important, in which there are many factors, such as some social status and their own quality, their own culture, and will own the same, of course comparing these factors, and can't become a stable marriage condition, of the feelings, accomplishment and both sides treat each other's sense of responsibility is among them, there are problems in the face to get married, Is also very important, but also to resist the temptation of the outside world, so as to make their future marriage more happy.

So marriage is among the various factors exist selective things, since it is a choice of emotion, then the result of happiness also belongs to the selective happiness, no matter what will happen in the future, please remember to treat it, because it is not only their previous choice, but also their future happiness origin.


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