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Losing a loved one, there will be some performance

by zhaoyu 4 months ago in humanity
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We will meet a lot of people in our life. We will invite some people into our life, establish close ties with several people, and have emotional entanglements with a few others. In the end, only one person will accompany us.

Losing a loved one, there will be some performance
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We will meet a lot of people in our life. We will invite some people into our life, establish close ties with several people, and have emotional entanglements with a few others. In the end, only one person will accompany us.

About the loss, is our daily life often faced with the topic, close friends, serious love lover, once said to go for a long time, imperceptibly separated.

Some lost, already used to, some people leave will feel innocuous, but there will be some people leave, enough to shake our life.

Have you ever had the experience of losing a loved one? There used to be a popular saying on the Internet that it was like a fire burning down the house you had lived in for a long time, and you crouched in the distance alone, looking at the debris. You know it's your home, but you can never go back.

Loved the person, has already entered the heart, engraved into the bone marrow, has been accustomed to having him in the side of the day, has been ready to spend a lifetime with him.

But in the end, we still have to face separation, there are many reasons for separation, even if the heart is very clear don't give up, you can not go back to the original, the truth is clear a lot, but still can not do calm acceptance.

The loss of a deeply loved person will have the following performance.

Can't help but repeatedly chew memories, and deep pain to extricate themselves

Love the people, there are too many memories between the two people, the other side has already gone into the corners of your life, become an indispensable part of you.

Whether it is psychological or in life, and the other side produced a profound connection, has been accustomed to having him in the days.

When I wake up, the first contact is him. When I meet anything, I want to share it with him for the first time. When I see delicious and fun, I want to go through it with him.

Even if the reason is very clear should not think should not be recalled, but emotionally still can not help but fall into the memories, a corner, a tree, all the scenes, will let you can not help but think of him.

Even though you know that constantly recalling the past will only deepen your pain, you can't control it at all, it will always appear in your mind from time to time.

Once those good memories, now recall are like a thorn in the heart, dull pain.

Want to forget not to forget, want to break free not to break away, do what all have no spirit as if he was a person to leave, and affect their whole world.

Some people are depressed, some drown their sorrows in alcohol, and some work frantically to numb themselves, all because of deep love, will be triggered.

Want to give up, and can not help but want to contact, tangled unbearable

Break up is originally like this, love needs two people to determine, but break up only needs a person to put it out.

As soon as one person chooses to stop there, the relationship ceases to exist.

It's not fair. The person who gets the breakup has to accept it. There's nothing to fight back. Because since he has made up his mind to go, then it is you pay more, and then hard to retain all can not be recovered.

Sometimes think people have not loved you, have been so unfeeling, and you are also reluctant to what? When pride comes to the head, he will make up his mind to let go and never speak to anyone again.

However, such impulse can only be maintained for a short time, the next second will shed tears, will lose all reason, completely led by emotion.

Want to inquire about his whereabouts, will look for his trace everywhere on the network, will also want to find an excuse or by wine, strength to test him, and even want to put down all the self-esteem to try again, again to retain.

A moment of heartache, a relief, after all, no longer have to worry about him will leave.

After breaking up, the person who can't walk out will experience such a rational and emotional pull, and ultimately need to use the time to smooth.

Dare not step into love again, afraid to repeat the mistake

A profound break up is there will be sequela, will not be like scratching the surface of the general, lightly said scattered.

Not to say that as long as put down can, not only will affect the current mood, but also affect their future, affect their confidence in love.

Serious deep love, he is like on behalf of all their hopes for love, on behalf of all their enthusiasm and expectations for love.

Once that person leaves, it's like the sky falls, and the whole concept of love falls apart.

You use all your strength to love a person, to be good to a person, but in the end, it is just a fleeting cloud, nothing left, that person can go away, but you can't do that forget.

Later, you dare not to love a person without reservation, treat love a little more vigilant, but also learned to protect yourself, become careful, love will be full of vigilance, more rejection of it, not later met the person is not good enough, but you are not confident, dare not to love.

You are afraid to repeat the same mistakes, you are afraid to play a game and finally lose, such fear will take a long time to be able to eliminate, time may be a long time, also can only let nature heal slowly.

Have very sweet, but lose very painful, have the time to smile more brilliant, lost will be sadder.

How good would it be if love could predict the ending at the beginning? If you know two people have no results, is it not the original choice to be together?

But life is like this. You never know what will happen in the future. We will be sad because of the loss, but there may be a change in the future, there is someone better waiting for us.

Losing loved ones will hurt, but all the loss is also a new beginning, pick up the spirit, move forward, everything will be not far away in the place of a new answer.


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