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Looking for a vampire kind of love

by Emilia the Bat 3 months ago in love

The kind of romance that's hard to find but will last forever.

Looking for a vampire kind of love
Photo by Tom Swinnen on Unsplash

I don’t want to be another Facebook status. Or some picture on Instagram. A swipe left or right on a dating app. Or another thoughtless DM. I want something real, something personal, something that will last. I want to be loved in a vampire kind of way.

I want to receive handwritten letters that come from the heart. To look into their eyes and be told things no text could convey. To see the emotion and meaning behind each syllable they speak. I want something they can’t delete, or attach an emoji or a gif to. Something they can’t fake, that I’d never wonder about the intentions as they would show through. I want to know that I’m more important than whatever occupies their screen or their busy day. To hear even the words they are afraid to say.

I want to wake up next to them and go to sleep at their side. To be wished a good morning and end each day with a sweet good night. To be held like I’m precious, and to hold them all the same. I want to feel safe; I want to feel loved, and to have the time of day.

And I’m not asking for perfection. Rather someone who will accept my flaws like I will theirs. To find ways to enjoy them as much as we do our charms. So then we can trust the hands that hold our hearts.

I want to share one another’s adventures and travel to places no one else dares. To act like our wacky weird selves and not care about others’ stares.

I don’t want to go to a movie or be taken to a fancy buffet. I just want a home-cooked dinner, and to enjoy one another’s company. Or to blast old and forgotten music on record players. To dance until the sun comes up and sing until it takes our breath away.

I want to share our stories and secrets and sweaters alike. To offer our wisdom and to receive all sorts of bad advice. For us to solve problems together in creative ways. To build the life we both want and grow with age.

I want someone who will paint me like a renaissance beauty. Or write me cheesy poetry. Someone who will give me flowers instead of follows. Who will trade his time for mine. Someone who cares about my peace of mind like I do his.

Someone who will lie in the grass with me on warm summer nights. Who isn’t afraid to catch frogs in ditches and crayfish in creeks. Feed the birds that gather in parking lots. Or race shopping carts down the aisles of Walmart.

To tag along on midnight road trips with no destinations, only to get lost and find ourselves. And blast the radio, open the windows, and feel the rushing wind on our faces as we sing alone. To find someone who will listen as I ramble about all kinds of crazy or mundane things. Someone who will compliment my interests rather than judge.

We all need love in this world; a place that can be so cruel, scary, and dark. Where money and politics can tear families apart. Where we never know if things are going to get better or worse. Yet it has become so cheap. Love is now something you find on apps where you're nothing but a picture on a screen. I feel that we all deserve something better, something more. This is why I want a vampire kind of love. Something incredibly hard to find, that will last for all of eternity.

Emilia the Bat
Emilia the Bat
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