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Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Me In

by Crystal Rae 5 months ago in advice
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Are there cracks in your foundation?

Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Me In
Photo by James Ahlberg on Unsplash

Do you recall the children's story about the big bad wolf trying to break into the homes of the three little pigs in an attempt to eat them? I can't say I recall exactly how the words went, but the whole gist of it was to ensure your house was built with solid bricks. Isn't this the same idea as building brick walls inside of us to keep the bad guys out?

Please don't roll your eyes... I know that was a reach!

The point I am trying to make of all of that is pretty dang good! So please bear with me.

From the earliest moments of dating and moving into my first few heartbreaks... the building of my internal wall began. I have always seen myself as being a selfless person who was always the one to give. In looking back on a few of my past relationships (and I don't mean just dating) I was the selfish, taking one. Not the person of love and grace I portrayed myself as. I see now it was due to the walls I had built. The pain I swore I would never allow myself to feel again.

Yet, time and time again... there it was!

Another broken heart, or disappointment towards someone I had truly cared for. It seemed the more I examined the walls I had built and made an attempt to tear them back down... devastation would once again hit!

Why? What am I not learning from all of this?

Then it hit me... it wasn't about what the houses were made of. It was the type of foundation required for such housing. The brick walls required a strong concrete foundation. When I was building brick walls internally to prevent experiencing pain or despair, I wasn't focused on the type of person I was becoming.

If you would have asked me a few years ago if my glass was half full or half empty, I would have responded half full. I was on such a positive journey to redefine who I was becoming. My thoughts and focus were all about finding the land of happy, happy! Now if you were to ask me that question, I would tell you that I am glad I have a glass. The loss and devastation I have gone through have brought me such an appreciation for the value of a moment. Not on the image I want people to see or believe about me. What I think about the reflection in the mirror is all that matters!

That is truly it!

If I see a person of integrity, one who is honest, hard-working, full of laughter, and has a presence that adds value to others... that is who I become. From there that means, you are a good person. You can't see bad within yourself if you are constantly focused on keeping your foundation solid. If there are cracks in your foundation then they are breaks in you that require attention.

It is simple as that!

The more I understand this and stay focused on my foundation, the more the outside world is pushing back. People generally do not want to see the good in others or have them become successful. It draws attention to their current weaknesses and shines on their own personal insecurities.

How people treat you is how they feel about themselves.

So they can huff and puff, but if you have a solid foundation... they aren't getting in. They can't hurt you. They can't do anything to you other than what you let them. So keep your foundation solid and wish the best for the big bad wolf.

Kill them with kindness!

I bet if enough of us followed this type of lifestyle... we would all find out that big bad wolf is really just an oversized puppy!


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Crystal Rae

My passion is writing ~ My dream is to be a best-selling author.

I am just like you... trying to figure out this thing called life.

My experiences are only different because they are written in black and white!

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