Light Skinned vs Dark Skinned. Now This Is Bullshit.

by Carlene Charles 9 months ago in humanity

To All My Kings And Queens

Light Skinned vs Dark Skinned. Now This Is Bullshit.

Why do black people discriminate against themselves?

Light Skinned vs Dark Skinned, I didn’t know this existed until I joined high school. Girls were shocking when picking on others about their complexion, to me this just was strange. I had a girl approach me and ask me if I thought I was beautiful just because I was light skinned. This left me perplexed, never had I walked around feeling any more beautiful because of my complexion. I always knew no matter your shade, your black and we all fit together as one. Growing up as a black girl no matter your shade or race we respected each other, well at least that’s what I thought.

Questions rang in my head; how can we equally be from the same race but yet you dislike me? Answer that question for yourself if you idiotically get involved in this way of thinking. It’s not right to make your own brother or sister’s self-esteem low. I don’t often talk about our ancestors, but don’t you think they went through enough. As a human race we should know better and contribute to loving each other. Black people are believed to represent each other but yet we go out of our way to break each other down. Sadly, this isn’t just race related or based off complexion I believe there is deeper meaning behind this. I also look at painful things that are happening between our race and I just don’t comprehend any of it. The stabbings, the shootings, the hate between us, why is it happening?

What makes these bullies think that being light skinned or dark skinned should be separated? I’m talking to all you dark skinned and light skinned women/men who have experienced this. Doesn’t it hurt your soul that you're allowing your black sister or brother to crush within. We cry because of your words, we are scared to go to school, we want to hide away and not let you see our beauty. I do wonder if you're happy with what you’ve done.

I have never discussed my complexion or how I feel about the colour of my skin. I know I am black and that’s that. I’ve never heard a white person compare their complexion with another white person. We just don’t support each other at all, and it breaks my heart. I cry for our people that went through slavery and to think in the 21st century I’m still crying for my loved ones, I am speechless.

I recently watched a video of a black woman bleaching her skin in a bathtub, I was disturbed. Bleaching looked so painful and her skin came apart leaving her raw flesh exposed to bleaching products. I have spoken to individuals that have bleached and they say it becomes an addiction. The outcome is never how they expect so they continue. Doctors have advised individuals that skin bleaching has major risks, countries have even banned the products. I just wish women and men will know what side effects and complications bleaching has. The reason why I brought up skin bleaching is because a young girl I watched said she started it to be light skinned. Not only did people in school put her down but as she got older, she was put in the corner by her employers and the media. She was even told that being light skinned would get her somewhere. What a sickening shock!

I’m so furious because I don’t know how we can stop this. I want to hug every dark-skinned queen and king and tell them your beautiful in your own skin. Your natural glow brings a shine to everyone’s soul, be you, be free and don’t give a fuck about other’s opinions. I want to tell my light skinned kings and queens that you're lovely and bring sunshine to my darkest days. Without any shade we wouldn’t be able to paint a perfect picture for our race.

If anyone is reading this and this is their reality, please try to not let it affect you. I know it’s hard but you’re stunning. It’s out of my control but I wish I could be there for you.

From a black person to another, I am sorry. I pray for togetherness amongst our race.

Thanks for the motivation to write this Mercy. Your strength and words have inspired me.

Carlene Charles
Carlene Charles
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