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by: Nerissha Hunt

By Nerissha HuntPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

We have all done something wrong in our lives. Some people have paid for it with their freedom while others are still paying for it. Some of these people didn’t plan to be a part of the criminal justice system but we are all adults. Life can catch you off guard at times.

A person is presumed guilty until proven innocent. That’s what they say. But sometimes, innocent people end up in complex situations. We blame them for guilt by association. It’s a slight misjudgment call. If someone tells you that they plan to commit a crime, you have 2 choices: cooperate or back out. Just by knowing about it makes you just as guilty. We don’t know what will do if faced with a situation because no one knows what its like to be in that situation but if you see a way out, then take it.

People fail to realize that while you have your freedom, you better keep it. “Freedom aint free.” Yes, it is. It was given to you in the Declaration of Independence but that may have gone over some people’s heads.

Not everybody in prison is guilty. They make the statement all the time. And its true. Every offender behind bars is not guilty. Some people are in there because they actually committed a crime while others were truly “at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

A person that has been to prison can tell you about life. Why? Because they know what its like to miss birthdays, holidays and other events with the family. As I said, everyone in prison is not guilty.

One of those life situations is this: Being stabbed in the back. A situation happens. Accident or intentionally. Everyone know what happens because they were there. One person claims that they will take the blame. The others say the same thing until court comes and the others point the finger at the one person. Lesson well learned. People you think are for you, turn on you at the drop of a hat just to save themselves.

This is the justice system’s fault. Sometimes, people go to prison or jail just because the judge decides that they are guilty based on skin color, age or many other factors. Some crimes don’t even require prison time while other people that should receive prison time get off scott free. Money is a motivator when it comes to these situations. Pay the right people, you can get away with anything.

Criminal activity used to be lightweight. A person may fight and go to jail, get out and go on about their business. But now, people fight, go to jail and harbor that hatred in their heart for that person. They plan to end that person’s life no sooner than they are released. A life for a life as they call it. I cant speak on that.

We all think about hurting people that hurt us. Nobody says it out loud; we think it to ourselves. “If only they knew what I was thinking.” We say it to ourselves. If we say we don’t, that’s a lie big enough to put in the Guinness book of world records. Don’t let your mind cause thoughts that form violent acts. It’s not worth it.

We want justification for what is done and that’s fine. Taking matters into your own hands wont solve anything. It only makes the situation worse. Think long and hard before you act.

To conclude I say, anger is like a ticking time bomb. Your life can be cut short just as quick as that fuse.


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