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About Hating the Haters

By Kristopher KristiansonPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

So, lately I've been noticing as I am sure you have, that the world seems to be falling apart at the seams. We have wars going on yea, but what I'm talking about is in North America's backyard. We have a general crisis, this being that people are so stuck in their own ways of thinking that every little thing SOMEONE ELSE does seems to somehow affect their lives.

This doesn't make sense to me at all! Why does it matter that Jerry down the road is gay? In what way does this actually affect anyone but Jerry and whoever he is with? Seriously stay the heck out of other peoples business, if you do not agree with it just move on. Personally I don't care if someone is gay, bisexual, lesbian, trans, or anything in between, why? because it's none of my damn business that's why. It's not only about the sexual orientation of someone either, there is literally a mountain of crap going on that people think they need to put their own opinion on.

I miss the days when you didn't say anything until you had most, if not all the facts. People make themselves seem smart by believing things they see on Facebook, and don't do any research of their own. This is a problem, if I can do a 30 second Google search and prove what you said wrong with one click, we have a problem. Do your own research before you start running your mouth about anything, literally anything. If you do not understand the struggle of the LGBT community either learn about it or shut up.

That's another thing, why the hell are people so bent out of shape about gay marriage? I mean these men and women are fighting for the right to be married, fighting for it. They want the sanctity of marriage, and would more than likely value it more than the average person nowadays. In my short time on Earth, I have seen almost every year, these wonderful people fighting to be married. When was the last time you saw a straight person fight to be married? Usually they fight for divorce, and the small percentage that actually make it don't necessarily treasure it. So why say no to gay people getting married when they actually want it? I know some people will say, "well it's against my religion." So? That's your religion the way you view it, why should that effect them? Because it bugs you? Well toughen up and realize your views do not matter to them because they are your views.

Everyone seems to need to get their nose in other people's business and really, all you do is upset yourself. "Oh you didn't vote for who I did, here is a list of reasons I hate you, you snowflake." Like seriously come on, let's solve the problem by ripping on another person. Guess what? Just like you had reasons to vote for whomever, they had their reasons not to. I know that blows your mind, people that think different than you obviously are sent by the devil. OR since we all have our own ways of thinking, our own thoughts on life because we are human.

People need to step back and reassess what truly matters to them. Is it Susan down the block that protests a pipeline or is it your own life because Susan's choice doesn't affect you in the slightest. People with different view points can be friends. I mean what ever happened to the friendly debate? Now people get "triggered" and need their "safe space" so that their views and feelings don't get hurt. Grow the F*** up people, you are not five year old's playing in the sandbox and little George stole your shovel. You are grown adults that are supposed to be the example for future generations. The example you set now is whine enough until you get your way or go to your "safe space" to cry. That is a weak example, that is not the example the dominant species of a world should set.

You don't have to agree with everyone, it is your God given right to disagree with anything. Though you do not need to make it into theatrics and try to call out anyone with different views. There is no need for name calling and social shaming of people with different views, save that for the terrible people in the world. Things that we can agree to socially shame for instance would be; pedophiles, rapists, murders and so on, you know, the truly evil people of the world. Leave your hate for people that are different in your head. No one else needs to hear about how you think gay marriage is bad, keep that to yourself cause it doesn't effect the rest of us.

In closing, all the bigots, racists, fear mongers, and all you just terrible people, leave it at home and let the rest of us do what we do to keep the world turning. Also any names used throughout this article are just random names that hold no precedent to me or anyone in-particular, so please do not take them offensively if they match your name it is purely coincidental.

And hey all you people that do keep it to themselves and don't try to socially shame each other, keep at it, you are the great ones.


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