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Leishi President Wu Changjiang: Do the boss to follow the boss's law

by Berard Jackson 2 months ago in celebrities
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Leishi President Wu Changjiang: Do the boss to follow the boss's law

When he was still a laborer, he liked to deal with the boss and came up with the boss's law. Finally, he became the boss.

"Create a world brand, strive for the industry first!" Eight years ago, when the boss WU Changjiang greatly PUT this ON the opening ceremony of the enterprise, all the people thought he was "bragging"! But he did it in just eight years, which, it has to be said, is a miracle.

College students commit themselves to security

In August 1992, Wu Changjiang, 27, arrived in Guangzhou with his college friend Wang Rongwei with 700 yuan in his pocket, hoping to find their opportunities in this hot place. It's a completely foreign world for them, and they don't speak Cantonese. The first question many employers ask is whether they can speak Cantonese. Both Wu and Wang answered honestly no.

A week went by, with no jobs and little money left, and they couldn't even take the bus. Under the hot sun, they walked from factory to factory.

Thinking about his carefree life at home and his current situation, Wang Zhiwei went home in frustration. But Wu stayed stubbornly, refusing to believe that he could not find a job as a college student.

A bicycle factory in Longhua, a town on the outskirts of Shenzhen, accepted Wu just as he was running out of ammunition and food. Wu graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University in 1988, at a time when college students were rare and jobs were allocated by the state. Immediately, the news that a college student had been recruited spread throughout the factory. But before long, there is news that shocked the whole factory, university students actually as security guards!

Because Wu Changjiang is tall, the factory director let him exercise in the security post. Wu agreed because he knew it was only a temporary place for him to stay.

A few months later, when he heard about a job opening, he left Shenzhen and came to Guangzhou Panyu Ya Yao Lamps Factory. Here, with his knowledge and hard work, he won the appreciation of the boss. Ten months later, he was promoted to head of the quality department, and his monthly salary was raised to 3,000 yuan.

The more profits Wu made for his company, the clearer his dream became. More than a year later, he quit again, with the reason: I want to start a business!


There is a reason why Wu Changjiang must be the boss.

After graduating from Northwestern Polytechnical University majoring in aircraft manufacturing in 1988, Wu Changjiang was assigned to work for a large military enterprise in Shaanxi Province. Because he had graduated from a key university and had been a student leader, Wu Changjiang was highly regarded by the factory director, and the factory sent him to Beihang University for further study within a month of his arrival.

More than a year later, Wu Changjiang was appointed head of the Foreign Trade Office. Among the same group of college students, Wu Changjiang was the first to buy a color TV, share a house, get married, and become the envy of his peers.

But before long, he made a bombshell: he was giving it all up and moving south to work. The trigger for his decision was precisely a remark made by the factory director who valued him. At that time, the factory was making a rationalization proposal, hoping that college students would write some reports, after which Wu Changjiang wrote nothing. Once, he dared to ask the director, "Director, how is my report going?" The factory director stared at him and said: "Smelly boy, Lao Tze did the work of several decades is not as good as you, this enterprise is not how you want to do how to do unless you become the boss yourself." The factory director's candid remarks inadvertently touched his most sensitive nerve.

From this period of experience, he felt that with his personality, it was difficult to make a big impact in state-owned enterprises. Wu Changjiang was born in a remote village in Tongliang County, Chongqing City. Because his father worked as a miner, his mother had to live a dependent life in her family's village and was often excluded by the villagers. Watched his mother quarrel with others for food, and even fight, but at that time Wu Changjiang could only use tears to wash the wounds in his heart, he secretly vowed: that one day he to get ahead, and let the whole family live a good life. In 1984, Wu was admitted to Northwestern Polytechnical University, a key university, and finally allowed his mother to straighten her back for the first time in the village.

Be the first in your industry

During his time at the Yayao Lighting Factory, Mr. Wu enjoyed dealing with bosses big and small. After a long period of observation, he summed up the common characteristics of these bosses, which he called the boss law: first, they are very hard-working; Second, take risks. Third, the business sense is strong. Wu thinks he has all three, and he thinks he has something other bosses lack: he reads a lot. So he couldn't wait to turn his boss's dream into a reality.

On December 30, 1993, with only 15,000 yuan in his pocket, Wu started his business. In response to Wu's resignation, many people said, "Are you kidding? You want to be the boss for 15,000 yuan?" But Wu had plans of his own.

He FINDS 5 FRIENDS AND CLASSMATE SUCCESSIVELY, says HOPE THEY SUPPORT ONESELF TO RUN A FACTORY WITH THE WAY THAT buys A SHARE, LOST CALCULATE ON ONESELF HEAD, EARNED EVERYBODY CENT. Win and lose are human, and Wu Changjiang is such a heart-to-heart friend. So everyone gave generously. In 1995, Huizhou MingHUI Electric Appliance COMPANY WITH TOTAL capital of 100,000 YUAN and total shareholders of seven or eight was established.

In 1995, the domestic lighting industry was in its infancy, and everything that could be produced could be sold at a high profit. The company's first order was for 20,000 transformers from a Hong Kong owner, who demanded delivery within two weeks. Everyone in the industry knew it would take a month to open the mold, but he took it without hesitation. The whole company worked like crazy day and night for more than ten days, and finally delivered the goods as scheduled, earning more than 200,000 yuan at a stretch.

A year later, the small business imploded, the company was sold, and each shareholder took a cut and walked away. Mr. Wu's first venture failed. At this time, Wu Changjiang was hired by a Hong Kong boss as a general manager and became a laborer again.

The Hong Kong lighting company specializes in branding for multinational companies. During this period, Wu Changjiang suggested that the boss create his brand to do the mainland market, but the boss was not willing to take the risk.

Contrary to the management idea of the boss, Wu Changjiang sprouted the idea that does the boss again, he resigns again. At the end of 1998, he combined with two high school classmates to collect 1 million yuan and set up the Leishi lighting company.

In the newly established Leishi, the factory is rented, the personnel is new, and the money in the account is not enough to open a production line. However, BELOW SUCH CONDITION, WU CHANGJIANG RIVER STILL SAYS PASSIONATELY ON OPENING CEREMONY: "LEI SHI WANTS TO CREATE WORLD BRAND, DO INDUSTRY FIRST!" Employees look back skeptically, and she is "the industry's first broken factory".

Wu Changjiang's confidence stems from his analysis of the market: first, the Chinese market is rising at a high speed, with huge potential; second, he has a deep knowledge of quality, technology, and obvious advantages; third, the whole industry shortsighted, this is the best opportunity for the birth of a brand.

Next, Wu went to the market with 20,000 yuan to do research. After coming back, he announced to everyone that the next step for Leishi focuses on high-end lighting! Are you kidding me again? Is a high-end product something a small company can do? He was the only one to vote for it.

But Wu Changjiang thinks: mainstream market products who can get started, if you choose this road, you have to compare prices with thousands of counterparts than rebates, where also talk about the brand? If you do high-end products, although it seems difficult, the competition is not so fierce, easy to stand out.

I managed to convince them. After that, Wu Changjiang River turned to focus on the technical content of commercial lighting, and the project bidding as a breakthrough. At the heart of commercial lighting is technology. Then, he will be a large number of lighting industry experts invited to the company, and at the same time with Fudan University light energy cooperation Institute, Institute of Technology, and other top research institutions. With the technical support of the two organizations, Leishi has repeatedly won in some project bidding: after winning the bid, his factory did not have such a large capacity, and Wu Changjiang commissioned an enterprise to do OEM production.


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