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Learn to cheer yourself up

by mariyli 4 months ago in humanity
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You have to do everything you can in life, including being happy.

I have read such a story: a young monk saw a man of all walks of life practicing sword and drinking wine alone in the middle of the night. He asked his master inpuzzlingly: "Master, why do more and more donors like to stay up late?" The master replied thoughtfully to the young monk, "Because most people only play a part of themselves that others like during the day. Only when they are alone in the dead of night can the real themselves come back. It's easy to please the world. It's hard to please yourself."

I hope you don't always go to bed too late and don't always make yourself too tired. You have to do everything you can in life, including being happy.

A good night's sleep is the way to restart your life

There's a topic on Weibo called "Adult self-rebooting." Some people choose to sleep and "shut down and reboot" themselves. It's like a cell phone that gets stuck after a long time, and when you turn it off and restart it, you'll find it works better.

Sleep is the refuge of life. If you are in a bad mood, empty your head and think about nothing. Sleep well and wake up feeling like the coolest person again! If you sleep, things may not get better, but it will give you the strength to face all the problems bravely. Lenin once famously said that he who does not rest will not work. If you want to save yourself from that "I'm tired" state, take breaks.

Early this year, Ms. Yang was unable to reach her husband, who delivered food in Changsha, and asked a fellow resident in the same building to check if he was renting. Then came the devastating news that devastated her. The lost husband collapsed in the rented house, never to wake up. When she called her husband, he said, I feel so tired these days. Ms. Yang advised him, "Don't fight like this. We can earn money slowly. When we are tired, we can rest and sleep well." But in order to run a few more orders, the husband will often be busy until one or two late at night.

Life is not easy. Everyone works hard. But a person's energy is like a bank account, and if you feel weak and your head is heavy, that's an energy deficit. At this time how smart time management is useless, only a good sleep, a good rest is the only solution.

Those energetic successful people, not necessarily more than you can endure hardship, but certainly more than you will rest. Life can be desperate at times, but with a good night's sleep and the energy you need to fight, you can survive. Everyone tells you to work hard, but no one tells you to rest hard. If you are tired, stop and sleep. Wake up and move on.

Exercise is to get rid of all your worries.

Famous author Haruki Murakami is a workaholic, his daily routine is writing. You know, whenever I feel exhausted, is the most uncomfortable thing for a writer. So he fell in love with sports, running to release all the pressure, and then effortlessly into writing. He wrote of running a marathon: "I finally sat down on the ground, wiped my sweat with a towel and drank water." Unlace your running shoes and stretch your ankles carefully in the twilight around you. This is the joy of sports for him. What seemed to be a firm knot in the body was being unwound little by little. Just like finishing a novel, finishing the pen, light breath.

Nietzsche said: The most difficult stage in life is not that no one understands you, but that you do not understand yourself. If you feel lost and lost in your life, go exercise. Exercise is a process of finding yourself and healing yourself.

In the movie "Forrest Gump", young Forrest Gump intelligence is low, and because of spinal disease all year long with a metal stent, is always isolated and insulted by classmates. The first time Forrest Gump got on the school bus, no one wanted to sit with him, only Jenny gave him the seat next to him. The classmates bully Forrest Gump. Jenny shouts encouragement to him, "You can do it, run!" Jenny told Forrest to run whenever there was danger. Forrest Gump couldn't run fast with the brace, but after struggling to shake it off, no one could outrun him.

It was from here that Forrest Gump got used to running and fell in love with the feeling of wind. Running gave him hope in life and cured his unhappiness. After high school, Forrest was admitted to the state university because he was good at running and made the football team. After joining the army, Forrest Gump saved the lives of many teammates on the battlefield because he ran fast. On the football field, on the battlefield, or alone in pain, he always used running to affirm and prove himself.

In real life, it is easy to lose heart when we meet setbacks. But the running of Forrest Gump reminds us to look forward, run forward, and always have hope.

Travel is to leave unhappy things on the road.

Travel is not only to see the world, but also to see your own heart. In life, we will have a lot of impassable things, can not get through the moment. Trapped in their own world, self-entanglement boredom, but always can't think of an answer. Take a trip to a place you've never been before. When you put the heart of the unhappy, scattered in all corners of the world, no matter how big the trouble will become nothing to mention.

In the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun," the heroine Frances, a famous writer, is cheated on by her husband when she is 35. He even told her that he had never loved her. This was undoubtedly the greatest blow to her spirit. Divorce, husband no economic income, are supported by her, the house is bought by the heroine. But according to the local law, not only did not pursue the husband's responsibility, she also had to pay $200,000 alimony to him, the house also had to give him half. People and money, let the Japanese crash, began to doubt themselves, lose the expectation of life, fell into the bottleneck of life. Her best friend saw her in this state and immediately booked her a plane ticket to Tuscany, Italy. Tired and in pain, she flew to Tuscany. Arriving in picturesque Tuscany, Frances has a renewed sense of hope for life, and her inner scars are slowly healing. Because she went to see a wider world and met more new people and things, she no longer limited herself in a small circle and self-world.

Only when your heart goes out and touches the larger world will your world be broadened a little bit. How big the universe is, how wonderful the land is, and you deserve better and better things.

Eating good food is filling your stomach with happiness.

Eileen Chang said in "Little reunion" : in the worst time, know how to eat, willing to wear, will not mess. When you have suffered in life, try to enjoy a good food, you will taste the sweet.

Pot chug chug, my heart chug chug. Xinghe is hot, not as hot as a bowl of malatang. Life's too short to have a barbecue hotpot. The bone broth was just rich, the steak just cooked, the sweet and sour ribs just sweet, the sake just strong. The crabs and prawns were the boss's morning arrivals, the shredded squid were crisp and refreshing, and the oysters were warm and rich.

Eat your fill, you sad ones. Eat your sorrow one bite at a time. There is a saying in the food documentary The Chain of Life: Without fireworks, life is a lonely journey. Deeply thought, four square food, but a bowl of human fireworks. The most difficult storm to come, only food warm the heart!

My friend works as a planner in an advertising company, and working overtime has become the norm. Every day to be difficult customers to spite, good solutions to be knocked back to do. Whenever this time, physically and mentally exhausted, he always thought he could not stick to it, the idea of resignation moved countless times. But every time he was in a bad mood, he would make an appointment with a few friends and go to a food stall to drink and masturbate. Because only good food is enough to comfort the sour, sweet, bitter and hot life. After the wine and meat through the intestine, the original dejected he, instantly restored ambition: "I Hu Hansan is back! Is not the plan to redo it, I don't believe it can't be done!"

Life is like this, most of the time, compared with those empty words of comfort, or eat a good meal to come more realistic, more touching the heart. Food, then empty heart will be filled, no matter how much sorrow will be squeezed away. Therefore, when you are not happy, you should learn to use delicious food and treat yourself when you are tired.


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