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Learn to be a person first, learn to do things later

by Alexander Miller 2 months ago in advice
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There is a saying: People without communication skills, like ships on land, can never reach the sea that expands their lives.

Learn to be a person first, learn to do things later
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There is a saying: People without communication skills, like ships on land, can never reach the sea that expands their lives. When shaking hands with people, you can hold it for a while; sincerity is a treasure. When choosing others, let them not think about choosing themselves, and when testing others, let others test themselves. Keeping your eyes open does not mean facing reality. If a man abandons his faithful friend, he abandons his most precious life. You sincerely affirm yourself, and you affirm others more generously. Generally do not do self-defense, but can clarify some ideas, some choices, some right, and wrong. Don't let people know everything about the past. If you talk too much, you will lose it. When there are many people, talk less. Secretly admonishing your friend must be the friend who praises you in public. Every milestone on the road of life is engraved with two words: a starting point. The natural enemy of relationships is guesswork, and cracking the code is sincerity.

Don't be in a hurry to express yourself or correct others; just listen again, look at it again, and think about it again. When weaving friendship, we are careful and long; but as long as one main thread is drawn, the wall of friendship will collapse, and this main thread is trust. Don't expect everyone to like you; that's impossible; getting most people to like you is a sign of success. Flattery to please others is actually a lack of self-confidence. Don't reject people casually, and don't agree with people casually. Don't make wishes, don't make people's appetites, and don't show off your strength in unnecessary things. The less tangible things are, the more intangible things are. As long as you are willing to praise others, you will be the biggest winner. Choose friends carefully, and change friends more carefully. Broken friendships can be restored, but never to the level of intimacy. Although a person can choose many paths, he cannot take two paths at the same time. Self-criticism is always believable, but self-praise is not.

You mature the first time you dare to laugh at yourself. In order to gain the friendship of others, you have to be friendly to others first. Destiny is closely linked to the current situation, and you can become the master of your own destiny by being good at assessing the situation and trying to discover yourself. Civilization brings harmony, and goodwill produces happiness. The person who can speak straight to you is your best friend. Treat things not people, or be ruthless to things, but have affection for people, or be a person first, and do things second. Seeing others proud is actually self-pity. The gentleman and the gentleman are friends in the same way; the villain and the villain are friends with the same benefit. Blindfolding one's own eyes does not mean that the world is completely dark; covering other people's eyes does not mean that the light belongs to oneself. The easiest place to fall is not the mountains but the flat ground. Those who fall into the deep valleys can only find the exit if they go up. Brothers are not necessarily friends, but friends are often brothers. Don't take the goodness of others for granted, but know how to be grateful.

The person who befriends you because it is profitable will also break up with you because it is unprofitable. The most beautiful thing in the world is to have a few friends with the right minds and hearts. Useful chat makes people noble, fulfilling, and striving, while vulgar speech makes people low, empty, and depressed. Friendship can never be a deal; instead, it requires the most radical idea of ​​disinterest. If you want to have friends, you must first have enough friends. Whoever desires to be aided in times of difficulty should treat others with mercy during the day. You can't climb a mountain in one step, but you can fall off a cliff if you take an inadvertent step. You have self-esteem, and you have more respect for the self-esteem of others. Don't borrow money from friends. Many times it is because of "money" that a good friend is lost. Friendship is two hearts treating each other sincerely, not one heart beating the other. Friendship is often formed by a common interest that two people can more easily achieve than one, and the relationship is pure only when it is mutually satisfying.

Be a person first, and do things later. If you don't know the details of the other party, you must not take out your heart. Friendship is like a bottle of wine; the longer it is sealed, the higher its value, and once it is unsealed, it is not enough for an alcoholic to drink it once. Judging others is actually a lack of self-affirmation. If you sincerely accept yourself, you can more sincerely accept others. To walk the road of tomorrow, you must remember the road you walked yesterday and think about the road you are walking today. To appreciate your worth, you have to add value to the world. Give someone a chance to help you, let him enjoy the happiness of helping others, and at the same time, you enjoy the happiness of being helped. If you truly love yourself, you can truly love others even more. In life, no matter how powerful or good conditions are, if there is no good interpersonal relationship, then you will not be able to achieve success, and naturally, you will not be able to obtain happiness in life and physical and mental health. Therefore, only by being a good person can we succeed in doing things.


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