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Kobe posthumous photos were used to show off! Vanessa in tears in court refused to reconcile, 40-year-old body obviously blossomed

by tige 3 months ago in celebrities
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The end result was that the LAPD agreed to pay $2.5 million to compensate Vanessa and the family of the other victim.

In the blink of an eye, Kobe and Gianna have left this world two and a half years ago, the saddest is undoubtedly Vanessa. Once Vanessa was unbelievably happy, she had a beautiful family, but now there is no light in her eyes. People say that time is the best medicine to heal wounds. Yet these two and a half years, there are people who rub salt into Vanessa's wounds. Los Angeles police leaked Kobe's posthumous photos, which deeply hurt Vanessa. Therefore, Vanessa said what to Kobe to get justice.

Kobe was riding in a helicopter crash on the day of the foggy weather, the plane crashed into a mountain after losing control, then fell straight towards the ground and exploded, killing all the people on the plane. Although the police first launched a search and rescue, but the scene without signs of life, and very tragic. Kirby can only rely on fingerprints to confirm the identity, and Gianna rely on DNA to confirm the identity. A long time later, with Vanessa's permission, Kobe's autopsy results were released. Out of respect for the victims, the photos of the remains of the victims at the crash site are required to be kept secret.

What is infuriating, however, is that Los Angeles County police officers and firefighters took numerous photos of the scene and disseminated them. This behavior is extremely disrespectful to both Kobe and Vanessa. The case was finally heard in court recently. 40-year-old Vanessa looked gloomy, she wore a tight black dress and had shoulder-length hair, and compared to two years ago, Vanessa had grown very fat. The Los Angeles Lakers team vice president Pelinka also testified in court to help Vanessa win the lawsuit.

At the opening, Vanessa's attorney, Louis Lee, stated, "The photos taken by a deputy sheriff and a fire chief using cell phones at the scene of the accident were visual gossip and were taken for laughs only, with no official purpose. The photos were shared while the officers were playing video games, and they were repeatedly shared with people who had absolutely no reason to receive them." However, the opposing attorney defended, "Taking these photos was a necessary tool in their quest to share information, and accident scene photography is essential."

Vanessa's lawyer then played another video. The video was surveillance footage from the bar, where deputies showed Kobe's posthumous photo to the bartender, who first shook his head, then the two laughed. In addition, the firefighters disseminated the photos to nearly 30 people at an awards banquet. Lawyers for the other side said that the photos had been deleted. And the process of this trial is undoubtedly unveiling Vanessa's scars over and over again, Vanessa has been in tears until the break, Vanessa is still wiping tears.


The end result was that the LAPD agreed to pay $2.5 million to compensate Vanessa and the family of the other victim. But Vanessa and the other victim's family all decided to settle, Vanessa demanded more compensation.

Vanessa inherited and managed $600 million of Kobe's assets, not bad at all, the reason why she kept pursuing the responsibility, just hope to let Kobe and his daughter get the greatest comfort, but also let the community pay more attention to this matter, to trigger the public some thinking, so that the whole American ethos becomes better, her heart is full of great love, and not for that little compensation.

The reason why Vanessa refused to settle is because the anger inside her and the damage that was caused is not even a few million dollars of compensation can calm down. Vanessa in this way, to Kobe and Gianna to get justice, so that the spirits of her husband and daughter in heaven can be consoled.


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