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Karmic, Soulmates, Twin Flames

by Rae Magick 9 months ago in love
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The different energies in your relationships

By Pixel2013 from Pixabay

Karmic Relationships

A karmic relationship is there to fill a space inside yourself that you are not filling for yourself. This is when you are looking for a romantic relationship before you are ready for the relationship you desire. There are things an individual needs to do before enjoying what their heart desires.

There is a reason why I say “desire” over “want”. From my experience when I “want” something I am filled with emotions and thoughts that are lacking. I am thinking about what I don’t have and want to have. The universe will just respond to what you are feeling and thinking on a deeper level than what you are consciously trying to work towards.

“I want this, but I never get it…”

“Ok! You never get it. Then you won’t get it.” - The Universe

The things you need to do before looking for someone to spend your life with are learning how to become aware of your inner wounds, why your inner wounds are there in the first place and looking deeper into the root cause/strongest charge/strongest feeling of how your inner wounds took place. Meaning what happened to make you believe in something and gave you that feeling you get every time you become insecure about something?

By Brett Jordan on Unsplash

You sit down with yourself and ask yourself questions about the thing that triggers you, upsets you, angry, neglected, unworthy, or any feeling you do not enjoy feeling. It helps to meditate before doing this. Then you wait for the answer to come to you. You write your questions and whatever comes up for you in your journal. Once you feel like you have become aware of why you have felt so hurt you can then heal from this inner pain.

You invite Source (pure white light) into your energy clearing meditation. You set the intention of the belief you have been carrying to be dissolved from your system. You are setting the intention that you are making way for a new belief in your system so that you can move onto a better way of living life. After setting your intention you visualize Source flowing from above you through all your chakras, all through your body. You visualize this experience till feel the pure white light has dissolved the energy, the belief you didn't need or want out of your system. You then fill your body with the good feels. You need to replace what your body was used to feeling (the heaviness inside of you) to the good feels now. Do something that makes you feel good.

In my experience I have noticed that I have trouble believing my love will stick around. I was surprised that my previous boyfriend stuck around. I really thought it was just a matter of time before he left just like the guys previous to him withdrew from me within an instant. Then I realized I needed to end the relationship because I knew how I was feeling about myself, about the life I wanted to live, and that I wouldn't be able to enjoy that kind of lifestyle with him.

After I ended the relationship, I realized in some ways that relationship was kind of like the marriage I experienced. He was making me feel bad about who I am while trying to make it look like he cared about me in some ways. He wasn't supporting me emotionally about what I love doing. He would rather not treat me to things because he felt like I was too much money to spend on even though I never asked him for anything. He wanted me to stick around because I am nice, I am understanding, I am loving, I am caring, I am patient, and I don't judge. I'm just there when you need emotional support. He was not going to leave me. Just like my ex-husband wasn't going to leave me. I had to speak up for myself and do the leaving and more healing and growing. My energy was being split when I was with him. I needed to focus on myself, but he lives in a different kind of lifestyle than I prefer to experience. He thinks it takes being with someone to make you happy. You are to build a life that makes you happy, whole, and filled up already. Then you share your life with another.

The difference for me after leaving my previous boyfriend is that I don't have the desire to rush into a relationship with anyone. I rushed into a romantic relationship that felt fun and then I ended up feeling bad for not wanting to be with him. I am aware that it is important to do what I love doing, use my voice in some way, and to just get to know people that come into my life.

The belief(s) for why I have had trouble believing that my love will stick around?

The people who I thought were going to be there for me weren't there for me. I have felt betrayed, neglected, used, and manipulated by the people I was either close to or were supposed to be a big part of my life because we are blood related. The stuff that mattered the most to me in my life I was shamed for. When I thought I could turn them about something that mattered the most to me they gave an excuse as to why they were not going to help me. As long as issue was important to them and benefited them, they would help me.

So, for me the hurt feelings and pain have been about romantic relationships, using my voice when I really need to, and what I do with my life.

Some of the Red Flags I have experienced in relationships...

By Terry Vlisidis on Unsplash

When you’re with someone you are crushing on and enjoy spending time with, there are moments where your crush is making you feel bad about yourself in some way.

“I will never buy you anything from that store, or that store, or that store, or that store because it costs way too much money.”

“I will buy you something cheap from that store, maybe that store, never that store, I could do that store.”

“I shouldn’t have paid ten dollars on that meal for you. You won’t finish it.”

“You want a romantic movie again?”

I said add romance to action. Mixing up what we both like.


“Don’t pay for astrology “classes”. You will be wasting your money.”

I can’t invest in myself? I love astrology…

“You can’t make money off of what you love doing. Then what you’re getting paid to do just becomes a job. You won’t love doing what you love doing anymore.”

“A job is there to pay your bills. Being an adult means working a fulltime hourly job, so you can grab that overtime, pay your bills and maybe do something fun.”

“You keep talking about past lives… I think you should stop. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.”

Ok… then I won’t talk about past lives with you anymore. That sucks.

“Is this what marriage is like?! Not having sex?!”

We’re not married… And I’m just not up for it right now.

“I love you and I know you believe in astrology and magick. Being that you believe in this stuff I care because I care about you, but if I hear any more about your belief, I’m gonna go mad!”

You end up feeling like you can’t open up to the person you are crushing on. You end up feeling bad about yourself and wondering how you found yourself in this relationship in the first place.

You attract people and things in your life that you feel inside yourself. There are insecurities to work through, become aware of, and to heal from.

Karmic relationships are there to help you learn from that relationship. Your crush is your teacher, your mirror. The actions that are expressed from your crush/karmic relationship that you don't enjoy are there to send you messages to help you learn something. It is important to pay attention to those messages that are bothering you from your crush. You need to take in those moments and learn from them. What are those moments trying to tell you about yourself?

You can decide that you want to stay in your karmic relationship for whatever reason you come up with. In my experience the person who was karmic for me would say things to make me feel like either he couldn’t live without me, or I couldn't live with him. Depending on where you are in your life you could either stick with the relationship longer or leave. While you’re in that relationship you won’t be happy with your life because that person is really toxic in your life.

Back when I met my ex-husband, I thought I met my soulmate. I thought I was in love. I felt like I wanted to take care of him. The thing is he wanted to be with someone who would take care of him but not do anything for the woman he was in a relationship with. He would do things for me to make me feel like he was there for me to get me hooked on him. The few things he did for me were not from his heart, not out of love for me, he was just trying to get me hooked.

I didn’t have enough experience being in romantic relationships or had enough experience socializing with people outside of my family due to being homeschooled. I felt sheltered all through my childhood. It wasn’t until I could drive a car at twenty-one years of age, that I was given, to feel some freedom in my life. Any chance I found I was out of the house and never enjoyed that as an adult I had a curfew. I thought that what I had with my ex-husband was real and good enough even though I wasn’t good enough for him. I just couldn’t see life beyond him at the time.


Soulmates are different from karmic relationships. Soulmates are everywhere for you. They are your teacher with your life lessons that feel good to you. Your soulmate could be your teacher, your manager, your coworker, your friend, your sibling, your relative, your parent, your guardian, a pet, or your spouse. Soulmates are there to help you during whatever adventure you are needing help with. Sometimes your soulmates are there for you for a lifetime and sometimes soulmates break apart because you learned everything you needed to learn from them.

Your soulmate is there to help you feel good about yourself and to help lift you up, just as you are there to help lift them up. Karmic relationships can be fun, but that fun doesn’t last. There will be something inside of you telling you there is something wrong while you have come to a place of inner growth out of the karmic relationship. Your growth outside that karmic relationship means that you no longer need to be with that person to have a good time. You don’t need that person to fill whatever space you were looking for someone else to fill up for you. You learned how to fill up that space for yourself.

By Alejandra Quiroz on Unsplash

Twin Flames

Twin flames have been misunderstood. There are people out there who think that just because you felt something when you met someone while this person was married or heavily involved with someone, you think this person is automatically your twin. Meaning there are people who think its ok to break relationships or families apart because you felt something for that person. There are people using the term twin flame as an excuse to act poorly.

As a twin you are not meant to suffer, you’re not meant to damage relationships on purpose, and you're not meant to be selfish. As a twin you are meant to become aware of what is changing inside yourself. This is a journey of lots of self reflection, healing, learning your hard life lessons, taking action on the lessons you have learned from, and repeat till you either come into Union or decide it's better to be in each other's lives without being the Union. As you are in Union you now do the healing work together.

As a twin either before or during your meeting of your twin something inside of you activates. Your world is just not the same as it was before you knew your twin existed. You can't talk about this experience with anyone unless they are aware they are experiencing and have accepted their path as a twin.

By Clay Banks on Unsplash

I knew my twin before I physically met him. Meaning I recognized his soul before I physically met him. Which means I experienced life with him in either one other lifetime or multiple past lifetimes. I do know that this connection with him is really strong. As I heal my inner wounds his inner wounds are healing because we share the same soul.

Being a twin flame means we share the same really strong flame as we are one soul. Our flame was so strong that our flame had to split into two flames. As a soul split into two bodies, we agreed on the lives we were going to experience to learn from.

By Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

As twin flames we are light. We just are. People love our light. People want to suck up and absorb our light. Sometimes these people have good intentions and sometimes these people are just using and abusing us. There are people who enjoy feeding off of our light until we realize what's going on and stop giving our light to them because we feel they are not trustworthy.

By Rinck Content Studio on Unsplash

As a twin when I sense his spiritual presence, I feel his pure love in my heart space. I feel safe and at home. I don't feel at home where I am but when I feel his spiritual presence I feel at home and safe.

As twin flames we are here to learn lessons. We don’t experience life the same way most people experience life. Most people grow up to do their jobs and to be with their soulmates unless they prefer being alone. As twin flames we experience a lot of hardships in ways we cannot fully express and may find ourselves in a romantic relationship, or maybe not, every twin flame journey is different.

Once you’ve opened Pandora's box you can’t get out. Once you have met your twin your life changes within an instant whether you understand what's going on or not. You will notice signs and messages reminding you of your twin that will either drive you crazy or comfort you. This depends on where your vibration is at in the process of your life experiences and healing.

By Chris Brignola on Unsplash

I have tried forgetting and moving on from my twin because it has felt impossible to believe that I will experience life with him. I have found that accepting my path as a twin helps me live a happier life rather than ignoring my path as a twin. I found twin flame meditations that really help my energy live life happier and actually feel my twin's presence by my side in a homey way. I end up giggling because this experience is very powerful in such a comforting way. I haven't felt safe all my life till meeting him and then doing these meditations.

As twin flames we are meant to learn some real life hardships, act on the life lessons we have learned from, and be the light for our planet earth. That is what our purpose is as twin flames. To be and spread love all around us. That's why people love us so much. They love our light. They love how pure we are. They love and admire hoe selfless we are.


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Rae Magick

I write about the stories in my life that helped me heal. I write to help someone feel like they are not alone and can finally begin to heal as well.

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