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Just Follow The Instructions to Get Him to Marry You!

by Jennifer Shehnaaz 2 months ago in marriage

All you need is love

We're not talking about a business transaction here, but about accepting an offer from a cherished man and converting it into a real wedding date. Some women will argue that this is a lot more arduous process than a major corporate deal. Of course, "rules" can make things a lot easier.

Marriage may frighten a man, even if he loves you. Maybe he's just attempting to keep his bachelor lifestyle going. Perhaps he was previously married and is not eager to remarry. Or perhaps he's simply... young? Here's a sample from a book that can help you get closer to that coveted "Yes."

If you have followed the "Rules" from the minute you met Mr. Perfect and from the first words about love, he will almost surely make an offer. Sometimes it happens rapidly, literally in a matter of months, but on average it takes a year and a half. (Perhaps he has his own "rules" that necessitate a lengthy courtship before proposing.) That is neither wrong nor odd.)

Your issue isn't that the man wants to marry you, but rather that you can't agree on a specific date. Men can date ladies for a period of five years! They are constantly postponing the engagement and wedding dates. If the man suggests that you live together initially to test his feelings and see you more frequently, tell him that you are an old-fashioned girl who prefers to wait until the engagement or wedding. Marriage may frighten a man, even if he loves you. Maybe he's just attempting to keep his bachelor lifestyle going. Perhaps he was previously married and is not eager to remarry. Or maybe he's just inexperienced (under 25)

In general, if you want to force a man to marry you within an acceptable time period, you must refuse to live with him until the engagement and wedding and continue to meet no more than three times a week, even though you will want to be with all the time by this point.

If that doesn't work, you can spice things up by going away for the weekend with a friend, cancelling a Saturday date with the excuse that you're too busy, mentioning a new apartment rental agreement, and talking less about your activities. All of this should make the man nervous and urge him to accept the proposition. As you are aware, a man who is terrified of commitment loses his fear when a lady moves away from the much-anticipated occasion, and does not approach her. This isn't a ruse. You simply provide the man with room and freedom.

If you did not adhere to the "Rules" during the wooing stage

Assume you've been dating a man for more than a year, but he avoids talking about marriage and the future in every manner he can. What should you do in such a situation? Inquire about the man's goals. Accept his response and do not date him again if he claims he is not planning to marry. Men do not lie in this situation. He is not afraid of commitment; he simply does not wish to marry you.

If he claims he will definitely marry you... Someday, you will be the one to seal the transaction. When should you ask him? Leave him and start dating other men if he says that in a year or two. You've been waiting for an offer for over a year; why risk losing another?

If you already live together (because you learnt about the "Rules" after the relocation), but the man refuses to marry, pack your belongings and depart. Don't say things like, "I'm leaving because you don't want to make a commitment." This is very insignificant. Simply state that you require extra space, that you've discovered a fantastic apartment that a friend is letting out, or something along those lines. We shall leave a man alone if he refuses to accept commitments. Don't spend your time if he doesn't try to stop you and propose. If he asks what's wrong, tell him gently, "I'm not sure if I should continue this relationship." If he can survive without you, you don't need him. Continue your journey.

Here are some things you should never do under any circumstances

• Do not inform a man that you are in pain, and do not chastise him for wasting your time and duping you. Nobody wrenched your arms when you were living with him.

• Don't recommend that he see a psychologist about his fear of commitment. Men can make commitments if they love their ladies, and women follow the "Rules." However, if a woman is after a man, if she is too approachable, and if a man is not in love, a true phobia emerges. Men say things like, "It's difficult for me to come to terms with the concept of marriage," or they discuss divorce rates.

• Don't allow your man convince you that marriage is unimportant - "it's just a stamp in your passport" - and that it's more vital to be together. If he refuses to marry you, he is not in love with you. Or his affection isn't what you're looking for. If a man does not want to marry, he still wishes to find someone else!

• Don't allow your boyfriend persuade you that because he's once married, he can't marry again, and that you should give him time to recuperate from his ex-wife.

• Do not let a long-term boyfriend persuade you to wait until everything "settles down" at work, money troubles are resolved, or whatever else happens. This is the most heinous cause. Problems at work and with money will always exist. Nothing should stand in the way of a man marrying you. A man in love wishes to marry and hopes that you will not notice his troubles or that you will assist him in finding a solution. He will continue to beg you to marry him. He'll drop down on one knee and say something like, "I know I'm not a millionaire, but I love you and I'm willing to go to any length for you." "You're too good for me," a man says, indicating "I don't want you."


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