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Jealous People

by Tesfay Haile 13 days ago in how to / friendship
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How Can You Tell?

Jealous People
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

The most obvious indicator is gossip! They speak negatively about you to others. They actually can't wait to tell another poisonous friend/s about it. They feel better about themselves as a result.

They are paying attention to you! If you peek over in a social setting, you'll see that they swiftly look away...they are watching your every move! They develop a crush on you. They treat you differently than others and pretend to be pleasant to you.

If you don't believe this, consider their behavior instead. Do they seem to care about everyone else but you? A huge red flag! Their peers are frequently less handsome or successful than they are. God forbid they have someone like you around to remind them of their flaws. They'd prefer be among people who don't put their ego at jeopardy.

They don't or very rarely comment on nice things or admirable achievements, and if they do, it's usually caustic or unenthusiastic. Sometimes they tell you mean things other people say but act as if they had no part in the dialogue. This is generally disguised as 'worry.' They want you to be affected by what was said, but they want you to blame someone else so they don't appear terrible.

They are not devoted! They will only use you when it is convenient for them. They fail to support you when you truly need it or when you're struggling, then after you're back to your normal self....the envy can worsen.

They strive to imitate you in business even if they lack expertise or skills, particularly if you are an entrepreneur or self-employed. They frequently "jump on your bandwagon" by shamelessly entering the same or sometimes "precise" area you work in, but they never mention it or ask you for recommendations or guidance.

The fact that you have been in this industry for years and that they could benefit from your knowledge is an elephant in the room they choose to overlook. They refuse to acknowledge that you may have influenced them.

If you are a confident person, they will label you as a showoff, know-it-all, or full of yourself. They are intimidated by your expertise, self-assurance, and aspirations because they are so uneasy with themselves. They don't comprehend it.

They will not be sincerely pleased for you! They won't want to talk about it if you offer good news or have something pleasant that you've worked hard for! They either refuse to acknowledge it or remark something unpleasant about it.

Even if financial stuff isn't everything to you and you're just living your life, it's a huge part of why people get jealous. They'd love to have what you have, even if it's not much! It's a perceived threat if it's more than them! People may believe you have it easy because of your lifestyle, but they frequently overlook the amount of effort required to achieve any level of success.

Finally, if someone is building you up and complimenting you in front of them, they appear really uncomfortable because the truth is that it is killing them to listen to it. They're not interested in hearing it. It's okay if it's about them, but never about you.

Jealousy is insecurity by definition and believe me when I tell that no friendship will continue if jealousy is present. It's like poison in a relationship, and no matter how lovely or genuine you are to that person, they simply don't like you because they are unhappy with themselves. It has absolutely nothing to do with you!

Allow these people to go... They have a low frequency! These folks will not help you! .... or your personal growth! Or your mental well-being! If you can, remove them from your life. Find people who will applaud when you win!

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