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Jealous People

by Taryn Thomas 2 years ago in humanity
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My thoughts and conclusions.

Jealous people. Photo credit dreamstime photos

People, both men and women can be incredible creatures filled with lots of love and care, but they can also be quite the opposite too. For years now, I’ve found myself running into a decent amount of men and women who just could not handle other people around them succeeding. It seems as though some people have forgotten, or they just do not understand the bond of all of us share as human beings, we are all brothers and sisters. These people seem to not care about lifting each other up so that our voices can be heard. A lot of these people only seem to care about is winning, and in my opinion it’s what makes all of them such losers. I’m going to discuss jealous men and women and the kind of trouble they can bring.

What Does A Jealously Look Like?

I’d love to say the brown rens, but that wouldn’t be politically correct. Jealous people men and women are a dime a dozen and that’s not a good thing for the rest of us. These people are definitely identifiable, because they tend to just be downright awful. Even when they’re being “nice” they are still just talking down to other people constantly, or possibly using a tone of voice that could be perceived as down right frightening. In fact, chances are that you have one, or two of these people hovering around you right now. Do you have a friend who never seems sincerely happy for you? Do your other friends say these people talk about you behind your back? It might not even be a friend. It might be someone who you don’t even hang with, or better yet have never met. But for absolutely no reason you know of at all these people are just filled with hate for you. That is jealousy right there, and it’s ugly as sin.

How Do You Deal With Jealous People?

As a general rule, it’s important to remember that jealous people both men and women are not on your level. They are filled with hate and envy and it makes them gross, so don’t dim your glow to get down on their level. These people will do anything, and I mean anything to try and bring you down because they are so jealous and can’t bear to see you succeed whether it is in your career, your appearance, or your love life. So how do you handle them? It’s easy. Ignore them. Which maybe one of the hardest things to do.

These jealous men and women want so badly to get at you. All they want is to see that their bad behavior has gotten to you, which is why they are acting this way towards you in the first place. It’s easy to want to fight someone who keeps running their mouth and acting up, but trust me, these people just aren’t worth it. They’re the ones who are incredibly unhappy, so don’t let them drag you to the level they reside on.

What Does Ignoring Them Do?

Let’s be real for a moment here. Both men and women who live for drama will totally absolutely lose their minds when you don’t feed into their drama any longer. At this point the jealous person will plan to bring you down. As most of these jealous people are so desperate for that drama and bad energy, they crave.

When you completely ignore the jealous person, and he or she doesn’t get what he or she wants, then he or she will slowly get crazier, and crazier all by his or herself. Than from that point on that problem is totally not yours, and if you wait long enough, he or she will discredit themselves. You just have to keep doing you.


It isn’t always easy avoiding these jealous people. As these people might be your “friends”, family “friends” or friends of “friends”. They might be “friends” with your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife. These people might be actively stepping against you, but it is important to remember what drives them. They’re envy is what compels these people to try to ruin things for you. Ignore it. After all, you’re the one who has what these people are so jealous of, so keep being your boss self.


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From the bedroom to the art room I create :) 1st Ever Dirtiest Girl in Porn Retired Adult Film Star on her journey through life.

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