Is My Relationship Going to Last?

Will your relationship survive?

Is My Relationship Going to Last?

No matter how long people have been in a relationship, sometimes this question enters their mind. Nobody wants to be wasting their time in a relationship that is going nowhere and most people would rather get out sooner if they don't think it will last.

But if you don't know whether a relationship will last, you could just be wasting your time, but there are some ways to tell whether or not you will make it as a couple or not.

Your relationship is highly unlikely to last if:

You Don't Trust Them

Trust is essential in a relationship, it is part of what makes a healthy, normal couple. If you don't trust your partner then it will cause problems somewhere along the line; your mistrust and jealousy will always get the better of you no matter how much you try to stop it. You also have to think about why you don't trust your partner, are they giving you a reason not to trust them? If they are then this is a definite sign that things are going to go wrong. The same applies if they don't trust you, if you have given them no reason to be suspicious, they should trust you.

They Don't Respect You

Or you don't respect them. You can't be in a long term relationship with someone that you don't respect, and you can't be in one if they don't respect you, and why would you want to be? Some people don't even realize that their partner doesn't respect them, if they do things like talk over you, embarrass you in front of people or belittle all of your ideas, then I am afraid that they don't respect you and your relationship is very unlikely to last.

You Can't Talk to Them

And they can't talk to you. If you feel like you can't communicate with each other then this is a major problem. A lot of people are in the situation that they can't talk to their partner about a problem without them getting angry or irritated, this is the sign of not only a really unhealthy relationship but also a very angry person.

The "Chore" Feeling

Some things in a relationship are chores, like visiting annoying in-laws or shopping for a new sink plug, that's normal. We don't live in a music video where everything is exciting. But when the stuff that is supposed to be exciting feels like a chore, then you have a problem. Spending the day together, celebrating birthdays, or even sex shouldn't feel like an obligation! If those things feel that way then you are definitely not in a relationship with the right person.

Neither of You Make an Effort Anymore

You don't try to spend time with each other or make time to talk. You are stuck in your routine and that's just how it is now. And as much as it might feel like this will go on forever, it won't, every relationship has a breaking point, yours will come.

There Is Abuse

Whether it is verbal or physical, this relationship can't continue and it should not continue. If you are being abused in any way, seek help from your local authority and get out as soon as you can.

Whilst these might be no iron clad guarantee that your relationship will fail, they are certainly red flags that are worth keeping an eye out for because a relationship with one or more of these isn't likely to last.

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