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Is It Love?

by Lakeyia L 2 years ago in advice

Is it the same?

The bars smelled like alcohol and cigarettes as Jenny passed around drinks to all of the customers. She dreamed of what her life could have been if she had taken a different path. Jenny wanted to be a little more of a lawyer, or even a judge when it came to her life, but this is where she was and she had to get used to it because it was her life. It paid the bills when the rent was due at the first of the month.

Six years ago she married a man name Adam that was in the service. She thought that she was in love and she still thinks that from time to time, but things go south very quickly. Things are not always the best, but she manages to help when and wherever she can. He has more money than she does, but she can't quit her job because she wants to make sure that she keeps a little cash to herself. That way, if she has to up and bounce then she can do that without hesitation.

Jenny has been thinking about going to school and finishing what she started, but she lacks motivation. She went home to talk to Adam, but he was out on his motorcycle with his friends. She is always home alone with her thoughts, and that is what gets the best of her. She thinks about going to school and then making sure that she goes to work every single day so that she can be free if she has to. The guy that she met was the guy that she was not wanting to be the man of her dreams.

Jenny sat in the chair and just started going into dreamland, and before she knew it, she was asleep on the couch, so when Adam came in it was not a pretty hello. He wanted to argue and call her lazy—even though she had been on her feet all night. Jenny had a job and she still had to go back and finish a few things up at work because she wanted to close the shop for a four-day weekend and take a vacation with her girlfriends, which was something that they were planning for months.

She ignored him and just went to bed because she knew that arguing with him was going to get them nowhere. She cried while she laid in bed because she felt like she wasn’t good enough, or that whatever she was doing was not helping. She loved her husband, but did he love her the same way is the question that she wanted an answer to. Jenny was never going to get the answer to that question because she decided to file for divorce, and live her own life the way that she was living it before he came along and ruined it.

The moral of this little story is don’t take people you love for granted because they may just as well walk out of your life or become someone else that you’ve never seen before. Life is too short and when you are treating someone so mean, they may not feel loved like they used to. If you are looking for someone that wants to have love, and even give you some love back, be sure that you know what to do and how to do it because in the end, you can hurt someone or you can even help them. You don't want to move too fast or too slow, but move at a decent pace in order to get closer to one another.

Lakeyia L
Lakeyia L
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Lakeyia L

I love to write, color, sing, and doing crochet. I am always writing something fun and exciting when it comes to all kinds of genres. I am working on my first Novel so that I can publish soon.

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