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Introduction to Love

by Valentine Horton 6 months ago in love


Introduction to Love
Photo by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash

I miss being able to go into a room, with anyone. No judgment, no assumption, nothing in tale. I miss being able to laugh with someone, hug someone, sit next to someone. Without whispers of more. I miss not being sexualized, I miss not being sexualized with friends, I miss freedom in our speech, body, and steps. I miss touch not creating an expectation, I miss smiles not being a flirtatious manner, I miss what was apparently never there to begin with. They tell you thoughts the second you grow into new features, the second your chemicals start to create a new balance, the second someone else’s perspectives are vocal.

I no longer will miss these things. I no longer will feel a type of way that was catered for others, for no two experiences are the same. A cat like style comes to mind in todays society of keeping up with whatever one else is doing. An experience that was never relatable, and feels too good to be true to others, was an experience that has been born. Instead of altering to tables that seem not less, but of different smiles, the experience is kept. Kept, and continuing to develop as each experience leans towards the path one truly desires and will mold. Others, upset, for some things have already aligned and can’t be returned. Not a bad thing, but now the viewing is for seeing new light and perhaps sharing with others. An experience that was once lived, but seen in a different manner, can be expressed even if it is not your own. If a movement in your soul has shifted once seeing such new things, it is okay to change the perspective. You may not live the experience, for the lesson has already shifted to be learned in a new way.

I love with my heart for all to feel. I speak to everyone in best interest of having a happy life. A safe life, with every risk imaginable. Deemed impossible and yet, impossible to forget the thought. thoughts carry with us when they speak in a different light that feeds the soul. The soul wishes for compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and the yearning for new information. Not just from a textbook, a teacher, a boss, but as another individual expressing their life with you in each and every way. With a sip of morning coffee, to a meeting of 3, to a car ride off coast, to a walk with a dog.

Valentine Horton
Valentine Horton
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Valentine Horton
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