INTJ Women Are Incredible!

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Here's why:

INTJ Women Are Incredible!

If you have studied the MBTI personality types, then you will soon find that INTJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging) women are both amazingly rare and also highly misunderstood. INTJ woman will oftenly struggle to fit into stereotypical gender roles. Now I may be slightly biased because my wife is an INTJ personality type, but I think INTJ women are incredible for many reasons. Here is why:

1. They possess amazing foresight!

There are countless times when I have heard INTJ women say something wonderfully intelligent, and when I ask them where they learned that useful piece of information, they respond by saying something like, "I just know." Many INTJs are like walking encyclopedias, however, they usually only remember information that they believe they will apply to the real world. The amount of medical terminology some INTJ women know is truly impressive. It appears to be quite common to find INTJ women in psychological or medical related professions and career fields. INTJ women possess amazing intuition and they will predict the outcome of many different types of situations to other peoples shock and amazement.

2. They are strategic planners.

INTJ women cannot help but think ahead; many times they are caught planning years into the future. They can be detail orientated, but they excel best at long term planning. They enjoy planning for vacations, anniversaries, and anything related to seeking higher educational goals.

3. They good at being just friends with men.

INTJ are known for their heavy reliance on their logic and their reasoning abilities. Men are more commonly Thinking (T) types, so it makes sense why INTJ women feel like they have a lot in common with many men in the general population. I have heard INTJ women report about how they get frustrated at times with many of their male friends though because their guy friends start falling for them, thus ruining a great friendship! INTJ are not intimidated easily by men, which leads them to being drawn to working in fields where it is more predominately male dominated.

4. They enjoy planned adventures!

INTJ woman rarely like surprises; they like knowing what to expect in most situations. They can have adventurous spirits, however they like being prepared mentally for adventures at the same time. If you are married to an INTJ women, then let her be the one to plan an adventurous outing. She will be happier and you will be happier too, trust me on this one!

5. They enjoy a good challenge.

INTJ women love to be challenged, especially with complex problems that appear to have no solution. They are great at identifying patterns in their external environment and they quickly piece little patterns into bigger patterns, all the while coming up with creative, practical solution; thus, they are fantastic problem-solvers. INTJ women are strong and capable people who know how to handle themselves, and they always appear to be ready to be pushed beyond their limits.

6. They are devoted to their families.

I believe that INTJ women are some of the most loyal, devoted people to their families and friends. INTJ's need a LOT of alone time, but when they are with their families, they are devoted and are always willing to sacrifice their needs so that the needs of their family members are met over their own.

7. They have great, yet unique style.

INTJ women are not the most girly types in the population, however they possess great style when it comes to how they dress and how they present themselves. Most INTJ woman prefer to wear solid dark colors. Most of the time, they prefer to keep their wardrobe simple because they do not want to have too many decisions to make when they go to get ready for the day. I have noticed that some INTJ women are drawn to clothing styles that are more on the vintage side of things, and this style just adds to their overall beauty and slight mystique.

8. They appreciate low-key environments.

INTJ woman get overstimulated very easily which means that they do not typically prefer noisy, flashy recreational environments. Most INTJ women will prefer quiet coffee shops, libraries, gardens (with limited people), and anywhere they have room and space to be left to their thoughts and daily reflections.

9. They know how to take life seriously.

Out of the sixteen personality types in MBTI, the INTJ type is one of the most serious types of all, which explains why they usually have pretty serious expressions on their faces, especially when they are deep in thought. They understand how important their decisions are and they want everyone of them to count in the long run or big picture of their lives. They will fight hard to accomplish their life goals and many people will be inspired by their passionate drive and accomplishments.

10. They have a quirky sense of humor.

INTJ's enjoy word puns. Sometimes they will make word puns and other people don't get their joke; this in turn makes the INTJ even more amused. A lot of the time INTJ's just talk, without trying to be funny, and other people find them funny because of the way they think. Because they are usually very smart, they have a lot on their minds and from time to time they will word vomit all over the place and their family and friends start laughing because they find their INTJ friend or family member hilariously endearing.

Rowan Finley
Rowan Finley
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