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International Affairs

Building multicultural relations

By Jamal GreenPublished 24 days ago Updated 23 days ago 3 min read

To comprise and be easy going can be useful when establishing

international affairs. Respect shall be earned as differences will arise

but should not divide us as we grow to understand different cultures

and the customs, traditions and beliefs that belong to each culture.

So, what am I talking about here? I am referring to international affairs.

Which is learning and adopting other cultures traditions, customs and

beliefs and integrating them into your own life. International affairs are

becoming an important factor as countries begin to open borders to

allow a multitude of different nationalities in.

Challenges: Everyone will be tested to see how you interact and respond to each situation that involves each culture. The inclusion of different languages and how each language pronounces words differently. Some languages have multiple different sounds for each letter. Other languages have a masculine and feminine way for each word. Indeed, one of the toughest challenges will be to overcome each and every language. To build successful cultural relations we need to be reasonable and able to compromise.

Connections: We can compare one culture too the next but in reality every culture is different but coming together on differences instead of similarities can be a pivoting point for change. It has been recorded and documented, people who have multicultural friendships have healthier relations. Being able to relate less can open up the door for greater understanding.

Misconceptions: Everyone will have their own narratives about what international affairs mean and how it affects each and every society. However, there are a few common misunderstood statements being made in regards of having multicultural societies. For example, a multicultural society will make an economy weaker, or multicultural societies causes massive immigration problems. When establishing international affairs and integrating different cultures into each economy when done right can create a stronger society.

The result: Societies can grow stronger when being built through international affairs. This allows for everyone to be selfless and instead coming together to perform as a collective. Considering others needs as their own and respecting other opinions, point of views and perspectives even when they are different than yours. The true strength will be shown once everyone can overcome each other differences and put aside their ego.

Conclusion: Knowing and understanding the successful outcome international affairs will have on each economy is playing the long game as this process will take time to understand. We can carefully observe the change within societies as international affairs progresses itself into greater stages. Everyone will make their own conclusion of the outcome and effects of international affairs, but one thing is for certain it will change the way we interact and communicate with one another forever.

Final Thoughts: International affairs can benefit everyone in every society in different ways. Often times international affairs are thought to be tied to political matters, but most people overlook other means of international affairs one that relates to building and establishing multicultural relations and adopting other cultures.

When we get to a certain point where every culture is respected equally, tension will lower, and mutual connections will transpire through mutual understanding and agreements by finding common ground objectives. Great minds think alike well with international affairs different mindsets can still come together with finding common solutions to culture problems. Barriers are typically created due to personal beliefs. International affairs are a multi-step process, and it will take everyone to participate so the world can be balanced with different cultures being integrated.

Leave your thoughts in the comments I would love to hear your opinion pertaining to international affairs and how it has become an important factor in having stronger societies.


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