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Integrity is a lifelong practice

by mariyli 4 months ago in humanity
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As long as you do a person of integrity, no matter what industry, are my good boy.

In an interview with Dong Qing, the host of the "Reader" program, Liu Chuanzhi mentioned that when he suffered his first setback in life, his father said to him a saying of enlightenment: "As long as you are an upright person, no matter what industry you do, you are my good boy." This sentence influenced Liu Chuanzhi's life, since then, integrity throughout the blood, also become his lifelong practice. As a private entrepreneur, Liu Chuanzhi said to do, in order to build a "family business without a family", he early set "heaven" : the children can not enter the "association" work, even if it is the internship is not good. Perhaps because of this iron rule, Lenovo has grown into a trusted and respected company.

Parents to the child's encouragement is great, especially in the three view is not stable, let the child know that no matter what, parents are at your side, this spread in the depths of the heart and out of the warmth and security, always moisten the child's heart of the flower of courage and wisdom, so that they can fearless forward. Everyone will encounter setbacks, and these are the tempering of a person must experience, the experience itself is not terrible, terrible is, often encountered setbacks, only their own struggle to get up, no one understands your injury and pain, no one knows how to give you proper support. As far as the average family is concerned, all parents can be proud of their children's success, but it is difficult to be a warm harbor after their children's failure. Liu Fu is undoubtedly an example of an enlightened and socially responsible parent. Such a good father has wisdom and strength, and the warmth and encouragement he passes on to his children is truly touching.

Fu Lei's letter to his son Fu Cong also had similar words, the first thing to do is to be a person of integrity, kindness and noble character, even if the knowledge is almost no matter. Relative to everyone, it is really a lucky thing to live in a family that understands family education. In fact, most parents in the world do not expect their children to grow into dragons and phoeniishes. Instead, they hope that their children will live a safe, healthy and happy life. As the well-known scholar Liu Yu said to his daughter in his letter: "You want to be a banker or an animal keeper, I just hope you can love work, love life, you can not do too much, but must have a good character."

Family is always the school for children's lifelong learning, parents' words and deeds play a very big role in guiding children, especially the formation of children's outlook on life and values has a profound impact. Let the child be an honest, warm and kind person, the key is that this person is also a capital, open and dignified person. This is the most basic principle of family education, a principle of values, and a good family, a good parent should be the principle and the bottom line. This educational concept may be known to everyone, but in fact in the process of education or can not avoid the urgent "hope for a successful child, hope for a successful daughter". Lao She once said, "In family life, human will always prevail over reason." All the parents want their children to grow up like they want to look like, like to lay a promising, bright road for their children, their own life experience forcibly implanted in the minds of children, but often the opposite, let the child produce reverse psychology. This is why many parents fail to educate their children.

No matter what time, a person's success is inseparable from the support of his family, even if it is verbal encouragement. Parents are the solid backing of their children. They always look forward to their children's growth and wait for their children's return with warm arms. I remember in the book Attitude, the eldest daughter Meng Hua asked Wu Jun, "What kind of person do you want me to be?" Mr. Wu later wrote a letter to his daughter, saying that as a parent, "I only hope you can be a good boy, have your own judgment, and keep your kindness in this complicated world."

A word from parents can make children brave to go to fly, but also can make children covered with fetters full of worry. Therefore, on the education of children, parents should learn to "put down", also oneself cannot do, don't force a child do it, whether good or bad, in children have the space, to give unlimited encourage and appropriate stimulation, let the children have a solid feeling, a sense of security, have confidence and courage to set sail once again, I believe that the seedlings will be more certain of the future direction after experiencing wind and rain.


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