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It’s not just superficial.


That white man was given more privileges at work because he was deemed much more superior than that person of colour. A little girl isn’t allowed to participate in that game of soccer with the boys in her class because she isn’t strong enough. She isn’t allowed to wear make up because scientifically her genitals identify her as male.

I used to believe that discrimination was something that is only superficial. No personality taken into account; only physical judgement. Now I’m not trying to convey the message that this type of cruelty is much worse or any better than what I am about to say. I try to treat topics like equals, in order to ease the tension of angering anyone. That’s what I strive to do; treat people with kindness. (As spoken by one of my biggest role models Harry Styles.)

But then I discovered I was different.

By nature I am simply a quiet and timid person. I don’t make much of an effort to be a leader unless no one else steps up to that position. For once in my life I wanted to do something new; I wanted to be a part of my school’s student council. Such an easy thing for me to accomplish since I have the reach of so many students at school. I notice the little things happening within school. When making my video submission to be apart of the council I note the fact I am quiet and timid; though that’s why I notice the small things in life that matter. (Like myself since I am under five feet.)

Yet that would never be enough for a school to care. I am too quiet to be a leader is what is deemed. I got denied to be a part of the student council, and that is the first time I ever really felt like crying at school. I had the support of so many students though I assume that just wasn’t enough. I didn’t have the support of popular kids that were outgoing and such. All I had were outcasts like me, and despite the fact we’re quite large in numbers that just wasn’t enough.

I’ve been discriminated for the fact that I am quiet and timid.

Society is constantly trying to give equal opportunities to everyone though still we cannot seem to reach that. That person of colour is still striving to achieve the same privileges. The little girl continues to nag at those boys everyday to let her play. She still shows up to school everyday in full glam make up in hopes that everyone will understand this is what she wants. I’m still trying to step up and become a leader despite how scared I am of rejection.

Though still the world denies us of these opportunities. Continuously we miss out on such beautiful people all because we never gave them a chance to show their true potential. Then we continue to do so and complain about the fact that so many different issues are circulating among us all. Will these issues ever really be fixed?

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