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by: Nerissha Hunt

By Nerissha HuntPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read

When you give advice, it can be complex. Are you giving the right advice? Who is the person you are giving it to? These are things you should consider before making statements. But of course, this doesn’t always happen. Some people give the wrong advice all the time.

If you ask me, advice is something very serious. The Dear Abby column, Psychic Friends Network, all of that is advice. But, come on people, we are talking about life. Are you honestly going to spend time depending on writing letters to someone, sharing your personal business, just to get a “hopeful” or a “maybe” answer to your question? By the way, I don’t believe in psychics.

You know why I don’t believe in psychics? Because if they can predict the future, they would be able to predict that they are going to jail for misleading people and taking peoples’ money. To each his own. I’m not paying anyone to look at my palm, say they have a vision, a crystal ball, whatever have you, to say that they can see my future. If you ask me, it’s fake. Only you and the Lord can determine your future. Remember that.

I say that advice is complex because some people you just can’t get anything through to. They are steel doors. You knock (give advice to you are blue in the face) and still can’t enter (nothing gets through to them). My motto is, if you know how I am, don’t ask me a question that you already know my response and answer to.

People don’t want to hear the truth, about anything, especially themselves. I judge no one because that’s not my job. But if your own life isn’t going the way you want it to, whatever ideas are in your mind, feelings that you have, are advice that you are giving to yourself; you just aren’t saying it out loud. Follow those feelings, better known as intuition. Intuition is self-advice, which is never wrong. I call my intuition a spiritual disturbance.

When giving advice, you must consider who you are talking to. Flow with the conversation, even if the problem is the same problem that you hear on a constant basis. Know why? Because you may arrive at a different conclusion each time. Don’t have the same conclusion. Be supportive. Try to understand the situation from their perspective so that you can offer a solution. You never know when the conclusion you come up with may sink in.

Once you have flown with the conversation, if you see that the conversation is pointless, change the subject. Changing the subject reduces the stress for the both of you. It keeps you from being aggravated with each other and although the person on the other end may still be frustrated, it lets them know that you have given all the advice you can and they aren’t taking in what you said, so the conversation needs to shift. Shifting the conversation is not mean, it’s keeping the peace.

Sometimes, we need to take our own advice. I think that’s an issue that a lot of people have trouble doing. I can’t tell you to do something right if I am doing it wrong myself. What sense does that make? For instance, I’m telling you, you need to go to church, when I am sitting at home on Sundays, watching TV. Crazy, right? But people do it.

To end my story, I want to say this. When you give advice, make sure you are correct in what you are saying. You don’t want to advise someone wrong. Giving the wrong advice is like playing Russian Roulette: you don’t want the bullet to be in the chamber.


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