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If you can't save it, don't force it

Among all emotional problems, how to recover has always accounted for a large part.

By Luna卢娜Published 6 months ago 6 min read

If you can't save it, don't force it

Among all emotional problems, how to recover has always played a large part.

Originally, we really liked someone, but we got separated accidentally. After we broke up, when we still have love in our hearts, of course we would not want to miss each other, and would want to do something to bring them back to us. .

It's not easy to meet someone who makes your heart fall. If you still love each other, naturally it shouldn't end there.

Don't want to end, then take action and try to save the other party, this is what it should be.

For some people, when we go to save it, the other party will be willing to go back very easily, because when we still like the other party, the other party also has the same mind as us.

When the recovery can be so smooth, of course it is fortunate, after that, we just cherish this relationship.

It may be said that we hope that every recovery will be so smooth, but there are always times when no matter how hard we try, it is of no use at all. That person, he just doesn't want to go back.

Those who insist on leaving can't stay at all.

When a relationship is just beginning, everything is often better.

I really started to get along, and slowly, many things began to change their taste.

Maybe we will find that the other party is not as good as we imagined, or even a completely different person. Maybe the other party will think that we are really not suitable for us at all, and we just take a wrong look.

If each other broke up because the other party really felt that they were not suitable for each other and made up their minds to leave and no longer have anything to do with us, then when the other party has made up their minds, no matter how much we try to recover and do more for the other party, the other party will also Wouldn't want to get back together again.

Because he really has no feelings for us, and he has really given up on us. He doesn't want us to exist in his future, and he doesn't want his future life to be with us. .

The person who has made up his mind to give up on us and give up this relationship, how hot his heart was for us in the past, will only be so cold now, and he will not be willing to look at us again and give us any more. Chance.

Since the other party is so resolute, he thinks that it is the best for us not to disturb him any more.

The person who can be saved is the person who still has love in the other party's heart and just wants to start over, and will not love us at all.

Do what you can, but also respect each other.

Just like when we love someone, we should strive for it. If we want to get back with someone, we shouldn't have too many inner dramas. We should only do our best to do our best.

We can do what we want according to our own ideas, but we also need to understand that the other party also has the right to reject us.

Many times, many things, we can decide only our own behavior, and there is no way to decide each other.

After acting according to our own ideas, if the other party accepts our sincerity, it is fortunate that even if the other party is unwilling to accept it, even if he is unwilling to come back to us, we don't have to blame the other party or even be unwilling.

No matter how much we give or how much sincerity we use, it is our own choice and our own will.

To save a person, even if we are very confident, we still have no way to make choices for others.

For example, others cannot interfere with us, let us not do that, and we must also understand others' unwillingness to get back together.

In the matter of saving, we must strive as much as possible, but we must also know how to plan for the worst, not asking the other party to come back to us and reconnect with ourselves, but we must live up to our hearts and do Okay what you want to do.

Just let the other party go, and at the same time let go of yourself.

After trying our best to save it, if it is destined to be irreversible, we really don't have to continue.

It has never been possible to restore all feelings. Too many feelings, if they are broken, they are broken. If they can't go back, they can't go back. There will be no future. point.

That being the case, it would be very impolite to keep leaning towards the other party and try to impose our own ideas on the other party. Instead of disturbing the other party's life all the time and embarrassing the other party, we must know how to withdraw.

Completely withdraw from the other party's world, withdraw from the other party's life, let the other party live his own life, and love the person he wants to love.

Let's stop contacting each other, stop blocking each other, and just give each other a blessing.

At the same time, we also have to learn to let ourselves go. In the past, no matter why we separated from each other or whether it was really our own fault, we should no longer care too much and blame ourselves too much.

From past experience, sum up an experience, so that I can learn something and gain a growth.

Then, I sorted out my liking, no longer looking back, just moving forward. Give yourself a little time to forget, to come out of the past, to meet a new person, and let yourself have a new age.

There are always some people who insist that as long as the method is right, no matter who they are, they can be saved.

In fact, those who say this are just deceiving themselves and others with ulterior motives.

In real life, there are many things that can be salvaged, and there are also many things that cannot be salvaged.

To save a person, when we really want to save it, we have to do our best, not just take the attitude of giving it a try, thinking that if we do too much, we will lose money if we can't save it.

Only by doing our best can we know whether we can succeed or not, and we can have no regrets.

And if we have worked really hard and still can't get it back, then we will accept it, and don't force it.

Do everything with all your strength, but accept all the consequences.


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