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I will always remember your voice

by Elia J Craig 3 months ago in humanity
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"Quiet! Quiet! The class stands up!" These were the most common words that came out of his mouth, and they always scared the hell out of people.

I will always remember your voice
Photo by Jiri Brtnik on Unsplash

"Quiet! Quiet! The class stands up!" These were the most common words that came out of his mouth, and they always scared the hell out of people.

He was one of the young people who came here, yet for some reason, he was so strict with us as if he owed him eight lifetimes of unpaid debts.

"Lift your chest and tuck in your belly! To maintain a good sitting posture!" He walked around the classroom like a majestic officer inspecting recruits, occasionally pulling out a few students with irregular sitting posture, making people itch to hate them, but in the end, they dared not say anything, if he yelled a few words, even the soul would be scared out.

In an unusual class, I had the idea to give this "devil" a new face to a portrait. After ten minutes, this masterpiece came out under my pen. The paper was the appearance of an evil spirit, a green-faced devil with a triangular ruler in his left hand and a piece of chalk in his right. Eyes glowing red, mouth spitting fire. In addition to that, I was afraid that people would not recognize it, so the names of the characters in the drawing were specially marked.

When I held the drawing to show off to my table mate, he nudged his mouth in the direction behind me. I turned my head to look, and the smug look on my face was gone in a flash.

Then the "devil" pushed the door and entered, I was so scared that I squeezed my hand on the table and let the "devil" see the painting. Finally, the "devil" spoke up: "It's a good painting, but unfortunately it doesn't look like me." His voice was so soft, not like his usual self. He was not angry? I was very puzzled and felt a tinge of guilt, so I quietly tore up the painting in the drawer.

A few days later, on another ordinary day after class, while the students were playing, the most gossip-loving student in the class came flying in, panting, and he caught everyone's attention. He shouted at us, "Everyone, listen to me! The intern teacher is leaving soon, and I heard it in the office! The news is guaranteed to be true!" Everyone froze for a moment, and the class bell then rang, leaving no chance for anyone to wonder.

The class was still a math class, but instead of the "devil", the math teacher came in, whom I hadn't seen for a few days. "Students," the math teacher spoke up, "some of the intern teachers have reached the end of their internship period and want to say goodbye to us on their way out."

The first one to come in was "Devil", and it was easy to see that his eyes were red and he was about to cry. But he didn't say anything, but his eyes got redder and redder, and soon, his eyes flooded uncontrollably with tears, and he went out pinching his brow. A few emotional students at the bottom of the podium cried a lot.

After that, I didn't see the "devil" in school anymore, but I still think about him sometimes and wonder why he treated us so strictly. He could have turned a blind eye to the behavior of his classmates, just like other teachers, but he didn't. Did he hate us? Did he do this because he hated us? Or did he expect us to get better and better from the bottom of his heart? I can't tell. Although the "devil" left us, his voice and teachings will always remain in my heart.


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