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I was an Orange Lantern

by Wide Writer about a month ago in advice

Until I Found My Passion

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“In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, well this is not about them, if you have watched the “Green Lantern” movie starring “Rayan Renolds,” you would know about the Green Lanterns, the warriors who protect the universe with their strong will, which powered their ring. Unless you are a die-hard comics fan, you might not know that there are few other lantern corps just like green lanterns representing different aspects of life.

  • Black - Represent Death
  • Yellow - Represent Fear
  • Red - Represent Rage
  • Orange - Represent Greed
  • Blue - Represent Hope
  • Indigo- Represent Compassion
  • Star Sapphire - Represent Love
  • White - Represent Life

Up until recently, I had no clue that I was acting like an orange lantern with an insatiable hunger. Like their desire is for everything, mine was for different content and knowledge. “How to be a digital marketer,” “Learn Python, C++, Java, etc.” “Learn mobile app development,” “How to earn money with affiliate marketing,” “Learn logo designing,” “How to be a successful YouTuber, eBay, amazon seller.” These were only a few topics on my collection which I have removed recently. None of these contents are relatable to one another, and each topic will take a considerable amount of time for someone to learn and master, which I have tried to do and wasted most of my time because I lost the interest halfway.

Why Was I doing it?

Greed, because of greed; every time I hear something like, “This person is successful at this and earn this and that much from it,” I spend all my time looking for that and downloading all the content available on that topic and even purchasing the content by spending a considerable amount of money. The false sense of accomplishment I felt by gathering such content sure was immense. At the end of the day, I was left with nothing but depression and couldn’t even earn a single penny from the content I had purchased with hundreds of dollars and wasted so much time studying. And that cycle kept repeating again and again until I discovered something really important. My passion

The Importance of Finding Your Passion

In life, we have many goals and targets we like to reach. For some of us, it takes time to realize which path we should take to achieve them, and to achieve most of our targets, having a boatload of cash sure is going to help, so some of us tend to focus on anything that could give us easy cash. Which makes us do incredibly foolish things, like what I was doing by wasting my time and money, and it pushes us further into the mazes we are trying to escape.

And if you are someone like me who listened to those success stores out there, understand one thing, most of those stories are sugar-coated to make it taste better for people like us. It’s okay to listen to such stories, but do not be too focused on their methods; you are not them; most of them were successful because they followed their passion or had a wealthy family background that spent millions of dollars to help their businesses which most of them will not tell in their stories.

You don’t have to be next Elon Musk or this and that entrepreneur with a million-dollar startup to be successful. Instead, you could be a poet, a writer with millions of fan base, a dancer that charge thousands of dollars per visit, or an owner of a youtube channel that post nothing but soap cutting videos that earn thousands of dollars. Think to yourself and find what makes you tick, and if you waste your time doing what others did to be successful, you might regret it at one point in your life if that plan fails. Greed alone won’t be enough to pull towards success for most of us; passion is much more important than that. Do not waste time following other people’s goals or passions. If you do so, it’ll be too late to follow your own.

Reality Check

There are more failures than success stories in the world. Talented people have failed, people who followed their passions have failed, businesses at some point went bankrupt. This is the reality of the world. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. It means we should push much harder than anyone else. It might take two months or maybe five years for us to be successful from what we are doing, but if you have understood what makes you tick and what your passion is, that fire is more than enough to drive you towards success as long as you are willing to work on that.

My first income from writing something was $0.37, the happiness and feeling of accomplishment it bought is much more than my salary, which is a few thousand times higher than that ever given me.

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