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I am waiting for you in the ghostly moonlight

by Gu Wei Di Qi 2 months ago in humanity
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I was in the ghostly moonlight

I am waiting for you in the ghostly moonlight
Photo by Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash

The moonlight that pours over the earth illuminates the darkness, and there is my figure in the moonlight, standing in the old familiar place, waiting for your silhouette to appear, light footsteps, delicate body, under the moonlight, more vivid and charming.

Waiting is a kind of torment, is also a kind of expectation, torment, and expectation with a strong love, in the evening breeze, in the moonlight of this night, let the thoughts fly, the love of the sky.

Every ray of moonlight carries your breath, and every breeze is like your gentle hands, gently stirring the deepest softness of my heart.

I miss you and love you, but the distance separates you and me, leaving me alone with loneliness and waiting. From now on, the rain and smoke in the south of the river, the green trees, the lush grass, the deep courtyard, the water pavilion, there is my figure, accompanied by the reunion moon in the sky, just waiting for you.

"The moon is bent, I am waiting for you on the 15th, the sun has set, I am waiting for you in the sunset, only, only I dare not provoke the lovesickness, I am afraid that this bone-chilling lovesickness, can not be sent remotely ......"

The beautiful lines of the poem, like the ripples of the river, gently hit my deepest feelings of love, love for the bones, lingering, but I hope this love, the breeze can be sent, the moon can bring my thoughts of you.

Yes, that night, I looked at the moon in the sky, round, like a disc, in its round face I saw your smiling eyes read your innermost softness like water, as the water, the rain, the grass, and trees of Jiangnan, everywhere with softness and honey.

The beautiful encounter always stirs up a dream ripple in Jiangnan, the ripple carries my deep love for you, and in countless days and nights, deeply remember you.

I know that in this life you are my Snow White, and I am one of the seven dwarfs - the most infatuated one. I can't bear to give up the happy times, hidden in the deepest part of my heart, like an old cow regurgitating, chewing from time to time.

I can't forget, that Jiangnan's rain and smoke will set you off as a fairy, indistinct and poetic, hazy and romantic, with the breath of love, has come into my eyes, into my heart.

I can't forget that under the greenery, the side of the long mention, the morning run of the heroic posture against the rising sun, the silhouette of that moment, become my most bright scenery.

I can't forget the way you catch grasshoppers in the lush grass, sometimes shrieking, sometimes laughing, sometimes lost, sometimes pampered, every trace of the look, I have carved into my mind, written into the poetry.

I can't forget the deep courtyard, the winding corridor, looking at the lotus leaves under the pavilion, reflecting the afterglow of the sun, extra romantic, extra poetic, holding your hand, the tender scene, really can't bear to give up.

But, time is running, and we are also running, running, and running, you will lose me in this stranger in the red dust.

You have said that you do not like the curved moon, tend to that fifteenth moon, because that is the reunion of the moon, because, with the reunion, people will be more reunion.

So, I waited for you on the 15th day.

I closed my palms and asked Buddha reverently, O almighty Buddha, you can grasp the reincarnation of past lives and present lives, and can write down the destiny of lovers' lives on the stone of three lives, but you can't make us reunite on the 15th.

If the flow of tears can make you change your mind, I would rather shed dry tears; if the full moon can see your beautiful silhouette, I would rather kneel long before the Buddha.

However, a turn, but took away my entire beautiful dream of Jiangnan, leaving me all alone, with the full moon, waiting for you obsessively.

Don't ask if I'm still as persistent as ever, the silly shadow standing under the moon is the best proof.

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The first thing you need to do is to love someone wholeheartedly, no matter how far you go, you will follow them, no matter if you see them or not, you will still miss them.

The fact is that you can be a lot more than just a little bit of a person.

I'm waiting for you in the moonlight, and if you don't come back, I'll put you in my heart and think about you forever and ever.


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