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How To Survive As An Introvert

by Stella Macus 2 years ago in humanity
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Is there still a world out there for introverts?

How To Survive As An Introvert
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The Introverts are a personality classification type of humanity that is less out-going and more reserved in social situations.

The question is, is there still a place for them in society? The short answer to this question is a big YES in capital letters!

I will use myself as a case study. I am a complete introvert. That's how I was born no apologies…lol. My late parents when they were alive, recall that I always love to play alone and rarely play with other kids.

They do lock me up at home, alone as a kid when they have important events to attend and I just watched TV and enjoyed a little me time until they got back with no problems of loneliness whatsoever😅.

I was bullied a lot at school because of my reserved nature as a kid, and my parents had to switch schools very often until they decided to enroll me at a private school.

Though it was a little more expensive than the public school. That's when I finally got relief and enjoyed going to school.

Fast forward into adulthood, when I was done with high school (not college), I got a job. It was then I realized that I had to adjust or create another personality to survive the hash extroverted world where your job makes it compulsory to relate to other people whether you like it or not.

Transformation And Growing A Thick Skin

Do you know that regardless of your personality type, you can create multiple personalities to suit different situations? Oh yes, that's exactly what I did.

I was a teacher all through my 20s with a class of about twenty to thirty students. None of my students knew my real personality type because I was so eloquent, social, and talked a lot. I was quite famous for using the play and teaching method.

Now, my kind of job at that time required me to relate and lead others (my students) from time to time. So I had two personalities, 1. Social at work and 2. An introvert at home. My coworkers at that time, when I tell them I am an introvert, never believed it because I talk and joke a lot.

I must say I enjoyed those years, it's quite refreshing to relate with people every now and then to offload or ejaculate all the data introverts are famous for soaking in.

The Relapse

When I stopped teaching and moved into computer programming I sank back into my real introverted nature. Those years became my worst because I lost touch with humanity socially. This resulted in always being in front of the computer trying to solve one software project or the other.

My original personality and this new career blended so well while the other out-going funny and eloquent personality I created previously got deactivated.

No wonder a lot of programmers usually try to escape to more administrative or business-related roles.

For example, Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft to run a more human-friendly philanthropic organization. I guess he just needed to feel human again and atone for his "sins" after years of being ruthless like a machine or terminator at Microsoft. I love Bill Gates by the way.

How Do You Survive As An Introvert?

To survive as an introvert, you have to grow a thick skin when a particular situation demands it. You must create an alternate personality for the occasion.

If you don't do this you'll get trampled upon all the time whether at work or at the mall or in your neighborhood.

The world we live in is not a fair place, it's a battlefront and only the strong and cunning will survive.


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Stella Macus

A professional writer that loves to munch Oreos while writing :)

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