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How to overcome the mood that happens below all sorts of circumstances is unstable?

by Ao Ao 2 months ago in how to
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And if that's the case, I have a question in particular: What if you were to become very insensitive, really "emotionless robot,"

Would you like that? Is that a price you're willing to pay? If that's what you really want, if you really want to be a zombie with its edges smoothed out,

I don't think that's wrong. It's everyone's own choice. But I agree more with the passage: many people so-called mature, but by the secular wear off the edges,

Become sophisticated and realistic. It is not maturity, but premature decay of spirit and death of character. True maturity should be the formation of a unique personality, the discovery of the true self, spiritual results and harvest.

So if you're asking a question that you've received some negative feedback about because of your mood swings, then I can tell you with confidence that this is your own underlying talent,

Instead of avoiding it, we can get closer and closer. It is like a strong ability around us but particularly naughty bear children, you blindly want to suppress it, that the final result is likely to be bad. But if you can understand what it really needs,

Understand its personality characteristics, it will give you a great surprise, greatly beyond your expectations! Of course, in order to do this, you have to know our situation well enough, and you have to do it step by step,

In particular, our ability to understand and perceive emotions is the key to our ability to break through. There's actually a hidden message in front of mood swings, which is "mood rich" or "emotional fullness,"

Because a really insensitive person, it is difficult to have big mood swings. It is because you are emotionally charged that you are more perceptive and creative than others. (If you think you are not, you have not unlocked it and lack the training to do so.)

You may think more and feel worse than others when receiving negative feedback, but at the same time, you will also capture more kindness and beauty than others. If other people's hearts are black and gray Spaces,

You are probably a panoramic color space of 16.8 million colors, and just because there are deep colors in those colors, don't deny the whole world. And then there's our mood swings. You have mood swings,

It must have been something! (This may seem like a bit of crap, but if you stop and ask yourself three times and try to answer it yourself three times, I'm sure the experience will be very different.) Most likely because something happened that we didn't expect,

It goes against what we care about, what we care about, and that's what triggers emotions. For example, some people are good at capturing others' emotions and are easily affected by others' mood swings; For example, some people don't like conflict very much, and when there is a conflict between teams,

They will be very uncomfortable; For example, some people focus on the goal, once there is no goal or the goal is unclear or hinders the achievement of the goal, it is very uncomfortable; For example, some people like to make few but good friends, when he regards others as his own and confidant,

When others meet new people every now and then, he will feel that he is not valued; For example, some people like to get the first place. If they are not the first, they feel meaningless. When they are compared with others, they will be frustrated.

For example, some people like to set aside alone thinking space for their own thinking, the result of reality is not his intention, he will also have emotions; So what are some of our natural traits that are offended by mood swings?

(All of the above traits, when properly measured, are a gift to us.) If we don't find the answer, and just tell ourselves "I don't need to be angry" and "I don't need to be sad",

You never really solve the problem. Instead, they will fall into a spiral of self-doubt, serious depression, and depression over time (of course, this is very serious).

If I want to get a deeper understanding of myself, I would recommend the Gallup Advantage Test to get a comprehensive understanding of my needs, motivations and values, from which I can learn about myself, my partner, the workplace and intimate relationships

The Meaning of Emotions I want to ask you a question: Are negative emotions really bad? Is there anything positive about it? Existence is reasonable -- all emotions are useful! Emotions are an important part of our bodies,

Man is an important part of the machine. You have negative emotions? Congratulations, you are a whole person, not a broken piece. So, in a nutshell, there are a couple of things that emotions do anxiety -- it's useful, it tells us that this thing is a little bit messy,

Need to be taken seriously; Fear -- very useful. It tells us that something is dangerous and suggests running away. Anger -- more useful, not only to tell you that your current situation is unacceptable,

It also gives you the extra energy to solve the problem; Pain -- it's useful. It tells me that this path is not what I want, that I need to think about going in a different direction. In fact, emotions are such an instinctive, rapid reaction system.

It is not your enemy, but your friend, your ally, your most loyal partner. Therefore, we don't need to hate your negative emotions at all. It can even be said that emotion is the survival rationality based on big data and probability on the evolutionary scale.

Why do we hate negative emotions? Because it makes us uncomfortable and painful ah! In order not to be controlled by negative emotions, you need to fully experience your emotions, stay with them, and find the source of your emotions.

We should focus on the thing that causes your emotion, not the emotion itself. Because emotion is only a necessary, correct, instinctive information response system, it is useless to get angry with the system,

You should fix the thing that caused the problem. The metaphorical mood of a sentinel is comparable to that of a sentinel or scout in an army. Sentinels have two functions: 1. Their primary role is to detect and report information, especially danger information; 2.

Secondary roles -- participate in combat; If you don't have a solution to the situation that is causing you to feel bad, the sentry will automatically become a fighting force and fight with his weak fighting power - and do a lot of stupid things that don't make sense.

The point is, it's an inescapable, ingrained survival mechanism, and it makes perfect sense! Shouldn't the scout be loyal and fight to the death with his weak body, when his master is powerless and sitting there waiting to die? !

For example, if you are going to take the postgraduate entrance exam soon, you are very nervous and anxious for fear that you will not pass the exam. As your anxiety increases, you often have emotional breakdowns, can't sleep at night, and live a miserable life. At this point, the problem changes from the entrance exam to the anxiety itself

Why am I so anxious all the time? Do I have an anxiety disorder? Am I mentally ill? What am I gonna do? At this point, you just need to put your focus back on the exam.

Can't sleep at night with anxiety? That midnight 2 o 'clock get up to review, see take an examination of graduate data. It doesn't matter what your body clock is, what your health schedule is, it's bullshit. If you're anxious at 2 o 'clock and you can't sleep, then you're up at 2 o 'clock and you're revising.

Have been reading to do, do really tired, naturally fell asleep. More importantly, you feel that you are studying hard, and your emotional system (the sentry system) recognizes that the master has recognized that the entrance exam is a serious issue.

His task of reporting the information was done, and when he called back his sentry, anxiety, which he had sent out, it would dissipate. - Emotions are our investigative reporting system,

A sentry, a scout; - He is very conscientious and must report the danger information outside to the host (us) - if he thinks the host is not understanding the danger information, is not paying attention,

He's going to keep saying it over and over again until he thinks he's really getting it and paying attention to it -- so that's when you need to communicate with your subconscious,

Communicate with the emotional system to let the sentry know that the host has received and understood the danger he has reported and that she can go to rest and accidentally write this much,

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