How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

by Morgan Arpan about a year ago in advice

Top Five Ways to Keep That Spark Across the Map

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Ever heard of the phrase, ''Everyone has a soulmate!'' or, "Love has no barriers!"? Well, I just happen to be a believer of both. I truly believe that everyone out there has a soulmate, that there's a someone for each and every one of us that want it. Unfortunately, some of us find our person in a different town, a different state, or even a different country all together!

I sure did, and let me tell you, it can be tough. Unless the stars are perfectly aligned in your favor, chances are you and your special someone will have quite some time apart in the beginning of your relationship. Let me tell you, that phone will become your best friend.

Can long distance relationships really work out? I sure think so! I'm living proof, at that. Here's how I personally like to do my part in five major points.

Number Five: Talk and Ask About Each Other

Ever been curious as to what your partner is up to at this very moment? Well, just ask! Talk about your day, tell them what you did, take pictures! I even ask about simple things. For example, what they ate on that day, what the weather was like, or how they've been doing.

As a whole, show them you care, and be open! When you love someone you can't see every day, sometimes the extra effort of talking about simple things can make such a difference!

Number Four: Talk On The Phone

This is a big one. Sometimes just hearing your partner's voice can make all the difference. Hearing the expressions and tones is so much more valuable than just sending words back and forth. Talking to them could even make you feel better emotionally, soothe your anxiety.

Better yet, if you have the chance to, fall asleep together. It's not so much about hearing them sleep(which sounds so strange), it's all about the connection. Just knowing that you're both falling asleep with each other, your final thoughts being about one another before drifting off. And better yet, my favorite part, being the first thought you have while waking up.

There are many ways to do all of this too, I know a very popular one would be Skype.

Number Three: Sending Pictures

Now, I know what you're thinking. But this can have one of the biggest impacts! Take selfies, show them that cute dress, show them how the sunset looks, show them everything! Make them laugh with a silly face, get them excited with a little tease, let them gush over the face that they so obviously adore!

Better yet, when they send you a pic you like, make it your lock screen /background! That way, every time you switch on that device, you can see the one that you're always day-dreaming about (you know it's true.)

Number Two: Make The Most Of Your Time Together

Make memories! It's as simple as that. Take pictures together, make things together, keep things that will remind you of them when they aren't with you. Borrow something that smells like them, make a cheesy craft with your hand prints, whatever it takes!

Unfortunately, not all of us can be together just yet, but worry not! Send each other care packages! Fill up a box with your favorite snacks, gifts for them, pictures, things you made, etc.

Number One: Be Honest

This can sometimes make or break the relationship. The assumption with online-orientated relationships is normally that at least one of them has to be cheating, or one of them is lying about something. And unfortunately, it happens a lot. If you genuinely love someone, you'd never intentionally hurt them, and everyone knows how much hurt and damage lies can cause.

If you're truly prepared to be with someone you can't see all the time, always be honest. Stay loyal.

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