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How To Help Your Partner Become A Better Husband - 10 Practical Tips

by Bryan Stormyweather 8 days ago in advice

The benefits are mutual, trust me.

How To Help Your Partner Become A Better Husband - 10 Practical Tips
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The principles you have to apply are: sweet talk (because sweet talk brings a lot, as we know ...) and the repeated development of some common domestic activities, until he learns to do them himself.

1. Let him do his job! If he wants to do something alone in the house, leave him, even if you have to do the job again, after him. If you refuse him and say "Let me do it, you don't know how", he will slowly leave all the household chores to you. Even if you are unhappy with what he did, praise him and urge him to do the same at the first opportunity.

2. Ask him to help you! Men tend to apologize with explanations like, "I don't know what to do if you don't tell me." But be careful - you have to explain to him step by step what he has to do, so be patient, repeat the instructions and, as far as possible, monitor him, but discreetly.

Otherwise, he will either get angry or give up and you will have to continue.

3. Tell him to bring you flowers. When your husband goes to town on business, it is the best time to ask him in the gentlest voice possible to bring you flowers, when he comes home. I assure you he will do it and will not comment on anything. If you make such requests often, the best part is that you will be surprised that he will come home with flowers (or something even better!), On his own initiative.

4. Ask him to clean after you take a bath. He won't like it at all, but you may be surprised that he will gather in the bathroom alone after he takes a bath or shower!

5. Help him, without knowing it! Mark in his phone, with alarm, but at an hour when you know that he is not caught with other activities, without him knowing, all the important data: your birthday and name, your birthdays, but don't forget to pass the days important to his mother.

Schedule the phone to remind them of these special moments two or three days in advance.

6. Challenge him! How? I'm sure you know best! All you have to do is be constantly careful and never miss a good moment.

7. Be friends with your mother-in-law! And, if your husband has a sister, be in the best relationship with her! A good relationship with your mother-in-law and / or sister-in-law is a kind of long-term deposit in a bank, the equivalent of a guarantee that your husband will never have anything bad to say in front of them. In addition, your mother-in-law and sister-in-law are your first allies in solving any problem you might have with your partner.

8. Mediate a good relationship between your husband and your parents. In general, a good relationship between son-in-law and mother-in-law is easier to build than between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. In addition, you can influence your parents to respect and save their principles, which, in the end, will bring you benefits.

However, be drastic and do not accept malicious comments from him to your parents. If a good relationship is possible between your parents and his parents, put your shoulder to its development, because both you and your husband will gain.

9. No matter how busy he is, ask him to find time for you, for you. If these "only yours" moments are really pleasant for both of you, on the principle of conditioned reflex, it will always respond to your requests. Obviously, it's a trick in the middle, a kind of feminine manipulation, but you can console yourself with the thought that it has a noble purpose.

10. Encourage him, praise him and tell him that you appreciate him, that you trust him, that you appreciate what he does, whether it is his job, or what he does at home, or his relationship with children. . It is desirable that your praises be a little exaggerated in relation to reality.

The secret is that men receive with some reluctance the praises they are aware they do not deserve, so the instinctive reaction is to do better what they do or to do exactly the things for which they were praised.

All in all, my last tip is to apply all these tricks depending on the situation, the personality of your partner and, last but not least, depending on the needs! Success!


Bryan Stormyweather

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Bryan Stormyweather
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