How to Choose a Roommate for Clean Freaks

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Or, How I Coped with Mine

How to Choose a Roommate for Clean Freaks

Moving out on your own for the first time. Wow. You did it. You saved up enough money for two months rent (for the entire apartment) and found a roommate; you're as ready as can be.

My coworker and I got along great at work. She was intelligent, going to college, worked hard — what could be better in a roommate?! She and I planned to move out together, along with my boyfriend.

The search began for a nice two-bedroom apartment on the nicer side of town. This already limited our options quite a bit, but nonetheless, we were optimistic. Our favorite of the search happened to be the most expensive, but the location was great. It was next door to where we worked, we were still in a good neighborhood, and close to a grocery store. The inside was just as beautiful. White marble countertops with black cabinetry, grey-white walls with grey molding all around. The ceilings were 13 feet high, which sold us in the end, and the bedrooms were just about the same size. We ended up picking this as our new home. We all signed the application in hopes that we would get picked for the apartment of our dreams.

We got lunch together almost every day until we were accepted, hoping that we would get the call. And finally, we did. The next step was a proof of income that is three times a month's worth of rent. This is where I should have taken note of the actions my soon-to-be roommate made.

She had no proof of income, as she had thrown away all of her previous pay stubs. My boyfriend and I told her to make sure that she was getting those sooner rather than later, but we went ahead and submitted ours anyway. Nearly two weeks later, we got approved, but she still hadn't even submitted her proof of income. The restaurant we worked at was not run in the best manner, and could not give her the pay stubs she needed, which is fine, but she really didn't try very hard to get them.

Again, this should have been my first red flag. But, I was just ecstatic that we got approved! Another thing that I should mention is that she has a new boyfriend at this point in time. She approached us with the idea of him moving in, a couple months later after his lease was up. That is a great idea, rent will be divided between the four of us, rather than three.

Everything was perfect.

Until the boyfriend moved in. After he moved in, he claimed that he had a T.V., a couch, and a dining room table. This meant that he thought after the three of us had already been moved in for months, that he and his girlfriend deserved the master bedroom because they were contributing more to the overall apartment. As I mentioned before, the bedroom sizes are not much different. We convinced him otherwise since we were ALREADY MOVED IN and had been for nearly three months, which ended up being for the better because my boyfriend and I ended up buying our own couch and dining room when his never showed up.

This, I began to realize, was the least of our problems. Things gradually got much worse. They began inviting friends over on weeknights to stay up and drink until 3 am. She stopped going to school and has dedicated her time to drinking and working in a restaurant. They do not do dishes and leave them in the sink for months on end until they are growing maggots and I have to throw the entire dish away. She does laundry almost every day, exclusively at 1 am and never cleans the kitchen counter. That includes the juice from raw meats, pasta sauce, crumbs, everything. I hope you enjoyed that visual.

Since living there she has broken the handle to the dryer (we open it with a bottle opener now), and completely ruined the dishwasher all within the first month of living there. This is probably my favorite of the things she has done to absolutely destroy this apartment, ruining the dishwasher. After eating a meal, they do not rinse off their dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, leaving all of their leftover food to fall to the bottom of the machine. This leads to the dishes not getting clean, meaning that I have to handwash everything I use.

Another great thing is she told me that they fornicated on my couch that I purchased about a week after I brought it home. So, that's cool.

The most recent mess to enter the apartment is her mom's dog that she has decided to take in. The dog is a little seven-pound chihuahua that they completely neglect. Her nails are beginning to get so long that they curl into her feet, and she does her business where ever she wants in the living room since they don't take her outside.

Coping with this has been more than difficult. I feel as though I am not free in my own apartment. Constantly having to wash things and not enjoy my living room, because of the mess. I am slightly OCD and generally just enjoy living in a clean home. My words can not even begin to describe the mess that I live in.

Living with this kind of person has completely ruined my roommate experience and has made me really reconsider where I plan to move in the next couple of months after our lease is up. Do I attempt roommates again, or do I spend the extra $500 a month on my own one bedroom apartment? Living with them has taught me so many valuable lessons, but mostly how to respect people and live alongside someone in a respectful way.

If I have any pointers, it's definitely to make sure you really know someone before you move in with them. They may seem like a clean person, but once you move in with them you might learn otherwise. If you are a clean person like me, make sure you are moving in with someone with the same cleanliness patterns as you, as it can be completely horrifying to live in someone else's mess. If you are planning on moving out anytime soon, make sure you really know who you are about to live with. Just because someone can seem really clean and put together, they may not be.

Kennedy Kovalick
Kennedy Kovalick
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