How I Made my Relationship Stronger.?

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Overview On My Relationship.

How I Made my Relationship Stronger.?
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Every time I was on a relationship; I never knew what to prioritize and I would end good relationships. Taking advice is something that I used to do, which I found out later in life that is unhealthy. Every relationship is different what works for some might not work for you, so knowing this I started to see my new relationship different. The small thing that makes relationships work are the ones that are important at the end of the day. Positive things that have made my relationship for four years.

Not accepting Advice: It was hard once my partner and I decided not to take advice from anyone and the one reason for why we decided to do this is because our families likes to be deep involved on everything that is going on our relationship. We reject accepting advice from everyone because most of the time is not good advice that is given to us.

Not Sharing Details of our Relationship: The one reason we don’t share good or bad details of our relationship is because people no matter if they are family or not; they gossip. Gossip in general is unhealthy for any relationship bonds are broken and from there is hard to trust each other.

Trusting Each Other: From the moment I knew that my partner was the one; I decided to trust him not matter what, because our relationship had a rocky start and from the beginning, we trusted each other not matter what people said. If you are not able to trust your partner then who are you going to trust.!

Communication: Is important to remember that in a relationship communication is everything. One of the things that I do in my relationship is that we talk not matter how angry we might be. Letting the person that you love know everything that we feel is only boring and tiring if the person doesn’t love you.

Give and Take: Is important to remember that in a relationship is always about giving and taking. Is not fair just for one person just to be giving and making sacrifices; so is only fair that in the relationship you know when if time for you to make sacrifices.

Sex: For a woman is important to know when you are being use for sex because there is many man that would fake being in a relationship for sex; if he only wants to see you for sex that is a red flag. But in a real relationship sex is as important a communication because is another form of connection between each other.

Value: For either men or women is important to remember our value because the moment we forget our value there is this small window of disrespect. A relationship will never be healthy with disrespect in it.

Every relationship is different and what might work for me might not work for someone else but the one thing that we all know that work out is loving each other not matter what. One thing that is always important to remember is that at the end you might not still have a relationship but the experience that you gained.

Many people say that is important to go into a relationship with an open mind and hearth but in reality we should all practice going into a relationship with our minds on what we want to get from that relationship and let the person know. Having our minds set on what we want in the long run is important and feeling are not hurt.

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Veronica E
Veronica E
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