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How I'm Moving On

by Cassie White 4 years ago in advice

Crescent Moon

Recently I have had the pleasure of falling in love for almost 2 years. But my pleasure of being loved was short lived. He soon broke my heart like every other guy I let close to me. I had no way of saving my heart from the pain I endured, and am still working through it. But I refused to let this keep me from living my life and I found an object that helped me work through my issues.

Of course my story is a bit different because the man I loved told me that if it's meant to be, he would come back. It sounds pretty cliche but I believe it, and am patiently waiting for him to come back to me. Wanting to give up is a common thought in my head but then I take a step back and clear my head. Every step forward you take your allowed one step back if it becomes to much for you to handle.

This object was a crystal crescent moon necklace in the color of white. Seems pretty cliche right... jewelry makes any girl feel better! But, I went searching for this necklace and had to order it online just to have it in my possession. This object was very meaningful to me and my story. I closed myself off from everyone for almost a full month and didn't talk to anyone about what was going on in my head. I would blast music in my headphones and stare out of the window, this is where I got the idea.

The moon made me think and question what it means, and I then remembered that the moon is a symbol for letting go. It's also a symbol for wisdom. With this necklace I vowed I would only concentrate on myself while it was hanging around my neck. This made me feel stronger and allowed me to move on with my life and start new things. Although I also wrote letters to myself, sealed them up, and hid them away the combination of these 2 actions helped me be the person I used to be.

The crystals also have their own meaning in the necklace and it's known as a type of glass. But this glass is stronger, just like we all are. We will and can be broken but we will always shine through no matter what. We are stronger than we think we are, so when we get knocked down it's easy to think you're done and give up. Until you realize you can get back up and you no longer want to give up.

Of course, you can get any shaped necklace you want your story is yours and whatever you decide to do with it is your business. There are many ways you can shape these crystals, and it's fairly easy to find the shape you prefer to use. They also have a few pieces that's just the crystal the way it came. These are all your preference so look around and find what best suits you!

When you get your piece in your hands, you then make a vow and to yourself to better yourself. You will soon realize that whatever you put your mind up to will change your outlook on life. This sounds pretty lame but once you have an object that you can put in your hands, then you hold yourself to your words. No one can make you become stronger; this is done by you. Don't be afraid to push yourself so you can grow into the person you aspire to be, someone who can grow and understand what a real relationship is and save yourself from the heart break you've been dealing with.


Cassie White

Hello! My name is Cassie, I'm not very special but I do love to write so I'm hoping this will give me the voice I've been looking for. I hope you enjoy!

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Cassie White
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