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How can you bring more realism into your life?

by Gina Chiriac 4 months ago in advice
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We are unquestionably living in a digital age.

How can you bring more realism into your life?
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We are unquestionably living in a digital age. For the most part, we rely on our phones and computers to complete our tasks. Our employment, our romantic relationships, and even our pleasure are all part of the digital world.

Digital technology is incredible; it allows us to live with less physical clutter, connect with everyone on the planet instantaneously and for free, and watch our grandchildren grow and our parents age from anywhere on the earth. It enables us to achieve better work-life balance, become entrepreneurs in a matter of clicks, and realize our ambitions.

In 2019, the typical person spent about 7 hours per day online. This time has greatly risen since the epidemic and the big digital transformation.

Having a digital existence

For months, we've been stranded at home, with our screens serving as our only means of communication with the outside world. In some aspects, we found it to be advantageous. Working from home, whether full-time or part-time, provides numerous advantages in terms of quality of life, time management, economics, and organization.

I'm not going to debate over things because I value this way of life. However, not everyone appreciates being digital for job or school, and even I, who prefer my digital employment, know that I require some face-to-face interaction.

We had to get out to the country after less than a year of imprisonment in Toronto, which we joyfully did. Now, I adore the fact that we can live in both the city and the country.

Working digitally appeals to me because it is efficient in a variety of ways, and business is all about efficiency.

However, there is one drawback that I did not anticipate in my more computerized life. I missed being able to make stuff. I make a lot of digital art, far more than I used to make in real life. However, I used to play the piano and dabbled in other instruments when I was younger. I used to sew and crochet. I used to make wooden toys for my children.

I used to fix and restore antique furniture as well as our home. I no longer do. Mostly due to a lack of time, but also due to our semi-nomadic lifestyle, or the fact that my interests have evolved during my digital transition, and I am no longer as interested in my former activities.

The problem is that, for all of these reasons, I've discovered I no longer create anything that isn't digital. When traveling, having everything you need on a laptop is convenient, but it doesn't give you the same sense as using your hands on something other than a keyboard.

Being a real person

The problem with living a completely digital life is that you gradually and almost unconsciously lose touch with the real world. Even going to the gym as your only form of exercise will never be able to replace a walk in the woods, a trek, a swim in fresh water, or a bike ride.

All of these real-life activities assist us in getting out of our heads. These demonstrate that there is more to the world outside. We don't cycle through our anxieties, phobias, and small daily issues that grow to the size of a dinosaur very often.

Living for real for a few minutes a day is what allows us to feel a sense of belonging to the world, society (the actual one, not the virtual one), or nature. According to studies, the current generation has lost the ability to understand people's emotions simply looking at their faces. They can instantly connect with thousands of "friends," but they can no longer read the feelings of their true buddies.

How can you bring more realism into your life?

The real world is right outside your door. Go outside, go outside, invite genuine friends over for an activity, or enroll in a painting or yoga class. Slow down while doing real things, such as hand-washing the dishes or performing meditative yoga instead of watching a traditional yoga session on YouTube.

Find something to make with your hands, whether it's artistically or practically; there are numerous methods to make things in real life.

Meet together with a friend, either in a real cafe or online but one-on-one, and really listen and watch them.

The truth is that life is life. Digital existence isn't real; it's a fantastic tool, but it's just that. You need more realness in your life than online meetings, online classes, online production, and online amusement, just as much as you need real food, real water, and real sleep!

See how it feels to live a bit more and a little less digitally.


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